Ohio Valley Wrestling: Summer Sizzlin' Series
July 12, 2002 - Louisville, KY

  1. MATCH: Seven w/Synn def Chris Cage..

  2. MATCH: Travis Bain def David Flair..

  3. MATCH: John "Prototype" Cena w/Kenny Bolin def Kanyon..

  4. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette..
    • Jim Cornette announces Noble vs Hurricane for the WWE CW Title next week..
    • Jim Cornette says that Nidia has changed since she left OVW..
    • Nidia came down to the ring.. with full "redneck ho" attire..
    • Nidia said that the way she acted while in Louisville was all an act..
    • Nidia said that the woman you see now, is the real her.
    • Nidia then went on to call everyone in attendance trash as she skipped off to the back.

  5. SOUTHERN TAG TITLES: Shelton Benjamin & Redd Dogg def Trash & Flash (champs) by DQ..
    • Redd Dogg went for the pinfall..
    • But Trash ran into the ring and hit Shelton hard with a pair of brass knuckles...
    • ...right in front of the ref, who called for the DQ..

  6. MATCH: Rob Conway w/Sherri Martel def Damaja w/Victoria..

  7. IN THE RING: Prototype, Kenny Bolin, Christian, Jim Cornette, Nova..
    • Prototype said he wanted a rematch against Nova for the OVW Title..
    • Jim Cornette Cornette refused to give it to him..
    • Cena brought in Christian from WWE Smackdown! to beat Nova for the title..
    • Kenny Bolin stated that Christian was the $15,000 insurance policy..
    • Christian then got on the mic and told everyone how sick America made him.
    • OVW Champ Nova was then introduced to the audience..
    • Jim Cornette said that Bolin could be at ringside, but Prototype couldn't..
    • Jim Cornette ordered Prototype to the back..
    • The Match begins..

  8. HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Nova vs Christian..
    • Late in the match, Bolin threw Christian the B.S. Briefcase..
    • Christian went to hit Nova, who moved out of the way and Kenny Bolin got nailed!
    • Nova then kicked the case right into the face of Christian.
    • Nova went to the top rope, but Sean O'Haire ran in, trying to hit him off..
    • Nova kicked O'Haire in the face sending him back down to the ground.
    • Christian then pulled Nova down, in a small package.
    • Both of the competitors shoulders were down for the count..
    • Nova got his shoulder up at the last second to pin Christian!

  9. And that's a wrap...

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