Ohio Valley Wrestling: TV Tapings
July 17, 2002 - Jeffersonville, IN - Davis Arena

  1. MATCH: The Damaja w/Victoria def "Who Betta" Kanyon..
    • Damaja threw Kanyon out of the ring to Victoria.
    • With the ref was distracted Victoria viciously raked the eyes!
    • A few minutes later, Victoria tripped Kanyon.
    • Damaja then pulled off the neckbreaker on Kanyon!
    • Kanyon bought back and hit Damaja with the flatliner!
    • Johnny Spade ran down and distracted Kanyon..
    • Victoria and Doug Basham also ran in..
    • A few minutes later Damaja covered Kanyon.
    • As the ref made the count, Doug Basham held Kanyon's legs down!
    • Damaja wins!
    • After the match the "Revolution" pummeled on Kanyon..
    • Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway made the save.

  2. MATCH: Mark Jindrak def Johnny Spade..
    • Mark Jindrak's first match back in Davis Arena since his recent injury.
    • Mark picked up the pinfall with an over the top rope sunset flip to Spade.

  3. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette and Dean Hill..
    • Cornette announces that OVW will soon move to it's new arena..
    • The new arena will be called "The NEW Davis Arena"..
    • Travis Bain came down to the ring, interupting Jim Cornette..
    • Bain says that he's gotten tired of wrestling David Flair..
    • Bain challenges anyone from the back..
    • Nick Dinsmore came down to the ring, upset that Bain was disrespecting Cornette..
    • Dinsmore accepts Bain's challenge.
    • Jim Cornette sanctioned the match..

  4. MATCH: Nick Dinsmore def Travis Bain via DQ..
    • Basham, Damaja, Spade and Victoria ran in attacking Dinsmore causing a DQ..
    • Nova, Conway, and Kanyon eventually made the save.

  5. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette + Bolin Services..
    • Jim Cornette was joined in the ring by Bolin Services..
    • Kenny "the King" Bolin, Jerome Croney, Sean O'Haire and "Prototype" John Cena.
    • Cornette asked Bolin who in the WWE Bolin had a backdoor deal with..
    • Seeing how Sean O'Haire and Cena have been on WWE TV. ..
    • O'Haire then took the mic saying that Cornette doesn't need to be so concerned with them..
    • O'Haire says that he is undefeated on WWE TV. ..
    • Prototype then got on the mic and talked about how it is because of pure talent..
    • Cena said he proved it by beating Jericho as well as the other matches he's had..
    • Cornette then asked about Mark Cuban, and the money that he's invested in Bolin Service..
    • Bolin told Jim Cornette that he has some big plans in store for Cornette..
    • Bolin said he's bringing in new talent for Bolin Services..
    • Bolin said that on the next Smackdown!, Bolin will debut on WWE TV!..
    • Prototype told him that it would be very expensive for him to get close ringside seats..
    • Bolin assured him he would be a part of the WWE. ..
    • Prototype attempted to talk him out of it..
    • Prototype even told Bolin that there was no fried foods..
    • Bolin was determined and according to him would debut on Smackdown!

  6. MATCH: Seven def Johnny Jeter..

  7. OVW SOUTHERN TAG TITLES (NO DQ): Shelton Benjamin & Redd Dogg vs. Flash & Trash
    • Benjamin & Dogg defeat Flash & Trash to win the TITLES!
    • Nova, Dinsmore, Conway and Kanyon all came out to celebrate the victory

  8. And that's a wrap...

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