Ohio Valley Wrestling Show - "Fall Brawl" 2 Hour Special
September 4, 2002 - Louisville, KY - NEW Davis Arena Debut show

  1. DARK MATCH: Johnny Jeter & David Flair def Chris Cage & Mark Magnus..

  2. IN THE RING: Jim Ross & Jim Cornette + The Revolution + Brock Lesnar + Chris Benoit.
    • Jim Ross' music hit and he joined Jim Cornette in the ring to a great ovation.
    • Jim Ross opened off by stating that Brock Lesnar would not wrestle tonight due to an injury..
    • Jim says the injury happened on Smackdown! at the hands of the Undertaker..
    • The Revolution, consisting of Doug Basham, Damaja, Victoria, Johnny Spade & Jackie Gayda..
    • The Revoldution made their entrance to the ring..
    • Damaja got on the mic running down the fact that Lesnar was too scared to wrestle Basham.
    • Basham then got on the mic claiming he was getting screwed..
    • Basham said he would trade his life for the opportunity to wrestle for the Undisputed World Title..
    • Brock Lesnar came out, to a very favorable reaction as the crowd chanted "Brock"..
    • Brock claimed he was not a coward and that it was a serious injury.
    • Cornette then went on to tell Basham that he would indeed be wrestling in the main event..
    • Cornette informed Basham that his opponent would be the "Rabid Wolverine" Chris Benoit!
    • Benoit made his way to the ring..
    • Benoit got on the mic and assured that he was going beat Basham in the main event.

  3. MATCH: Charlie Haas defeated Chris Nowinski..

  4. MATCH Damaja w/Victoria def Randy Orton..
    • Victoria then managed to make her way to the ring apron and distract the referee..
    • Jackie Gayda hit Orton with a low blow!
    • Damajagets the pinfall victory..

  5. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette & Bolin Services.
    • Bolin Services = John Cena, Sean O'Haire, Kenny Bolin & Jerome Croney.
    • Cornette remembers when Bolin claimed he's be on Smackdown! with John Cena.. But that didn't happen.
    • Bolin claimed it's because his plane tickets and other transportation were canceled by Cena.
    • Cena claimed that it was because Bolin was too large to be in the WWE.
    • Cena said Bolin needed to drop around 150 lbs..
    • Cena claimed that Bolin looked like "50 pounds of crap in a 10 pound bag".
    • Cena then went on to tell Bolin that Cena basically used Bolin's money to get to the WWE..
    • Cena said that he no longer need Bolin's Services. .
    • Cena said that in his match against Nova tonight, he didn't need Bolin in his corner.
    • Cena introduces his new manager, Sean O'Haire!
    • The two left the ring leaving Bolin and Croney apparently upset in the ring..

  6. MATCH: Lance Cade defeats Rico..
    • Jerome Croney interfered allowing Cade to get the pinfall!
    • After the match Rico stripped Croney to his silk boxers..

  7. INTERVIEW: Jim Cornette & Sponser + Synn & Seven..
    • Jim interviewed a man from a sponsor known as High Power Technical..
    • They were interrupted by Synn and Seven who came to the ring for their match.
    • Synn claimed that noone cared about the sponsor and that everyone in attendance came to see Seven.

  8. TAG MATCH: Matt Morgan & Mark Henry def Seven & Travis Bain..
    • Seven asked for the test of strength with the Mark Henry..
    • Seven hit a cheap kick to the stomach of Henry!
    • Eventually Morgan gained the pinfall and the win.

  9. IN THE RING: Jim Cornett & Tom Pritchard + Redd Dogg & Shelton Benjamin..
    • Pritchard made the announcement that the WWE wanted to offer Shelton a full time deal..
    • Pritchard made it clear that the WWE was only interested in Shelton and not Redd Dogg..
    • This upset Redd Dogg.
    • Benjamin claimed that he would accept the deal and come to OVW part-time to help defend the belts.
    • Redd Dogg took obvious offense to this, in that Shelton wouldn't be around all the time..
    • Prichard basically told Shelton that the chances of the deal still being available were decreasing by the minute.

  10. MATCH: Mark Jindrak def Sean O'Haire..

  11. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Shelton Benjamin & Redd Dogg def Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway.
    • Late in the match, Flash and Trash then made their way to the commentator's booth..
    • Dogg was knocked to the outside after bumping into Dinsmore in the ring.
    • Redd Dogg then grabbed a chair as the ref was distracted and laid Dinsmore out!
    • Redd Dogg gained the three count and the win, recieving boos from the Davis Arena crowd..
    • Shelton was upset with how he retained the titles.

  12. RINGSIDE: Jim Ross & Jim Cornette.
    • Jim Ross joined Jim Cornette at ringside for commentary for the rest of the show.

  13. OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Nova w/Big Bossman def John Cena w/Sean O'Haire..
    • Nova introduced his cornerman, Big Bossman, to keep an eye on O'Haire..
    • Eventually Sean O'Haire tried to interfere in the match, but Bossman stormed over..
    • Bossman took him down with hard punches to the face..
    • While the ref was distracted with this, Prototype managed to take the wind out of Nova..
    • Kenny "the King" Bolin made his way to the ring, briefcase in hand..
    • Bolin took a swing at Nova! Nova moved out of the way..
    • Bolin hesitated for a moment, but apparently said "the hell with it" and hit Cena with it!
    • Nova made the cover and retain his Heavyweight Title.

  14. TV MAIN EVENT: Doug "Machine" Basham w/Victoria vs. Chris Benoit..
    • Victoria got on the ring apron and distracted Benoit, as she jumped down..
    • Benoit turned around, she tripped him up allowing Basham to pull off a swinging neck breaker!
    • Basham dominated Benoit most of the match..
    • Benoit eventually rallied back delivering many loud chops to Basham's chest..
    • Benoit tried eight more chops in a row, but Basham managed to counter with a quick russian leg sweep.
    • Basham went to the top rope for his diving head butt, but missed as Benoit moved..
    • Benoit then hit his diving headbutt!
    • Before Benoit could do anything else Victoria came up on the ring apron.
    • Briskoe decided he had enough, and left his refereeing duties to attack Victoria!
    • Other Revolution members tried to attack Benoit, but Dinsmore and Conway ran in to stop them.
    • Eventually Benoit pulled off the German Suplex, and gained the three count!

  15. And that's a wrap...

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