Ohio Valley Wrestling Show - TV Taping
Octover 2, 2002 - Louisville, KY - NEW Davis Arena

  1. DARK MATCH: Mark Magnus def Alex Croft..

  2. NON TITLE MATCH: Nova defeats Trash..

  3. "AMATURE" DARK MATCH: Static D defeared Chris K (not Kanyon)..

  4. INTERVIEW: Jim Cornette & Shelton Benjamin + Redd Dogg.
    • Benjamin claimed his OVW Southern Tag Team Championship partner Redd Dogg was a coward..
    • Redd Dogg comes out, to a very hateful reaction, and taunts Benjamin..
    • Benjamin dove to the outside attacking Redd Dogg!
    • The two had to be broken up by security as the cameras went to a commercial break..
    • ~Commerical break..
    • Jim Cornette announced that Shelton Benjamin would take on Redd Dogg in the TV Main Event tonight..

  5. MATCH: Seven w/Synn defeated Johnny Jeter..

  6. IN THE RING: Jim Cornetter & Arn Anderson + Revolution + Dinsmore/Conway + Nova..
    • Cornette announced Anderson as a WWE representative, an agent as well as talent scout..
    • Arn Anderson stated that he had a major announcement to make to the wrestlers and fans of OVW..
    • Anderson stated that the top OVW talent will compete in the Royal Rumble in January!
    • Anderson reminded everyone that if they won the Rumble, they would go to the Wrestlemania main event!
    • The Revolution (Basham,Damaja,Victoria,Spade,Jackie) came out to the ring..
    • Basham said that he was the top athletic talent in OVW and stated his reasons why..
    • Damaja said that he and Basham are "co-leaders" of the Revolution, and that they were equal..
    • This brought out the "Lords of the Ring" Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway..
    • Dinsmore said that the last time he met up with Basham that he won, in a Last Man Standing match..
    • Dinsmore said that he also beat Damaja at their last encounter..
    • Dinsmore said that this makes him the top OVW talent..
    • Rob Conway said that the last time he met up with Dinsmore in the ring that he won the bout..
    • Nova (OVW Champion) said that considering he's the champion, that he should go to the Rumble...
    • Jackie recieved a "Hot Tub Ho" chant from the crowd..
    • Damaja stated that the "Royal Rumble would defenitely be 'Revolutionary'"..

  7. DARK MATCH: Mark Jindrak & Matt Morgan defeated Bane & Lance Cade

  8. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette + Bolin Services..
    • Bolin Services = Kenny "the King" Bolin, Rene Dupree and Jerome Croney..
    • Bolin introduced the 18 year old Canadian Phenom as the next big superstar to come out of OVW..
    • Dupree asked Bolin why all of the fans were yelling mean and nasty things at him?
    • Dupree then stated that he would be the next OVW Heavyweight champion..

  9. MAIN EVENT: Redd Dogg defeated Shelton Benjamin..
    • Redd wins after using a chain to knock Benjamin out..
    • After the match, Redd Dogg started attacking everyone, including both referees & all the security..
    • Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway ran in to make the save..

  10. And that's a wrap...

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