Ohio Valley Wrestling Show - TV Taping
Octover 9, 2002 - Louisville, KY - NEW Davis Arena

  1. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette..
    • Cornette announced "Run for the Rumble" single elimination tournament to determine who will go to Royal Rumble 2003..
    • First Round next week: Nick Dinsmore vs Rob Conway..
    • First Round two weeks from now: Damaja vs Doug Basham..
    • Second Round three weeks from now: Winner vs Winner to face Nova the following week..

  2. DARK MATCH: Mark Jindrak defeated Orlando Johnson..

  3. NON TITLE MATCH: Nova defeated Lance Cade..

  4. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette & Sgt Slaughter + The Revolution..
    • The Sarge was welcomed to a very nice "USA" chant..
    • Slaughter announced that he would out do Anderson's announcement from last week..
    • Slaughter said that the winner of "Run for the Rumble" would face Kurt Angle on OVW TV on Novermber 16..
    • The Revolution ran out and ran their mouths and eventually jumped Slaughter..
    • Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway made their way down to the ring for the save.

  5. DARK MATCH: Seven defeated Mark Magnus..

  6. IN THE RING: Redd Dogg..
    • Redd Dogg came out to his new entrance song "Another One Bites the Dust"..
    • Redd Dogg discussed the story about how Shelton was offered a WWE deal and took it..
    • Redd said that he was the holder of both of the Southern Tag Titles..
    • Redd said that when you mess with Redd Dogg "another one will bite the dust."

  7. MATCH: Rene Dupree defeated Johnny Jeter..
    • Rene was announced to the ring by Kenny Bolin..
    • Dupree managed to gain the victory after the Death Valley Driver..

  8. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette & Seven w/Synn + BJ Payne..
    • Cornette claimed that BJ Payne had a neck injury and Damien has just left the Deciples of Synn..
    • Cornette wanted to know if there would ever be any new members..
    • Synn got on the mic and basically said that there was no need for more as Seven was the best deciple ever..
    • BJ Payne then came out and got on the mic claiming that he did indeed suffer a neck injury..
    • BJ said he has recovered and has been working out daily..
    • BJ was very upset that he had not recieved a phone call from Synn in quite some time..
    • BJ asked Synn to let him know the final decision on him being in the Deciples of Synn..
    • Synn claimed that there was no room for Payne in the group..
    • BJ was ok with that, and went on to deliver the skyhigh to Synn followed by a clothesline to Seven..
    • BJ then went and tried to piledrive Synn, but Seven made the save..
    • Seven then proceeded to power bomb BJ twice, leaving him in the middle of the ring.

  9. MAIN EVENT: Charlie Haas/Doug Basham/Rob Conway def Damaja/Nick Dinsmore/Johnny Spade..
  10. And that's a wrap...

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