Ohio Valley Wrestling Show - TV Taping
January 15, 2003 - Louisville, KY - NEW Davis Arena

  1. DARK MATCH: Orlando Jordan defeats Johnny Spade with a small package..

  2. MATCH: Badd Dogg defeats Mark Magnus..

  3. MATCH: Chris Kanyon defeats Chris Cage with the Flatliner..

  4. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette & Tom Pritchard + Rocky Johnson..
    • Pritchard talked about how Rocky "Soul Man" Johnson was named as a trainer..
    • Rocky Johnson then made his way out to some chants of "ROCKY, ROCKY"..
    • Rocky talked about being here in OVW and getting to train the guys who want to be in WWE..
    • Rocky talked about his son The Rock, and his movie career..
    • Damaja and Jackie Gayda then made their way to the ring..
    • Damaja talked about being in the Royal Rumble..
    • Damaja then started talking about Rocky's son the Rock..
    • Rocky didn't like what Damaja was saying and slugged him..
    • Rocky then went after Jackie and and Damaja attacked Rocky Johnson!
    • Tom Pritchard then tried to stop Damaja from beating down Rocky Johnson..
    • Damaja gave him the Brain Damage, then threw Cornette out of the ring..
    • OVW Security made their way out where they either got a Brain Damage or a beat down..
    • Damaja and Jackie then left the ringside area immediately..

  5. DARK MATCH: Nova defeated Rene Dupree by Disqualification..

  6. RINGSIDE: Dean Hill + Jim Cornette + Revolution..
    • Dean Hill told the audience that Jimmy was on the phone with someone from WWE..
    • The fans heard the conversation over the speakers between Jim Cornette and Jim Ross..
    • Cornette stated that what Damaja did in the ring earlier in the show..
    • Ross then announced Damaja would be taken out of this Sunday's WWE Royal Rumble..
    • Cornette came back to the announcers table to join Dean..
    • All of a sudden the Revolution came out..
    • Out came the Damja and Jackie Gayda with the OVW title and bags..
    • Damaja was extremely upset at what just occured..
    • Damaja used some profanity..
    • Damaja started breaking the monitors, throwing chairs, throwing milk crates..
    • ~~~One milk crate landed in the ring and the other one hit the camera guy..
    • Damaja then went and knocked the announcers desk over..
    • Damaja said the WWE, OVW, Danny Davis and Jim Cornette can all shove it!
    • Damaja then says he is Quitting OVW!

  7. TV MAIN EVENT: "The Machine" Doug Basham defeated Rhyno with the diving headbutt..

  8. DARK MATCH: The Payne Killers defeat Deciples Of Synn w/Synn..
    • Deciples of Synn (Travis Bane and Seven) w/Synn..
    • Payne Killers (B.J Payne and Matt Morgan)..

  9. DARK MATCH: Charlie Haas & Rob Conway defeat Lance Cade & Chris Nowinski w/Kenny Bolin..

  10. And that's a wrap...

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