Ohio Valley Wrestling Show - TV Taping
March 26, 2003 - Louisville, KY - NEW Davis Arena

  1. DARK MATCH: Chris Cage defeated Mark Bell..

  2. MATCH: Nova & Mark Henry defeated Orlando Jordan & Mark Magnus..

  3. DARK MATCH: Passion defeated Linda Miles..

  4. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette & The Revolution..
    • Doug Basham took exception to Jim Cornette saying that the Revolution was going downhill..
    • Doug Basham contradicted Cornette and said that the Revolution was on the rise!
    • Doug Basham introduced the newest member of the Revolution, Rob Conway!
    • Rob Conway came out and cut a promo on Nick Dinsmore..

  5. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Doug Basham w/Nikita defeated BJ Payne..

  6. MATCH: Mark Jindrak defeated Alex Cross (aka Alex Croft)..

  7. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette & The Disciples of Synn..
    • Synn opened up saying the APA nor Bolin Services can take out the DOS..
    • Travis Bane said that he spent most of his life beating up rednecks and punks..
    • Travis Bane went on to mention that the APA was gambling their lives by challenging the DOS..
    • Seven said that the DOS was never given anything and proved it by winning the Southern Tag titles..

  8. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette & Western High School representatives..
    • Apparently Kenny Bolin caused some havoc at the school and OVW had agreed to do a fundraiser to make up for it..
    • Kenny Bolin would be barred from attending the fundraiser..
    • Not surprisingly, Kenny Bolin came down to the ring and caused some trouble..
    • Kenny Bolin will be taking on the school's wrestling coach in an arm wrestling match..

  9. MAIN EVENT: The APA (Farooq & Bradshaw) defeated Lance Cade & Rene Dupree w/Kenny Bolin..
    • The Desciples of Synn made the run in which allowed Jerome Croney to hit Bradshaw with a chair!
    • Bradshaw then powerbombed Jerome Croney..
    • Seven was able to hit Bradshaw over the head with another chair..
    • Lance Cade picked up the pinfall and the victory..
    • After the match, Matt Morgan hit the ring and told the ref what had happened..
    • The referee reversed the decision giving the APA the victory!

  10. And that's a wrap...

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