May 14, 2001

  1. Stone Cold & Triple H start the show. Triple H challenges Kane to a "Chain Match" at Judgement Day.. Stone Cold challenges Kane and Taker for tag titles tonight.. Taker comes out and accepts BOTH challenges.. Kane sneak attacks..

  2. Backstage: Commish. Regal tells Kurt angle that if he fights rikishi tonight, Angle will be able to choose a stipulation for his match with Benoit at Judgement Day.

  3. Rikishi beats Kurt Angle by DQ -- William Regal interfers and attacks Rikishi.. Kurt Angle gives Rikishi the AngleSlam..

  4. Backstage: Jonathan Coachman says that he's heard that the Police are coming to the arena to talk to the Undertaker, but he's not sure why, stay tuned..

  5. Backstage: Trish Stratus is shown walking.. (Towards Ring)

  6. Backstage: Crash confronts Molly for talking to Spike Dudley, Crash warns: You Can't Trust a Dudley!

  7. Backstage: Malenko & Saturn confront Guerrero on why he's helping Lita & the Hardyz.. Malenko/Saturn are fighting the Hardyz tonight..

  8. Trish Stratus comes to the ring and introduces a sneak preview of the WWF Divas Video.

  9. Backstage: Jonathan Coachman is outside of the Undertakers dressing room, Police are inside. Taker runs out with his gear and leaves the arena..

  10. Commercial

  11. Backstage: The Police officer tells Coachman that the Undertakers wife was involved in a car accident..

  12. The Hardyz beat Malenko/Saturn - Eddie helps the Hardyz, after the match, Eddie lays out Malenko with a Chair..

  13. Backstage: Austin catches up with the Police Officer.. Austin asks how the Taker took the news.. The Officer says he was obviously upset.. Officer leaves, and Stone Cold has a smirk on his face..

  14. Hardcore title Match -- Rhyno beats Crash Holly when Spike tries to help Crash, but it backfires.. Crash hits Spike with trash can lid and leaves..

  15. Backstage: Kane is shown leaving the arena.. Commish. Regal says if he leaves he will be under breach of contract and Kane and Taker will both be fired.. Kane must face HHH/Austin alone..

  16. Jericho & Benoit beat Edge & Christian -- During the match, Kurt Angle comes down and steals back his medels from Benoit.. But after the match, Benoit says those metels are made of Candy, and the real medels appears from Benoits Wrestling Tights..

  17. Backstage: Kurt Angle is upset.

  18. Backstage: Jericho is attacked by Edge & Christian during an interview..

  19. Regal makes his way to the ring and tells the crowd that Kane will take on HHH/Austin in a handicap match.. Kane & HHH will fight at Judgement Day in an IC Title Chain match.. And he has signed himself to wrestle Rikishi.. Grandmaster Sexay interups and says Regal has to loosen up, he tried to get him to dance.. Regal attacks Grandmaster..

  20. Backstage: Austin & Debra, Debra is upset about what happened to the Undertakers wife, and says she hopes it never happens to her.. Austin says not to worry, cause it won't..

  21. Backstage: Chyna & Lita getting ready for match..

  22. Recap of the Rock on Dateline..

  23. Chyna/Lita beat Ivory/Molly -- Lita did it on her own, Chyna refused to tag in..

  24. Austin talks to Regal, says he wants the Handicap match to be for the tag titles..

  25. Backstage: Interview with Chyna & Lita..

  26. WWF New York: Interview with WWF Racing team..

  27. Backstage: Austin, Triple H, Stephanie, and Debra discuss the Taker's wife.. Austin/HHH sound very strange in their tone..

  28. BigShow/BullBuchanan/Goodfather beat Test/Farooq/Bradshaw -- BigShow nails test with the ring steps.

  29. Backstage: Kane is EXTREMELY UPSET..

  30. Backstage: Austin says he'll have no mercy for Kane in this match, just to defend the tag titles..

  31. Kane beat Austin/HHH by DQ when HHH used the chain on Kane..
  32. RAW goes off the air...
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