May 28, 2001
Calgary, Alberta
Announcers: Jim Ross & Paul Heyman

  1. INTERVIEW: Vince McMahon
    • Vince disses canada.. jericho interupts, plays a vido package of vince mcmahon singing "stand back" at the wwf slammys a 15 years of so ago.. vince is humiliated.. chris benoit comes out and plays some more tape of vince trying to dance.. vince is again, humiliated.. vince says that jericho will take on big show in a hardcore title match, and benoit will take on rhyno.. and whoever is most impressive will get a title shot against austin..

  2. Howard Finkle announces the presense of Stu Hart sitting in the front row.

  3. Hardy Boyz over XFactor, when Eddie Guerrero stops Albert from interfering..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Trish and Terri get in an arguement..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Albert storms into Regals office demanding a match with Guerrero..

  6. Chris Benoit over Rhyno by submission..

  7. Trish Stratus & Steve Blackman vs Terri & Perry.. WCW's Lance Storm interfers superkicking Perry Saturn in the head.. Blackman covers for the pin..

  8. DURING THE BREAK: Lance escapes the arena in a limo with Shane McMahon..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Vince scolds security for allowing Lance Storm into the arena..

  10. WWF NEW YORK: Al Snow is there and talks about Tough Enough..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Spike and Molly are talking about their families fighting.. Just as they are about to kiss, Kurt Angle runs in and stops it, saying that they are making a big mistake.. Spike sticks up for Molly and Angle attacks him for it.. Molly runs to the Dudleyz locker room for help.. When Dvon and Buh Buh come out, The Hollys attack them.. The Dudleyz think Molly set them up..

  12. Dudleyz nursing their injuries, they scold Spike for associating with a Holly.. They threaten to put Molly through a table..

  13. Hardcore Title Match
    -Big Show vs Jericho, Jericho wins the Hardcore title.. as he is leaving, Rhyno Gores him on the stage and pins him to win the Hardcore Title..

  14. -Eddie Guerrero w/ Lita vs Albert, Eddie wins with Lita's help.. After the match, Eddie hugs Lita..

  15. -Footage from Mick Foley on NBC's Today Show..

  16. -Disturbing footage of the undertakers wife at home..

  17. BACKSTAGE: Vince chooses Benoit to fight Austin, Jericho wishes him good luck and says he wants the first shot when he wins the title..

  18. BACKSTAGE: Vince tells Regal to watch the Main Event because Steve Austin has come up with a great plan, and Regal will enjoy it..

  19. -Dudleyz over the Hollys.. after the match, the Dudleyz put Molly through a table, but Spike is laying on the table to save Molly..

  20. -EMTs helping Spike & Molly from the ring..

  21. -Triple H injury update..

  22. Main Event WWF Title Match

  23. Steve Austin beats Chris Benoit by submission.. Incredible match.. Vince McMahon screws Chris Benoit (Montreal-Style) by calling for the bell before Benoit could submit..
  24. RAW goes off the air...
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