June 4, 2001
Minniapolis, Minnisoda

  1. IC Title Match: -Kane over Christian w/Edge *Hugh Morrus (from WCW) interfers, with music, and hits Christian with a moonsault.. *Shane shown in TechTruck, to explain the music.. *Kane wins..

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  3. Vince McMahon interview -says shane's antics will stop now. -says benoit will face big show for not respecting wwf champion steve austin. -mick foley interupts.. pulls out another contract, says austin will defend against chris jericho. -vince says that contract isnt valid in minnisoda, cause it was signed in CT. -mick says he thought this might happen and introduces gov. jesse ventura. -jesse says that he is more powerful than vince and signs the contract allowing micks contract to be valid. -foley finishes by saying he has another "surprise" for tonight.

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  5. KOTR first round match: -jeff hardy over matt hardy

  6. BACKSTAGE: Vince informs Austin that he has to defend against Y2J.. Austin is upset, Austin tells Vince to give Linda half (of his money) and get it over with because it's effecting him..

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  8. BACKSTAGE: hilarious segment with mick foley & trish stratus.. mick convinces trish to accept a bra & panties match with terri.

  9. BACKSTAGE: kurt angle bursts in on commishoinare regal and wants to know if shane has accepted his challenge for kotr.. he has.. then kurt demands a match with spike dudley.. regal says the dudleyz will take on the hollys and kurt angle later.

  10. BACKSTAGE: dudley boys warn spike to keep his mind on the match tonight..

  11. WWF New York: Molly Holly is there, and says thank you to all the concerned fans, and thank you go Spike for all the flowers he sent, and says to Spike: "I really really really like you too"..

  12. BACKSTAGE: shows spike watching the screen with hilarious look on his face.. "she likes me!!"

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  14. Six Man Tag Match -Dudleyz vs Crash Holly, Hardcore Holly & Kurt Angle *Angle pins Buh Buh for the win.

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  16. Chris Benoit defeats Big Show by submission

  17. OUTSIDE: Undertaker arrives..

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  19. Undertaker comes to the ring and says that somebody has a daethwish to be "stalking" his wife, Sara.. After making a bunch of threats he turns to Jim Ross with accusations.. Ross denies.. Heyman speaks up and says "If it was my old lady....." and the taker slaps him silly.. Ross says to talk to the "captain of the ship", Mr McMahon.. Another video is shown of Sara.. Taker is pissed.. He leaves..

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  21. DURING THE BREAK: Undertaker confronts Vince McMahon, who says he knows nothing about it.. Vince says that it may have been the same guy in the truck that has been flashing the WCW Logo.. and played WCW music..

  22. KOTR First Round Match: -Rhyno over Tazz with the Gore

  23. BACKSTAGE: Steve Austin and Debra are stressed about Mick Foley's "surprise" Austin asks Debra to go find out what it is from Foley.

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  25. BACKSTAGE: Debra finds Mick Foley and gives him some candy.. She asks what the surprise is.. He says he can't tell her.. He does give her an autographed copy of his book..

  26. BACKSTAGE: Edge & Christian sob over Christians match.. Christian says that he wants to win the 2001 King of the Ring.. Edge says that he can't, because he's in the tournament.. They say "fine!" and "fine!" and part ways..

  27. BACKSTAGE: Michael Cole interviews Chris Jericho about his match..

  28. BACKSTAGE: Terri is shown, Bra&Panties match is next..

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  30. Bra and Panties Match -Trish over Terri, when Perry Saturn comes down in a robe and opens it up revealing that he is wearing Bra & Panties.. This distracts Terri and Trish rips off Terri's bottoms.. Trish wins..

  31. Commercial

  32. Main Event WWF Title Match: -Steve Austin beats Chris Jericho *The surprise is that Mick Foley will be troubleshooting referee.. *Vince & Benoit both banned from ringside.. *Hebner knocked out.. *Regal comes down and interfers.. *Austin pins Jericho
  33. RAW goes off the air...
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