June 11, 2001
Richmond VA

  1. Commissioner Regal opens the show.. He says that Jericho will face Big Show & Rhyno in a handicap match, and Benoit will face Kurt Angle in a Cage Match tonight.. Mick Foley interupts, and says he has a guest.. Linda McMahon joins them in the ring and maniplates Regal into signing a match for KOTR.. A triple threat match for the WWF Title, Austin vs Jericho vs Benoit!


  3. Edge & Christian w/ Rhyno talk about their KOTR Matches

  4. KOTR Qualifying Match: Christain over Kane -Albert interfers and BaldoBombs Kane

  5. Austin & Debra arrive, Austin bitches at Linda McMahon.. Mick Foley steps in and says that he doesn't like how Austin treats his wife (Debra) but he can't do anything about that but Foley demands that Austin treat Linda with respect.. Foley then informs Austin of his Triple Threat Match at KOTR. Austin goes berzerk!


  7. Recap of Foley on The Tonight Show

  8. Hardy boys beat XFactor by pinfall -After the match, Credible DDTs Matt outside the ring and smashes Jeff in the head with a chair.

  9. Austin bitches at Regal for allowing Linda to manipulate him.


  11. Blackman and Trish segment, Trish asks for Blackmans help.

  12. Jericho & Benoit talking about their Triple Threat match. Both say that if they win, the other will get the first shot.

  13. Spike & Molly are shown talking about their families.

  14. Austin bitching at Vince McMahon.. at the end of the segment, Austin hugs Vince..?


  16. Rhyno & Big Show over Chris Jericho -Big Show chokeslams Jericho, and Rhyno gore's The Show (his own partner).. Rhyno pins Jericho..

  17. Backstage, Shane Sneaks into the arena.. He runs into Kane, Shane thanks him for "saving his ass", and says that Kurt Angle might have something to do with the Undertaker's stalker.. Kane goes to find Angle..


  19. Michael Cole asks Rhyno why he gored Big Show.. Rhyno says he did it just to pin Jericho. If Jericho wins the Title at KOTR, Rhyno would be number one contender.. Smart.

  20. Jericho is shown getting medical attention. Austin enters and attacks Jericho and beats the hell out of him.

  21. Kurt Angle comes to the ring and talks about his Cage Match with Benoit.. Then he challenges Shane McMahon to come to the ring.. The Undertaker comes out and asks Kurt if he knows anything about his wife being stalked.. Angle says he met UTs wife, and he didnt even like her. UT attacks Angle and gives him the Last Ride.. Another Stalker video is shown, this time the stalker is in the UTs hotel room. Going through Sara's things.. UT leaves.. As Angle is getting up, Shane McMahon appears and AngleSlams Kurt, and escapes through the crowd.


  23. Perry Saturn w/ Terri over Steve Blackman w/ Trish -After the match Trish attacks Terri, Blackman hits Saturn on the head with a kendo stick!


  25. Debra tries to consol Austin, she offers him a carrot, he says "I don't want no carrot!" (funny).. Austin takes a fit and throws the veggie tray accross the room..

  26. Molly pleads to her cousins not to hurt Spike, Hardcore says the only way Spike will survive is if Molly pins him..

  27. Terri asks the commissioner about Perry Saturn, saying that he's too many shots to the head.. Saturn comes in and says "The British fight Dragons so the don't get all Firey"..


  29. Dudleys vs Hollys (6 Person Tag) -No Contest -Hardcore & Buh Buh go through a table -Everyone is knocked out except Spike & Molly, who meet in the middle of the ring and FINALLY share their first KISS!


  31. Update on Triple H's rehab

  32. Test in WWF NY, JR asks Test if he wants to be a part of Shane McMahon's new WCW. Test says Yes

  33. Steel Cage Match - Kurt Angle over Chris Benoit
    • -Benoit german suplex's Angle from the top rope.
    • -Angle misses a moonsault from top of cage.
    • -Benoit nails headbutt from top of cage.
    • -Benoit hits 9 german suplex's in the ring.
    • -Austin interfers, not letting Benoit escape.
    • -Angle climbs the cage and escapes.
    • -Austin brutally attacks Benoit with a Chair.

  34. RAW goes off the air...
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