June 18, 2001
Tampa, FL
Ice Palace

  1. Highlights of Smackdown

  2. Spike & Molly come to the ring.
    • Spike calls out Stone Cold.
    • Stone Cold comes to the ring and bitches at Spike & Molly
    • Stone COld calls Molly a bimbo.
    • Molly slaps Austin!
    • Austin says he has respect for both of them and shake's spikes hand.
    • Austin turns and stuns Molly.


  4. Dudley Boyz are shown giving Spike & Molly a hard time.

  5. KOTR Quarter-Finals: Kurt Angle beats Jeff Hardy vs AnkleLock.

  6. Regal is shown talking to Tajiri. Austin bursts in and Regals signs a Six-Man tag. -Austin/Dudleyz vs Spike/Jericho/Benoit


  8. Promo for Tough Enough is shown.

  9. Interview with Tazz. -Hardcore Holly interupts and questions if Tazz really is Tough Enough.

  10. Recap of the Sara Stalker.

  11. Another video is shown, the stalker says he will reveal himself tonight!

  12. Tazz beats Hardcore Holly via the Tazmission.

  13. Austin talks to Tajiri about his problems.

  14. Edge apologizes to Christian. They begin to bicker about the KOTR tournament together.. Angle joins in on the bickering..

  15. KOTR Quarter-Finals: Rhyno over Tajiri w/ Regal -Regal tried to instruct Tajiri but that only distracts him.

  16. Undertakers Music plays.. A masked man comes out on a motor-bike.. Gets in the Ring, and rips off the mask.. Diamond Dallas Page!! DDP says that he did it because to make an impact in this business you go after the biggest, meanest dog on the block.. DDP says he'll be at KOTR..

  17. KOTR Quarter-Finals: Edge w/ Christian vs Perry Saturn w/Terri Edge wins via Pinfall.

  18. Vince Arrives looking for Austin.


  20. Recap of Foley on Regis & Kelly

  21. European Title Match: Matt Hardy over Albert via DQ -Albert chokes Matt and won't let go. -XPac & Credible come down. -Jeff Hardy comes down. -The Hardyz & Lita are left laying in the ring.

  22. Vince talks to Austin, asks him about his mental condition.. About the HUG last week on RAW, the petition and giving Spike Dudley a title shot on Smackdown, and accepting the six-man tag tonight.. Austin says he's sick and tired of Vince's personal life affecting him..

  23. Spike Dudley tries to thank Benoit/Jericho for helping he and Molly on Smackdown. The Chris's give Spike a hard time (in a fun way).

  24. Rhyno, Edge & Christian bicker about the KOTR tournament..

  25. KOTR Quarter-Finals: Christian beats Big Show via pinfall. -Edge & Angle help out.

  26. Benoit/Jericho/Spike Dudley beat Austin/Dudley Boyz -Austin taps when both Jericho & Benoit put their submission moves on him at the same time..
  27. RAW goes off the air...
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