July 2, 2001

Tacoma, Washington
Announcers: Jim Ross/Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: Vince McMahon, Kurt Angle, Steve Austin, Shane McMahon.
    • Vince comes to the ring.
    • Talks about WWF vs WCW at Invasion PPV.
    • Kurt Angle comes out, recaps everything that Booker T has done to Austin. Says Booker has made Austin look like a "Jackass".
    • *Broken Glass* Austin comes to the ring.
    • Austin yells at Angle.
    • They all begin to bicker.. Angle hugs Vince, Austin hugs Vince.. They seem to be fighting for Vince's friendship.
    • Shane McMahon comes out to the ramp.
    • He announces that the main event for RAW will be a WCW Title match between Booker T and Buff Bagwell.
  2. IC TITLE MATCH: Albert vs The Undertaker w/ Sara
    • Dallas Page interfers, hitting Taker with a chair for the DQ.
    • DDP goes after Sara. Sara tries to fight back.
    • Kane comes up behind DDP and attacks him, throws him into the ring with Taker.
    • Taker punches DDP. Albert goes after Taker. Kane gets Albert.
    • DDP escapes.
    • Kane, Taker & Sara celebrate in the ring.
  3. BACKSTAGE: Torrie Wilson & The Fink
    • Torrie enters the arena wearing "very little" and The Fink introduces himself.
    • Torrie asks for directions to Mr. McMahons office.
  4. INTERGENDER MATCH: Crash Holly w/ Jacky vs Molly Holly w/Spike
    • Jacky turns on Crash and Molly wins.
    • After the match Jacky tornado DDTs Crash.
  5. BACKSTAGE: Vince, Austin, Angle, Debra, Torrie
    • Vince says that the three of them have to get along.
    • Austin and Angle bicker back and forth.
    • Torrie Wilson comes into the room, and asks to speak with Vince privately about her contract.
    • Vince & Torrie leave the room.
    • Austin and Angle bicker some more.
  6. BACKSTAGE: Edge & Christian
    • Christian shown admiring the KOTR trophy.
    • Edge comes in.
    • Christian says if only the KOTR brackets were different, it could have been HIM as King of the Ring.
    • Christian says that when he wins the WWF Light Heavyweight Title tonight they will both be successful.
  7. COMMISSIONERS OFFICE: Regal/Tajiri/Dudleyz
    • Commissioner Regal gives tips to Tajiri about his match with Scotty Too Hotty tonight.
    • Dudley Boyz enter and ask why they are facing Chris Jericho tonight.
    • Regal explains that he wants to punish Jericho, and says he wants the Dudleyz to put Jericho through a table.
    • Dudleyz say "Why did you say so? All he had to do was ask."
  8. BACKSTAGE: APA & Bob Holly
    • Bob Holly says he is on the side of WWF.
    • APA says they know that but they are just trying to find out who the Mole is.
    • Holly says that they should look at who WASN'T there on Smackdown when they ganged up on Palumbo & O'Haire.
  9. LOCKER ROOM: Vince & Torrie..... Austin
    • Vince & Torrie are talking.
    • Austin storms in and asks why they are talking in a shower.
    • Austin says that they need to think about Invasion.
    • Vince agrees.
  10. MATCH: Scotty Too Hotty vs Tajiri w/ Commissioner Regal
    • Scotty goes for the Worm, Tajiri spits green mist in Scotty's face.
    • Tajiri gets the pin.
  11. BACKSTAGE: Vince & Torrie..... Angle
    • Vince brings Torrie into a Mop Closet to talk.
    • Vince makes his move, kissing Torrie's neck.
    • Suddenly Kurt Angle busts in "I thought I heard voices in here!"
    • Angle says "Mr McMahon what are you doin in a frickin Mop Closet?"
    • Vince angerly stares at Kurt.
  12. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Test
    • Booker T & Test meet up and shake hands.
    • Booker asks Test if he will to come to WCW.
    • Test says No, but it all depends on the money.
  13. HANDICAP MATCH: Dudley Boyz vs Chris Jericho
    • Dudleyz are about to get the tables, and Spike shows up and attacks Buh Buh.
    • Jericho comes back and gets the pin.
  14. BACKSTAGE: Vince & Torrie..... Saturn
    • This time Vince takes Torrie into a bathroom.
    • Vince asks Torrie how bad she wants to work for the WWF.
    • She says BBAAAADDD.
    • They start to KISS (editors note: "EW")
    • The Toilet flushes and Perry Saturn comes out of the stall.
    • Perry says "Doody............. You're Welcome".
  15. LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: XPac w/Credible vs Christian w/Edge
    • Edge stops Credible from interfering.
    • Referee is distracted by Edge, who is in the ring.
    • XPac hits Christian with the belt, and gets the pin.
    • Farooq & Bradshaw conclude that Test is the Mole.
    • They ask a referee if he'd seen Test, he says no, but the last time he say him, he was talking to Booker T.
    • Farooq & Bradshaw go to find Test.
  17. WWF NEW YORK: Tazz
    • Tazz is shown, not happy, at WWF NEW YORK.
    • They recap what happened to Tazz on Smackdown when he confronted Steve Austin.
  18. MATCH: Rhyno vs Test
    • Winner faces Mike Awesome for WWF Hardcore title at Invasion.
    • APA, Billy Gunn, K-Kwik, Haku, Essa Rios, Raven, Bull Buchanan, Taka, Sho Funaki, Bob Holly, and Jerry Lynn come down and surround the ring.
    • Bull & Holly distract the referee, Farooq & Bradshaw attack Test.
    • Rhyno gores Test, and gets the pin.
    • APA and the troops all attack Test.
  19. INTERGENDER TAG TEAM MATCH: Big Show & Trish vs M.Hardy & Lita w/J.Hardy
    • Lita/Hardy wins when Lita hits the moonsault on Trish.
    • Big Show yells at Trish after the match.
    • Jeff Hardy drop kicks Show from top rope allowing Trish to escape.
  20. BACKSTAGE: Vince & Torrie...
    • Vince says he's like to "consumate" the deal later tonight.
    • Torrie says she has a place that they haven't thought of where no one will find them.
  21. BACKSTAGE: Shane McMahon & Buff Bagwell...
    • Shane wishes Buff good luck in his Match.
    • Buff says he doesn't need his luck, because he is Buff, and he's the Stuff, and that you're (Shane) gonna have a new WCW Champion tonight.
    • "Like I said" Shane says.. "Good Luck Tonight.."
  22. BACKSTAGE: APA & Troops
    • APA & The Troops are shown celebrating.
    • Sgt Slaughter comes in.
    • Sarge says that he was with Test last week on Smackdown and it couldn't have been him.
  23. RINGSIDE: JR & Heymen.. WCW!
    • Jim Ross & Paul Heymen hand the show over to WCW.
    • Shane McMahon's music plays.
    • Shane enters the ring and introduces the Announce Team, Scott Hudson & Arn Anderson.
    • Hudon and Double A are escorted by Stacy Keibler.
    • WCW Referee Nick Patrick is announced.
    • Commissioner Regal comes out and says he is banning Shane McMahon from the building.
    • Security comes out and takes Shane to the back.
  24. WCW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Booker T vs Buff Bagwell
    • Austin & Angle end up attacking Booker, Bagwell joins in.
    • They triple team Booker to the backstage area.
  25. BACKSTAGE: Vince & Torrie... Linda!?
    • Torrie brings Vince to the Laundary room.
    • Torrie takes off all of Vince McMahons clothes.
    • Torrie tells Vince to close his eyes for a surprise.
    • Vince opens his eyes and Linda McMahon is standing there!
  26. BACKSTAGE: Austin/Angle/Buff/Booker
    • Austin, Angle, and Buff are still beating on Booker.. They throw him to the streets..
    • Buff celebrates with Austin & Angle.
    • Austin & Angle turn on Buff and throw him to the streets too!

  27. RAW goes off the air...
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