July 9, 2001

Atlanta, GA
Announcers: Jim Ross/Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: Street Fight - Shane McMahon vs Diamond Dallas Page
    • Shane McMahon comes out with a kendo stick.
    • Undertaker (with Sara) makes an unscheduled appearance, comes to the ring and tells Shane, with all due respect, DDP is HIS tonight.
    • Shane says "ok" and leaves the ring.
    • DDP comes out with a steel chair.
    • A few minutes into the match, Shane McMahon attacks the Undertaker, it was all a trick to get back at the Undertaker.
    • Sara tries to save her husbund by hitting Shane in the back with the Kendo stick, but DDP comes up behind her and gives her the Diamond Cutter.
    • Shane & DDP leave, and backstage Shane tells DDP to take the rest of the night off, DDP leaves on a MotorBike.
  2. BACKSTAGE: Taker & Sara
    • Sara is being loaded into an Ambulance.
    • Taker tells Sara that he's gonna get them back for what they did!
    • Taker gets into the ambulance with Sara.
  3. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Dudleyz vs Acolytes
    • Highlights of Smackdown, explaining how Spike Dudley broke his leg in his match against the Dudley Boyz.
    • The two powerhouse teams brawl for a while.
    • Spike Dudley appears with a crutch and hits Buh Buh in the back of the head.
    • Acolytes take advantage and pick up the win, and the TAG TEAM TITLES.
  4. BACKSTAGE: Vince, Austin, Debra, Angle
    • Vince is going over everything that has already happened tonight, and Austin is repeating everything Vince says. Vince looks a little annoyed.
    • Kurt Angle enters the room wearing his little cowboy hat from Smackdown, he has presents.
    • Kurt gives presents to Vince & Austin. They open them and find that they are little Badges to go with the Cowboy hats Austin gave them on Smackdown.
    • Austin gets annoyed and says that Angle looked like a jackass on Smackdown when Booker kicked his ass.. Austin said if it were him he'd go down to Booker's lockerroom right now and challenge him for a WCW title match.
    • Angle agree and says that is what he is going to do. [PHOTO]
  5. IC TITLE MATCH: Albert w/ XPac vs Rhyno
    • Albert and XPac come out together and gang up on Rhyno.
    • XPac leaves the ring, and the match starts.
    • Later in the match, XPac gets in the ring to interfer, but Rhyno gores him.
    • Rhyno gets up and turns around and gets a kick in the face by Albert for the 1, 2, 3.
    • Winner.. Albert!
  6. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Kurt Angle
    • Booker T is shown warming up in his locker room.
    • Kurt Angle busts in.
    • Angle introduces himself to Booker. Booker introduces himself to Angle.
    • Angle challenges Booker to a match for the WCW Title tonight.
    • Booker says if Angle wants a fight, then he'll get one.
    • Booker says that with Angle wearing that little cowboy hat last week on Smackdown, how does he expect to beat Booker T.
    • Angle replies with "Yepii Kai-Yay.. Muther Hubbert".
  7. BACKSTAGE: Regal, Tajiri, Kane
    • Kane bursts into Regal's office and demands that his match with Mike Awesome and Lance Storm stays on, even though his tag team partner, Undertaker, is not there.
    • Regal accepts.
  8. MATCH: Jeff Hardy vs The Big Show
    • Trish Stratus comes to the ring.
    • Big Show dominates and wins.
    • Trish gets in the ring and helps Jeff to his feet, and gives him a big kiss on the lips.
  9. BACKSTAGE: Vince, Austin, Angle, Debra, Jericho
    • Angle is shown warming up for his match in front of Vince & Austin.
    • Vince tells Angle that this match is extremely important for everybody.
    • Austin asks about the WWF vs WCW brawl at InVasion. Austin volunteers to be the Captain of Team WWF.
    • Angle says that he things he should be Camptain.
    • Angle and Austin bicker over who should be the "Skipper" and who should be "Gilligan".
    • Vince yells at them both and says that they will both be in it fighting for WWF.
    • Jericho comes in and says that he is WWF-4-Life, and he wants to be on Team WWF too.
    • Vince looks impressed. But Austin and Angle tell Jericho that since he's never won the WWF Title, to take a hike.
  10. RINGSIDE: Announcement
    • Jim Ross & Paul Heyman announce a Bra & Panties match for InVasion between Torrie Wilson & Stacey Keibler vs Trish Stratus & Lita.
  11. WWF NEW YORK: Matt Hardy & Lita
    • Ross asks Lita about the Bra & Panties Match.
    • Lita says she accepts but isn't sure she can trust Trish.
    • Lita says she is going to show Trish how it's done, and she kiss's Matt Hardy.
  12. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Shane McMahon
    • Shane McMahon is giving Booker T a pep-talk.
    • Booker has his World Title & his US Title.
    • Says that they are in Atlanta, where WCW was created and everybody out there is routing for Booker.
  13. BACKSTAGE: Vince, Austin, Angle
    • Vince McMahon is giving Kurt Angle a pep-talk, Austin is repeating everything Vince says.
    • Austin says that he and Vince are going to the ring too.
    • Angle says that Austin & Vince weren't there in 1996 when he won the Gold Medels, so he is going to do this alone too.
  14. WCW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Booker T vs Kurt Angle
    • Shane McMahon hits Kurt Angle right in front of WCW Referee Nick Patrick, and Patrick does nothing.
    • Angle gets the ankle lock on Booker, Nick Patrick reverts his attention to Shane McMahon. Booker taps but Ref doesn't see it.
    • Angle hits the Angle slam and covers Booker, WWF Referee Earl Hebner comes down and makes the count, but is pulled out of the ring at 2, by Nick Patrick.
    • Patrick enters the ring, Earl jumps back in and spears Nick Patrick and punches him.. They brawl on the outside.
    • Shane McMahon gives Booker the WCW Title, and he hits Angle with it.
    • Charles Robinson, another WCW Referee, comes in and makes the three count for the WCW win!
    • Hebner, Patrick, Jack Doan, Charles Robinson are still brawling, as Booker & Shane make their getaway.
  15. BACKSTAGE: Vince, Austin, Angle
    • Vince asks what happened out there?
    • Angle asks them where they were?
    • Austin says Angle told them to stay back there, but Angle says he didn't mean it.
    • Austin says that is why he should be Captain of Team WWF, and Angle agrees.
  16. BACKSTAGE: Scott Hudson, Stacey Keibler, Torrie Wilson
    • Scott Hudson Congratulates the two girls for making an impact so far.
    • Scott asks Stacey about the Bra & Panties Match.
    • Scott asks Torrie about making Mr. McMahon look like a fool last week.
  17. BACKSTAGE: APA, Dudleyz
    • APA Apoligizes to the Dudleyz saying that they never want to win a match like that, they had no idea Spike would do what he did.
    • APA offer a title shot as soon as next Smackdown, and beers on the APA all night.
    • Dudleyz look like they have something on their minds, they say thanks, but ask them at the end of the night.
  18. MATCH: Kane vs Mike Awesome & Lance Storm
    • Chris Jericho comes out and joins Kane in the match.
    • Above Average lenth match..
    • After a long match, Tommy Dreamer & Rob Van Dam come out of the crowd and attack Kane & Chris Jericho!
    • Awesome, Storm, Van Dam, Dreamer gang up on Kane & Jericho.
    • WWF Troops: Tazz, Dudleyz, Raven, Justin Credible, Rhyno, hit the ring and back Dreamer and Van Dam off, but they turn around and attack Kane & Jericho instead!
    • It slowly becomes clear to everyone around, we are witnessing the REBIRTH OF EC'F'N'W!
    • Paul Heyman leaves the announce position and hits the ring, and grabs the mic. He says for months he has been sitting at the announce table like a corporate sellout talking about WWF vs WCW, but everybody forgot about ECW.
    • He says that they will take on both WWF and WCW! Because this InVasion just went to a whole new LEVEL.
  19. BACKSTAGE: Vince & Shane McMahon
    • Vince & Shane meet up backstage, Shane says that he and Vince have to work together to get rid of ECW.
    • Shane suggests that since there are 10 ecw guys, that they take 5 wcw guys and 5 wwf guys and put them against the 10 ecw guys.
    • Vince agrees to this for ONE MATCH, and then WCW is going down.
    • XPac wins by holding the ropes in the pin.
  21. BACKSTAGE: Vince, Shane, 5 WCW Guys, 5 WWF Guys. [PHOTO]
    • WCW Side: Sean O'Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Mark Jindrak, Shawn Stasiak, Chris Kanyon.
    • WWF SIde: Farooq, Bradshaw, Billy Gunn, Bob Holly, Big Show.
    • Vince & Shane argue over who will lead the team.
    • Sean O'Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Mark Jindrak, Shawn Stasiak, Chris Kanyon, Farooq, Bradshaw, Billy Gunn, Bob Holly, Big Show vs Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, Mike Awesome, Lance Storm, Tazz, Raven, Buh Buh, Dvon, Justin Credible, & Rhyno.
    • Before the ECW guys even come out, the WWF guys and WCW guys get in a fight, the WWF guys throw the WCW guys out of the ring.
    • ECW comes to the ring from the crowd.
    • ECW takes on the 5 wwf guys, and they throw them out of the ring.
    • ECW taunts WCW into the ring, and as WCW gets into the ring, they high five eachother and hug eachother.. ECW AND WCW are together! The 15 guys continue to kick the crap out of the WWF guys, as Vince McMahon comes to the ramp and asks what the hell is going on.
    • Shane explains that he could not compete with Vince's checkbook, but he would outsmark Vince, and that is what he did tonight.
    • Shane says he has just orchestrated the merger of WCW and ECW..
    • Shane introduces the NEW OWNER of ECW.......... STEPHANIE MCMAHON!!!!!!!

  23. RAW goes off the air...
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