July 16, 2001

Announcers: Jim Ross/Michael Cole

  1. KICKOFF: Steve Austin
    • Steve Austin is shown at a local bar, The Friendly Tap (which is owned by WWF Referee Tim White.
    • Steve is very quiet and nursing a beer.
  2. IN THE RING: Spike & Molly, Heyman, Dudley Boyz
    • Spike, broken leg and all, comes out to give his big announcement.
    • Spike calls out Molly.
    • Spike tells Molly that he thinks he loves her.
    • Molly says she thinks she loves Spike too.
    • Paul Heyman inturupts.
    • Heyman tells Spike that he is welcome back in ECW if he wants.
    • Heyman says that they will even take Molly, with a little liposuction.
    • Spike says no, and yells at Heyman for insulting his girlfriend.
    • The Dudley Boyz come out and say it's too bad Spike refused..
    • The Dudleyz attack Spike and tie him him in the ropes and make him watch as the powerbomb Molly through a table.
  3. INTERPROMOTIONAL MATCH: Edge (2001 KotR) vs Mike Awesome
    • Mike Awesome & Lance Storm come out and talk trash about Edge & Christian and challenge them to a match at InVasion.
    • Edge & Christin come out and counter-trash Awesome & Storm, and accept the challenge.
    • Edge vs Mike Awesome.
    • Lance Storm interfers and Christian chases him off.
    • While the referee is admonishing Christian, Storm superkicks Edge.
    • Awesome makes the cover and gets the pin.
  4. BACKSTAGE: Booker T, Stephanie McMahon, Chris Jericho
    • Stephanie is shown praising Booker.
    • Jericho shows up.. "Hello, Stephanie...."
    • Stephanie scowls back.. "Hellooooo Jericho...."
    • Jericho says that he finally knows what ECW stands for.. "Every Customer Welcome".. and that he knows Steph always considered herself the Queen of Hardcore, but movies don't count..
    • Booker T jumps in and says that's no way to talk to a lady..
    • Jericho challenges Booker T to a WCW Title match tonight.
    • Stephanie & Booker accept.
    • William Regal talks about his match tonight with Tazz.
    • Tajiri asks to do commentary on Regal's match.
    • Regal says he'd be honored.
  6. BACKSTAGE: Steph, Shane, Heyman.
    • The trio talk about InVasion.
    • They agree that their "Team" will be Booker, DDP, Dudley Boyz & Rhyno.
    • Shane says that this Sunday @ InVasion, the "face of sports-entertainment will be changed forever.
  7. THE FRIENDLY TAP: Steve Austin, Debra, Vince McMahon.
    • Steve Austin is still sitting at the bar, depressed.
    • Vince McMahon enters the bar and is greeted by Debra.
    • Vince apoligizes to Austin but says he really needs him right now.
    • Austin doesnt say a word.
  8. MATCH: William Regal vs Tazz
    • Tajiri takes his announce position.
    • A few minutes into the match, Tajiri enters the ring.
    • He cicles the ring, and removes his shirt to reveal an ECW SHIRT!!
    • He points at Tazz, signalling him to attack Regal.. who is stunned by Tajiri's turn.
    • Tajiri turns on Tazz, putting him in the turanchula, while Regal punches him repeatedly in the head.
    • Tajiri removes the shirt and spits green mist onto it! Tajiri IS WWF!
  9. BACKSTAGE: DDP & Rhyno
    • DDP meets up with Rhyno in the back.
    • They talk about their match tonight.
    • DDP tells Rhyno to round up the boys because he has an unedited/uncencored tape of Sara to show.
  10. THE FRIENDLY TAP: Austin, Tim White.
    • WWF Referee/Bar Owner, Tim White, encourages Austin to do what's right.
    • Austin still says nothing.
  11. WCW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Booker T vs Chris Jericho
    • Before the match, JR compares Booker T to Ric Flair, saying "He's no Ric Flair, a proud champion.."
    • Late in the match, Jericho has the pin on Booker, but referee Nick Patrick fakes an arm cramp so he cannot count the three.
    • Jericho gets Booker into the Lion Tamer, but the Referee fakes a leg cramp so he doesnt see Booker tapping.
    • Earl Hebner comes in and pushes Patrick out of the ring and sees Booker tapping, Hebner goes to call for the bell but Shane McMahon stops him.
    • Booker gets up and low blows Jericho and rolls him up, Nick Patrick comes in for the quick 1-2-3, and Booker escapes yet again with his WCW Title.
  12. BACKSTAGE: Terri, Perry Saturn, The Mop, Paul Heyman
    • Terri tells Perry that she thinks he should stay away from the ring tonight during her match with Trish.
    • Perry is unresponsive.
    • Paul Heyman comes in and sits down with Saturn.
    • Heyman says, "What's a Solar System without Saturn, what's ECW without Perry Saturn?"
    • Heyman asks Perry to join ECW.
    • Perry's reply is "Snaaussages...."
    • Heyman says he'll take that one back to Stephanie.
    • You're Welcome........
  13. ECW RULES MATCH: Raven vs Kurt Angle.
    • Angle makes Raven tap to the Anklelock.
    • After the match, Angle puts Raven in two different submission moves to torture him.
    • Then Angle gets a chair and beats Raven with it.
    • Chris Kanyon, Shawn Stasiak & Justin Credible come down.
    • Kanyon gets a chairshot and Stasiak & Credible don't want to get into the ring.
    • Kanyon gets another brutal chairshot to the back, and then Angle chases off Credible & Stasiac.
  14. INTERPROMOTIONAL MATCH: Hardyz vs Dudleyz
    • Matt Hardy is current WWF European Champion, Jeff Hardy is the current WWF Hardcore Champion.
    • Rob Van Dam comes down and helps DVon get the pin.
    • Van Dam hits a top rope drop kick on Matt Hardy.
    • Jeff Hardy attacks Van Dam, but the Dudleyz pull him off and set him up for the Van Dam Frogslash.
  15. BACKSTAGE: APA, Vince McMahon
    • The APA are disgusted with what they just saw.
    • Vince McMahon comes in and he's pissed.
    • Vince tells APA to round up the boys for a "Town Meeting".
  16. BACKSTAGE: WCW Pep-Talk.
    • Stephanie talks about how She & Shane believe in them.
    • Shane talks about how the WWF has never been threatened like this before.
    • Heyman talks about how the WWF fears WCW/ECW now. How Jeff Hardy fears Rob Van Dam, and how Tajiri fears Tazz.
    • The energy level is extremely high at the end of the segment.
  17. Backstage: WWF Pep-Talk.
    • The boys are gathered in a room.
    • Vince, APA, Taker, Jericho & Kane, enter the room.
    • Vince, APA, Taker come to the front of the room.
    • Farooq & Bradshaw each talk about not letting the WCW invade what they have worked so hard to build.
    • Vince says that he had hoped Austin would be there.... but Undertaker butts in and says he's heard enough of that.. Taker says that Stone Cold has made quite a name for himself in the WWF, and he's not willing to stand up and fight for the company that made him.
    • Taker says to the boys, "There's no shame in fightin and getting your ass kicked, but there's no honor in not fighting at all".
    • At the moment, WWF Legend and Hall of Famer, Classy Freddy Blassie, is wheeled into the room in a wheelchair.
    • Freddy says that there comes a time when every man has to fight for what they beleive in, Freddy rises from the wheelchair and tells the WWF boys to go get'em!
    • Everyone is pumped up by the legendary endorsement.
  18. THE FRIENDLY TAP: Steve Austin & Debra.
    • Austin is shown watching the TV.
    • Austin smashes a pool que over the pool table and leaves the Bar.
  19. MATCH: Trish vs Terri
    • Trish puts the Helicoptor Spin on Terri, a move made famous by Don Leo Jonathan.
    • Trish picks up the win, and procedes to rip Terri's clothes off.
    • Torrie & Stacey charge the ring and attack Trish.
    • Lita comes in and makes the save.
  20. RINGSIDE: JR & Michael Cole
    • JR & Cole talk about Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • JR says he continues to beleive that the Rattlesnake will show up tonight.
  21. INTERPROMOTIONAL MATCH: DDP & Rhyno vs Undertaker & Kane
    • Late in the match, the Dudleyz & Booker T interfer and the 5 beat on Kane & Taker.
    • The APA, Hardyz, Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle hit the ring.
    • Lance Storm, Chris Kanyon, Billy Kidman hit the ring.
    • Sean O'Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Chavo Guerrero, Tommy Dreamer, Rov Van Dam, Mike Awesome hit the ring.
    • BACKSTAGE: Justin Credible, Hugh Morrus & Mark Jindrak are beating up on Crash and Bob Holly.
    • All of a sudden Steve Austin's truck pulls up and Steve Austin gets out and beats up Credible, Morrus & Jindrak with a pool que.
    • BACKSTAGE: Shawn Stasiak & Gregory Helms are beating up on Edge & Christian.
    • Steve Austin enters the building and takes out Helms & Stasiak.
    • IN THE RING: The ring is full of WWF & WCW/ECW wrestlers and the WCW/ECW is getting the upper hand.
    • *Broken Glass* Stone Cold comes to the ring.
    • Austin throws punches as soon as he enters the ring.
    • Austin stuns O'Haire, Tazz, Buh Buh, Dvon, Palumbo, Kanyon & Dreamer.
    • Kane & Taker chokeslam Kanyon & Chavo Guerrero.
    • Team WWF clears the ring.
    • Austin, Angle, Taker, Jericho & Kane celebrate in the ring afterwards.

  22. RAW goes off the air...
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