July 23, 2001
Buffalo, NY

Announcers: Jim Ross/Michael Cole

  1. RAW IS WAR: INVASION Recap Video Package.

  2. KICKOFF: Shane, Stephanie, Heyman, Steve Austin.
    • Stephanie talks about Invasion.
    • Heyman talks about Invasion.
    • Shane talks, introduces Stone Cold.
    • Stone Cold talks about why he defected.
    • SCSA says that every time he turned around, Vince McMahon was hugging Kurt Angle, wasn't Steve Austin good enough?
    • SCSA says that he walked into Vince's office and saw him dailing The Rock's phone number, wasn't Steve Austin good enough for him?
    • Kurt Angle comes out without a microphone.
    • Austin bad mouths Kurt Angle and the U.S.A.
    • Angle charges the ring and goes toe-to-toe with Steve Austin.
    • Angle hits an AngleSlam on Austin.
    • Steph, Shane & Heyman drag Austin away.

  3. BACKSTAGE: RVD & ECW Wrestlers.
    • RVD says that Team ECW/WCW showed the WWF last night who is best. They now have the Hardcore Title, and all the other titles are theirs for the taking.
    • RVD says he showed Jeff Hardy why they call him "Mr. PPV".
    • RVD says he's gonna show Matt Hardy why they call him "Mr. Monday Night".

  4. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Matt Hardy
    • Matt Hardy gets a ladder from under the ring, and uses it as a weapon.
    • Both men use the ladder for different moves.
    • RVD puts Matt between the ladder and hits the Five-Star splash for the win.

  5. BACKSTAGE: E&C, Dudleyz, Booker T.
    • Edge & Christian run into The Dudley Boyz.
    • The Dudleyz taunt E&C about Invasion and challenge E&C to a Tables match, for old times sake.
    • E&C tell the Dudleyz WCW never would have won without the help of Stone Cold.
    • Booker T comes in and says that WCW would have won even without Stone Cold.
    • Christian asks Booker if he's any relation to Mr. T?
    • Dudleyz suggest they make it a 6Man Tag Team Tables Elimination, if E&C can find a partner.
    • Edge says: I Pity the fool who goes through a table!

  6. BACKSTAGE: DDP & Kanyon.
    • Kanyon Congratulates DDP on the main event win at Invasion.
    • DDP says that the whole "Debra abduction" was Steve & Debra's idea.
    • DDP notices Kanyon's shirt that says "Invasion MVP", and asks what the deal is.
    • Kanyon says that since he single handedly won the 6Man Tag last night then without him the WWF would have won the Invasion..
    • Kanyon asks: "Who better than Kanyon"?

  7. WWF IC TITLE MATCH: Albert vs Lance Storm
    • A few minutes into the match, Mike Awesome distracts the referee (Nick Patrick).
    • Hugh Morrus gets into the ring and hits Albert with the IC Belt.
    • Storm makes the cover to win the WWF IC TITLE!!
    • The ring fills up with WWF and WCW/ECW wrestlers in a huge brawl that ends with the WWF troops standing tall in the end.

  8. BACKSTAGE: Shane, Steph, Heyman, Stone Cold, Debra, Kanyon.
    • They talk about Invasion.
    • Kanyon comes in and join in the celebration.
    • Steve Austin asks who this guy is.
    • Kanyon says he's the MVP of Invasion.
    • Stephanie tells Kanyon he had better go prepare for his match against Jericho later.

  9. BACKSTAGE: Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler.
    • Torrie Wilson says she can't beleive what Trish Stratus did to her last night. (Stripping her clothes off)
    • Torrie says Trish is just jealous if her firm breasts.
    • Stacy says Trish has no class.
    • Torrie claims she will show Trish who the Domanent famales are.

  10. COMMISSIONERS OFFICE: William Regal & Tajiri.
    • Regal talks to Tajiri about Invasion.
    • Regal tells Tajiri to go out there and beat Raven.

  11. BACKSTAGE: Edge & Christian, Kurt Angle.
    • Edge & Christian are shown trying to convince someone off camera to be their partner.
    • The camera angle turns and it is Kurt Angle.
    • Angle says "You bet your sweet ass's I'm in."
    • Edge asks Christian, "did he just say 'Sweet ass's'?"

  12. MATCH: Tajiri vs Ravan.
    • Tajiri gets the taranchula on Raven.
    • Tajiri knocks Raven out with a side-kick for the pin.

  13. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman & Rhyno.
    • Paul Heyman is shown giving Rhyno a pep-talk.
    • Heyman says that they have the WWF Hardcore Title, WWF IC Title, and WWF Federation Title, now they need the Legend of the Undertaker, and that is where Rhyno comes in.

  14. BACKSTAGE: APA, Kurt Angle.
    • The APA give Kurt Angle a beer and tell him to try it.
    • Angle gulps it down and says "it's actually pretty good, when did they start makin' this?"

  15. MATCH: The Undertaker vs Rhyno.
    • DDP comes down to the ring and chases Sara.
    • The Undertaker gets the pin on Rhyno and chases DDP away from Sara.
    • They brawl into the crowd.
    • Taker brings DDP back to the ring, and gets a chair.
    • Sara starts kicking DDP in the chest repeatedly, Taker has to physically pull her off.
    • Taker goes to hit DDP with the chiar, but DDP pulls Sara in the way, and Taker accidentally hits Sara with the chair.

  16. POST-COMMERCIAL: Undertaker & Sara
    • The Undertaker is shown carrying Sara around backstage.
    • He tells everyone to stay away.
    • Elsewhere, Jonathan Coachman asks DDP why he did what he did.
    • DDP says that seeing the pain in Sara's eyes actually turned him on.
    • DDP got into a car and drove off.

  17. MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Chris Kanyon
    • Jericho comes down and trashes Kanyon on the mic.
    • Kanyon races to the ring and they brawl before starting the match.
    • Jericho makes Kanyon tap to the Lion Tamer.

  18. OUTSIDE: Vince McMahon.
    • Mr. McMahon arrives in a limo, and enters the arena.

  19. IN THE RING: Vince McMahon
    • Vince comes to the ring.
    • Vince talks about Steve Austin's defection feeling like a bomb dropping on him.
    • Vince says he has a bomb of his own to drop.
    • Vince reinstates the Rock.
    • Vince use's all of the Rocks catchphases to try to convince Rock to return.

  20. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon, Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt Angle approaches Vince McMahon.
    • Kurt says that he is more than happy about the Rock coming back. Anybody that will help the WWF against the WCW/ECW Invasion.
    • But Kurt says that Vince needs a leader, someone with the 3 I's, he says that Vince needs Kurt Angle.
    • Vince says that sometimes "actions speak louder than words".
    • So Kurt Angle grabs Vince by the collar and pins him agaisnt the wall and says "How is this for actions?".

  21. WWF NEW YORK: Big Show, Billy Gunn.
    • Billy Gunn says that even with all of their accomplishments, the WWF still doenst show them any respect.
    • Big Show agrees.
    • They talk about "making" the company respect them.

  22. BACKSTAGE: Jeff Hardy, Torrie Wilson, Trish Startus.
    • Torrie Wilson approaches Jeff Hardy and asks how he was after his match last night against RVD.
    • Jeff said that his back is sore.
    • Torrie says that he has a spanking match later and hoping she could get a little practice.
    • Trish comes in and attacks Torrie.

  23. SPANKING MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Torrie Wilson.
    • A Paddle is placed on a pole.
    • Trish makes it to the paddle first.
    • Torrie gets the paddle from Trish and spanks Trish's behind to get the win.

  24. BACKSTAGE: Shane, Dudleyz, Booker, Austin, Steph, Heyman.
    • Shane is talking to the Dudleyz & Booker about the importance of this match.
    • Shane says that they have to put Angle through the table for putting his hands on Stone Cold Steve Austin.

  25. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian.
    • K&E&C are shown walking down a backstage hallway.

  26. MAIN EVENT: Dudleyz/Booker T vs Edge & Christian/Kurt Angle
    • Six-Man Tag Team Tables Elimination Match.
    • Christian is 3Ded through a table and Eliminated.
    • Edge is put through a table by Booker T and Eliminated.
    • Kurt Angle backflips DVon onto a table but it doesnt break. Second try is successful.
    • Kurt Angle angleslams Booker onto a table but it doesn't break. He sets the table up in the corner and throws Booker through it.
    • It's down to Kurt Angle & Bubba Ray Dudley.
    • Referee Earl Hebner is knocked out.
    • WCW Referee Nick Patrick comes down.
    • Angle sets up Bubba for the Angleslam through the table, but Nick Patrick moves the table.
    • Angle attacks Patrick and slaps the Anklelock on him on the Announcers Table.
    • Steve Austin comes down and attacks Angle, and throws him in the ring, where Bubba puts him through a table.
    • The APA, Chris Jericho & Kane race to the ring to chase off Steve Austin.

  27. RAW goes off the air...
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