August 6, 2001
Anaheim, CA

Announcers: Jim Ross/Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: Video Package.
    • Features the Rock.

  2. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Kane
    • Diamond Dallas Page interfers and hits Kane with two chairshots.
    • DDP lays the chair on Kane's chest.
    • RVD hits the five-star-frog-splash for the win.
    • Kane chases DDP away.

  3. RECAP: Austin & Debra.
    • Footage is shown of Smackdown when Debra stood up to her husbund, Steve Austin, by smashing him in the head with a cookie tray.
    • Austin & Debra are shown entering the arena for RAW.

  4. EARLIER TODAY: Booker T.
    • Booker T is shown showing up at a Hollywood movie audition to proove that he is a bigger star than the Rock will ever be.
    • Booker is Moched by the female Audition assistant.

  5. IN THE RING: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Chris Jericho.
    • Steph comes to the ring sporting a her brand new surgically enhanced breasts to address the crowd.
    • Steph says that the Rock is afraid of Booker T.
    • She also says that the Rock is afraid of facing Shane McMahon in a street fight tonight.
    • Steph talks about her brother, saying he has taken part in some of the most hellacious matches in WWF history, and only one word discribes him.. Gladiator.
    • She says that Shane always ends up on top.
    • Suddenly Chris Jericho's entrance Music plays and Y2J comes to the entrance Ramp.
    • Jericho tells Stephanie not to sell herself short, because Shane may always end up on top, but Stephanie always ends up on bottom............ side.... upside-down... and bent over!
    • Jericho says Steph's idea of a Summerslam is a Quicky on a Hot August Night, and when her body hits the floor, it's usually naked with a pay paying customer.
    • Jericho admits that he realizes Stephanie has been with most of the wrestlers from both rosters.... the lighting crew.. the sound guys.. the camera men.. and the popcorn vender in the front row! But he took the liberty of setting her up with some residents of the Planet of the Apes.
    • Suddenly two characters from the Movie: Planet of the Apes comes out to the ring.
    • One gives Stephanie flowers, and the other has a present for her. Jericho looks in the box and says.. The Rock might be back, but Stephanie can still have the pie, and he takes a pie out of the box and throws it in Stephanie's face.

  6. BACKSTAGE: Debra & Lita.
    • Debra & Lita meet backstage in catering.
    • Lita Congratulates Debra for standing up to Austin on smackdown.
    • Lita says it must be hard living with a man like Stone Cold.
    • Debra gets offended and asks "what's that supposed to mean?".
    • Lita goes on the defensive saying she didn't mean anything by it, it's just that Debra is so sweet and nice and always goes out of her way to help people, and Austin seems like a mean guy.
    • Debra gets upset and leaves.

  7. COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE: Regal, Tajiri, XPac.
    • Regal is telling Tajiri about the Queens birthday.
    • XPac bursts in and asks for more competition, saying he hasn't been on RAW OR SMACKDOWN since winning the WCW Cruiserwieght Title.
    • Tajiri mutters something in Japanese, Regal laughs.
    • XPac demands to know what Tajiri said.
    • Regal tells XPac that Tajiri said "The reason XPac hasnt been on RAW or SMACKDOWN is because XPAC SUCKS".
    • XPac gets pissed and says "Why don't we put aside all this Alliance stuff and challenges Tajiri to a match.
    • Tajiri accepts and Regal makes the match.

  8. WOMANS HANDICAP MATCH: Jacky vs Torrie/Stacy
    • A few minutes into the match Ivory comes to ringside.
    • Ivory attacks Jacky and joins Torrie/Stacy and The Alliance in a shocking turn of events.

  9. BACKSTAGE: Diamond Dallas Page.
    • Page is shown standing in front of his Shrine to Sara.
    • Page is saying that he wants his Sara.

  10. WWF NEW YORK: Terri.
    • Terri is interviewed by JR & Paul Heyman.
    • Heyman yells at Terri asking her how it feels to be dumped by Perry Saturn for a mop.
    • Terri runs off crying.

  11. BACKSTAGE: Debra & Austin.
    • Debra is telling Austin about what happened with Lita.
    • Austin doesn't seem to care until Debra stretches the truth and says that Lita said that her boyfriend, Matt Hardy, could beat Austin's ass any day..
    • Austin THEN got offended and jumped to his feet and left the room to find M.Hardy.

  12. EARLIER TODAY: Booker T.
    • Booker is showing talking to the Director of the Movie he is auditioning for.
    • The Director is going over Booker's application, pointing out that under 'experience', Booker wrote "None, but neither did the Rock before he made that dumbass Mummy movie."

  13. WWF LHW TITLE MATCH: XPac vs Tajiri.
    • Tajiri hits XPac with the green mist and kicks XPac in the head.
    • Tajiri makes the cover to win the WWF Light Heavyweight Title.

  14. BACKSTAGE: Lita & Matt Hardy, Steve Austin.
    • Austin bursts in on Matt & Lita.
    • Austin yells at Lita for talking trash about he and Debra.
    • Matt Hardy tells Austin not to talk to Lita like that.
    • Austin says that since Lita said Hardy could kick his ass, then he challenged Matt to a match later tonight.

  15. EARLIER TODAY: Booker T.
    • Booker is shown reading for the part in the Movie with another Actress.
    • Booker takes it upon himself to do some Impove during his Audition.
    • The actress asks Booker T if he is related to Mr. T and Booker tells the Director that he wants her ass fired.

  16. TAG TEAM MATCH: The Dudley Boyz vs Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle.
    • After a grueling match, Kurt Angle makes Bubba Ray tap to the Anklelock for the win.

  17. BACKSTAGE: Austin & Lita.
    • Lita tries to talk Austin out of the match.
    • Austin just bullies Lita and leaves.

  18. WWF IC TITLE MATCH: Lance Storm vs Christian
    • Christian comes to the ring and asks Lance Storm to come to the ring.
    • Storm comes out and Christian says that since they are both Canadian, and Christian is proud to be Canadian, he wants Lance Storm to take part in a special 5-Second pose with him.
    • Lance Storm says it would be an honor, and sets up for the pose.
    • Edge comes in behind Storm and pulls Storms tights down to his ankles exposing cartoon underwear!
    • The match begins....
    • Storm gets the pin on Christian using the ropes for leverage but WCW Referee Nick Patrick ignores it.

  19. PARKING LOT: Kane, Taker, Sara.
    • Kane greets Taker & Sara as they arrive to the arena.
    • Kane tells his brother that DDP has a shrine set up in the Arena.
    • Taker says that they're gonna go down there and end this once and for all.

  20. LOCKER ROOM: The Rock & Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt Angle comes into The Rock's dressing room.
    • Angle says he knows they don't like eachother but..
    • The Rock says he is willing to start with a clean slate.
    • Kurt Angle says that since the Rock has a street fight with Shane McMahon tonight, and Angle has street fight experience with Shane McMahon, that Angle had a gift for the Rock.
    • Angle gives the Rock a big glass of Milk.
    • The Rock says that he's gonna take that glass of milk and turn it sideways..
    • The Rock drinks the milk and says it's the best damn milk the Rock has ever had.
    • The Rock thanks Kurt Angle for the Milk, but for next time to bring some Pie.
    • Angle says that he will definitly bring some Apple Pie next time.
    • The Rock tells Angle not to bother.
    • Angle wishes Rock luck and leaves.

  21. LOCKER ROOM: Steve Austin & Debra.
    • Austin joins Debra and says that he just had a conversation with Lita.
    • Austin said that Lita was talking trash about Debra.
    • Austin says he's gonna go kick Matt Hardy's ass right now.
    • Debra tells Steve to wait up she wants to go out to the ring too.

  22. BACKSTAGE: Taker, Kanyon, DDP, Kane.
    • Taker enters the room where Sara's shrine is.
    • Taker investigates all the candles and photos and gets pissed off and rips them all off the wall..
    • A shadow lurks around the corner and Taker hears laughing.
    • The shadow jumps out and attacks the Taker, but it is only Kanyon in a DDP disguise.
    • DDP comes out of no where and attacks the Taker.
    • Kanyon & DDP beat down Taker.
    • Kane finally enters the room and chases them off.

  23. MATCH: Steve Austin w/ Debra vs Matt Hardy /w Lita
    • Lita gets up on the apron yelling at the referee.
    • Debra pulls Lita down.
    • Lita chases Debra into the ring, where Steve Austin catches her and hits her (Lita) with the Stunner.
    • Matt Hardy runs in and is hit with the Stunner as well and Austin pins him for the win.

  24. EARLIER TODAY: Booker T.
    • Booker T is still at his Audition and getting frustrated.
    • The director says that maybe this project isn't right for Booker T.
    • Booker says that this project SUCKS! And that he's a bigger star than the Rock.
    • The other actress asks Booker T is he knows the Rock?
    • Booker says he is going to take The Rock out to Summerslam.
    • The Actress asks if Booker is the Rock's chauffer or something.
    • Booker gets extremely mad at this comment.

  25. STREET FIGHT: The Rock vs Shane McMahon.
    • Shane drops his kendo stick at the beginning of the match, and is afraid to take his eye off the Rock to pick it back up.
    • Shane and The Rock fight way up into the stands and then come back down to the ring.
    • The Rock puts a trash can over Shane's upper body and smashes him with a chair. Shane Rolls down the Entrance Ramp still inside the can.
    • Booker T interfers but The Rock takes him out right away and finishes off Shane McMahon for the WIN!
    • Booker attacks the Rock and beats on him.
    • Booker lays the Rock out on the Announce Table.
    • Shane McMahon leaps from the top rope and delivers an elbow onto the Rock. [holy shit!]

  26. RAW goes off the air...
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