August 13, 2001
Chicago, IL
All-State Arena
Announcers: Jim Ross/Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: The Alliance, Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • All of the Alliance wrestlers and referees come out and surround the ring.
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin comes to the ring and gives a speech to the Alliance.
    • Austin says that he is proud of all of the Alliance wrestlers and thanks to his leadership, each and every one of them have a chance, or at least an opportunity, to be as famous as Stone Cold himself.
    • Austin shows footage of Smackdown on the big screen of him stunning Kurt Angle and attacking his ankle.
    • Austin asks the wrestlers who wants an opportunity to become famous tonight, by taking on Kurt Angle.
    • Most wrestlers indicate willingness to accept.
    • Paul Heyman stands up from his announce position and starts an R-V-D chant.
    • Rob Van Dam gets on the apron and accepts the challenge.
    • Austin says there were certain inviduals who recently stepped up to the plate.
    • Austin asks DDP & Kanyon to step forward and Congratulated them on winning the WWF Tag Team Titles.
    • Austin points out Test, who is the newest member of the Alliance.
    • Austin Congratulates Rhyno for putting the GORE on Y2J.
    • But Austin says that there were certain individuals who DIDN'T step up to the plate, or "respond appropriately" to Steve Austins words, because they didn't take the initiative.
    • Austin says that this week on Smackdown, the first ever Stone Cold Steve Austin invitational will take place, so Austin can teach the fundimentals to some of those individuals who are lacking.
    • Austin calls attention to Tazz, Raven & Hugh Morrus and tells them to get into the ring.
    • Austin points out Tommy Dreamer and says that he hasn't even had a match in the WWF yet. Austin says that he sees Tommy Dreamer getting people coffee and water backstage and intructs Dreamer to grow a backbone.
    • Austin then address's Hugh Morrus, asking him who whipped his ass last week on Smackdown. Morrus replied "Y2J.. Austin asks if he is supposed to think the name "Hugh Morrus" is supposed to be funny, if the name "Hugh Morrus" is supposed to make Stone Cold laugh. Austin tells Morrus that he is PATHETIC!
    • Austin asks Raven who whipped his ass on smackdown. Raven replies "Saturn".. Austin berates Raven for having his ass whipped by a guy who is having a sexual relationship with a mop. Austin says "Do you want me to give you a speech? YOU SUCK! Quote Stone Cold Steve Austin, nevermore".
    • Austin turns his attention to Tazz. Showing footage of smackdown when Tazz was doing commentary, and the Alliance head, Shane McMahon was getting his ass kicked by the Rock, and Tazz just stood by and did nothing. Austin said that Tazz is an embarrassment.
    • Austin explains that he has to make an example out of Tazz, and takes his belt off.\
    • Austin instructs Tazz to take off his shirt. Tazz refuses.
    • Austin repeatedly asks Tazz to take of his shirt, slapping him lightly with the belt.
    • Tazz grabs Austins arm.
    • Austin kicks Tazz in the gut, and tells Hugh Morrus & Raven to "get'em".
    • Morrus & Raven attack Tazz.
    • Austin calls in Palumbo & O'Haire, who both kick Tazz in the face at the same time.
    • Austin calls in Bubba Ray & D-Von who put the wazzup headbutt drop on Tazz.
    • Austin calls in Rhyno who viciously gores Tazz.
    • Austin tells the men to hold Tazz down, while Austin whips Tazz with his belt about 25 times in a row.

  2. BACKSTAGE: Edge & Christian.
    • E&C talk about their match with Lance Storm & Just Credible.
    • Edge asks Christian why he wasn't there for the save on Smackdown when Edge got the con-chair-to from RVD & Storm.
    • Christian says that he had noticed a scratch on the trophy above Edge's name, and had to go get it repaired, that's why he wasn't at smackdown.
    • Edge tells Christian to remember the name of the guy, because when he wins the IC title from Storm at Summerslam, the belt will need to be polished.

  3. MATCH: Tajiri w/ Regal vs Albert w/XPac.
    • XPac tries to interfer but Regal stops him.
    • Tajiri gets the upset win via pinfall.

  4. BACKSTAGE: Michael Cole, Kurt Angle, Hugh Morrus.
    • Michael Cole explains that RVD has challenged Kurt Angle to a match tonight and speculates weather or not Angle will be healthy enough to compete.
    • Angle enters the scene and says that he was in much worse condition when he won his gold medals an the 96 olympics, and that he will take on RVD tonight.
    • Suddenly, Angle is attacked by Hugh Morrus, but Angle fights back and locks the Anklelock on Morrus, who taps out.

  5. MATCH: Edge & Christian vs Lance Storm & Justin Credible.
    • Paul Heyman explains that Storm & Credible were 2-time ECW Tag Team Champions under the name "The Impact Players".
    • Christian hurts his knee (possibly legit) when he is tossed outside the ring.
    • Credible accidentally kicks Storm and Edge pins Storm for the WIN!
    • Lance attacks Edge afterwards.
    • Christian grabs a chair and makes the save.

  6. BACKSTAGE: Austin/Debra, RVD, Shawn Stasiak.
    • Austin talks to RVD about his match with Angle.
    • Shawn Stasiak comes in and tells Austin that he is so inspired by Austin's leadership, and Austin's speeches.
    • Austin asks Stasiak if he is just gonna be a "son of a wwf champion" or if he's gonna go out and do something about it.
    • Stasiak gets fired up and tells Austin that tonight he's gonna do something that he'll never forget.

  7. BACKSTAGE: DDP, Kanyon, Palumbo, O'Haire.
    • DDP & Kanyon pump Palumbo & O'Haire up for their cage match against the Brothers of Destruction.

  8. COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE: Regal, Angle, Stasiak.
    • Regal tries to talk Angle out of his match tonight with RVD.
    • Angle says that a true American never backs down from a fight, and begins to tell a story about Benjamin Franklin.
    • All of a sudden Shawn Stasiak charges Kurt Angle, but Angle moves out of the way, and Stasiak slams into a set of steel body armour knocking himself out.
    • Angle & Regal continue their conversation.
    • Regal wishes Angle luck. Angle leaves the room, and Regal pours himself some tea, while Stasiak is laying on the floor.

  9. STEEL CAGE TAG TEAM MATCH: Taker/Kane w/ Sara vs Palumbo/O'Haire.
    • DDP & Kanyon come out to watch from the stage.
    • Chuck Palumbo is busted open early in the match.
    • DDP & Kanyon chase Sara outside of the ring, but she climbs the cage and sits on top to excape.
    • DDP & Kanyon start to climb the cage but the Undertaker knocks them off from inside.
    • Double choke-slam and the Brothers of Destruction get the win.

  10. BACKSTAGE: Rhyno & Stephanie.
    • Rhyno & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley are shown walking to the ring.

  11. IN THE RING: Steph, Rhyno, Jericho, Booker T, Rock.
    • Stephanie & Rhyno come to the ring and gloat about Goring Jericho through the Smackdown screen destroying the set.
    • They show the footage from smackdown.
    • Stephanie says that Rhyno must have knocked a screw loose because even after the Gore, Jericho accepted Rhyno's challenge.
    • Steph says that she will personally be in Rhyno's corner to watch Rhyno beat Jericho again.
    • Rhyno tells Steph that it would be an honor.
    • Stephanie asks to see the footage one more time, but Jericho's music place and Jericho comes out to the the stage.
    • Jericho says he is still feeling the effects of the gore on Smackdown.
    • Jericho also says that at Summerslam, he is going to "take care of that Smelly, Greasy, Nasty animal........ and he'll get Rhyno too"..
    • Jericho shows a picture of Stephanie from one year ago on the big screen where she has small breasks, and then he doubles it with a picture from last week, where her chest was considerably larger. Proving that Stephanie has her breasts enlarged.
    • Stephanie completely denies it, saying that Jericho has some imagination.
    • Rhyno grabs the microphone and tells Jericho to show this woman some respect, and if he won't, why not come to the ring so he can't beat some into him.
    • Before Jericho can speak, Booker T's music hits and Booker makes his way to the ring.
    • Booker T says that Stephanie is "All Natural", and follows that up by saying "Damn, Stephanie you lookin' fine today!".
    • Booker T says that since Jericho is the authority on women, and with his long blonde hair, that he heard there was an opening in the Backstreet Boys, perhaps Jericho should check it out.
    • Jericho fake laughs and says that there is an opening in the A-Team reunion show, maybe HE should check THAT out... Mr T!
    • Booker T gets mad, and starts to talk about the Rock & Summerslam.
    • The Rock's music hits and The Rock comes out to the Ramp.
    • The Rock trash talks Booker T.
    • Jericho gets in on the trash talking.
    • Stephanie gets fed up and challenges Rock/Jericho to a tag team match tonight against Rhyno/Booker.
    • Jericho accepts and says that Stephanie is "the breast... i mean, the best!".

  12. BACKSTAGE: Austin/Debra & Hurricane Helms.
    • Helms comes into the room and sits down with Austin & Debra.
    • Helms grabs a carrot without asking.
    • Austin asks who he is, and Helms tells him.
    • Austin asks Helms what his Tatoo is of.
    • Helms explains that it is the Green Lantern.
    • Austin makes fun of the Green Lantern.
    • Austin asks Hurrican Helms if he can go out there and cause destruction like a real hurricane.
    • Helms says that he can and he will.
    • Austin tells him to go do it.
    • Helms grabs another tomato and leaves the room.

  13. MATCH: Spike Dudley w/ Molly Holly vs Test
    • Test gets the win.
    • After the match Test Power-Bombs Spike.
    • Test goes for a second Power-Bomb but Molly gets in the way, and Test sets her up for the Power-Bomb.
    • The A.P.A. run in for the save.
    • The Dudleyz run in and attack the A.P.A. but the A.P.A. get the better of the Dudleyz.

  14. WWF HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Kurt Angle.
    • Mid-Way through the match, Raven, Tommy Dreamer, and Mike Awesome run down and attack Kurt Angle.
    • Jeff Hardy runs in with his own referee and hits the swanton bomb on Rob Van Dam, and pins him to win the WWF HARDCORE TITLE.
    • J.Hardy & Angle celebrate together.

  15. OUTSIDE THE BATHROOM: Debra, Shawn Stasiak, Steve Austin.
    • Stasiak & Debra are talking and Stasiak is wondering if he should apoligize.
    • Austin comes out of the bathroom and slams the door into Stasiak's face without knowing.

  16. MAIN EVENT: The Rock/Jericho vs BookerT/Rhyno w/Steph/Shane
    • Late in the match, Jericho gets the Lion Tamer on Rhyno but there is no referee.
    • A WWF Referee runs to the ring but Shane McMahon bodychecks him.
    • Stephanie gets into the ring and pulls Jericho's hair.
    • Jericho turns around and drops Stephanie to the mat.
    • Rhyno attacks Jericho and rolls him up for the pin, and WCW referee Charles Robinson counts the three giving the Alliance the WIN!
    • After the match, Rhyno gores Jericho.
    • Rock throws Booker into the steps outside the ring, and enters the ring to attack Rhyno.
    • Rock puts the Rock Bottom on Rhyno.
    • Shane McMahon attacks the Rock but the Rock beats him out of the ring.
    • Booker T then attacks The Rock and beats him down landing a Rock Bottom of his own.
    • Shane McMahon sets up a chair and tells Booker to hit the Rock Bottom again but on the chair this time.
    • Booker does so and Rock is hurt.
    • The Alliance leaves with their arms raised.

  17. RAW goes off the air...
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