August 20, 2001
Sacramento, CA
Arco Arena
Announcers: Jim Ross/Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: Stone Cold & Alliance.
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin walked into the Alliance locker room to a chorus of cheers.
    • He told the Alliance members that he has led by example, and that his hard work and dedication would rub off on the other stars of the Alliance, which could only lead to more victories for Team WCW/ECW.

  2. 6-WOMAN TAG TEAM MATCH: Lita/Molly/Jacky vs Ivory/Torrie/Stacy.
    • The rematch from Sunday Night HEAT saw Jacqueline pin Ivory to give the Federation women the win!

  3. BACKSTAGE: The Dudley Boyz/Test, Stephanie.
    • The Dudley Boyz told Test that after his performance with them at SummerSlam, he could team with them any time he wanted.
    • At that point, ECW owner Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley interrupted the men and said that she wanted to have a word with her ex-fiance.
    • Stephanie told Test that although they didn't end their engagement on a great note, she felt they had grown up a lot since then.
    • She thought that Test could help the Alliance tremendously, and she said he could start by taking out Chris Jericho on RAW!
    • Test said that Stephanie always was a bitch, but he has always liked that about her.
    • He said that he would battle Y2J later in the night!

  4. IN THE RING: The Rock, Little Booker T, Lance Storm.
    • The new WCW Champion, The Rock, made his way to the ring to the delight of the thousands in attendance in the Arco Arena.
    • He said that he had taken Booker T to school at SummerSlam, bragging by saying he taught Booker T "People's Elbow 101, Advanced Rock Bottom 407," and "Getting your monkey ass whipped 1-2-3."
    • He said that the biggest lesson he taught Booker T was that he could act like The Rock and he could talk like The Rock, but there is only one Great One!
    • The People's Champ then said that he wanted Booker to come out and stand face-to-face with him.
    • At that point, Booker T's music hit, but it wasn't the former WCW Champion that made his way out. Instead, it was a midget dressed like Booker T!
    • The Rock told the small Booker that he wanted to see the move that he could do better than anyone else, the Spinaroonie.
    • After nailing his rendition of Booker T's move, he then did the Moonwalk, the Running Man and even a Deion Sanders impression.
    • As The Rock continued to taunt the micro-sized Booker T, Lance Storm made his way to the ramp.
    • He told The Rock that it was a sad day when mocking your opponent via a midget was humorous.
    • Storm told the Great One that the only funny thing in the ring was the fact that The Rock was holding the WCW Championship.
    • Storm then challenged the People's Champ to a WCW Championship match later in the ring, which prompted The Rock to ask the question, Who in the blue hell are you?
    • The Rock finally accepted Storm's challenge, and as he left the ring, Storm superkicked the midget Booker T in the face!

  5. APA/B.Show/S2H/B.Gunn/Spike v Dudleyz/Palumbo/OHaire/Morrus/Dreamer
    • The match saw all twelve men deliver their finishing maneuvers on each other, capped by a monster chokeslam on Tommy Dreamer by the Big Show for the win.
    • After the match, the six Federation stars stood united in the ring as the Alliance members scurried back to the locker room.

  6. TAPED SEGMENT: Hurrican Helms.
    • Hurricane Helms explained that, as a kid, he was fascinated by superheros, especially the Green Latern.
    • He said that, in the past few months, Stone Cold has shown him what it takes to be a super-sized hero in the sports-entertainment business.
    • He finished by saying that Austin was now his favorite superhero.

  7. MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Test w/ Stephanie.
    • Chris Jericho made his way to the ring and told the crowd that, at SummerSlam, he had finally beat the vicious Rhyno.
    • He said, however, that Rhyno showed him that he truly had a set, unlike Test.
    • He said he was disgusted by the fact that Test had reunited with his ex-fiance, Stephanie.
    • The comments led to Test coming to the ring, accompanied by Stephanie, for their one-on-one match.
    • During the match, Y2J grabbed Steph, who was on the apron, when Rhyno made his way out.
    • Rhyno and Jericho battled outside the ring, until Jericho turned his attention to the Billion Dollar Princess.
    • He eventually chased her into the ring, where an awaiting Test nailed Y2J in the face with a big boot for the 1-2-3 win.

  8. BACKSTAGE: Edge & Christian.
    • Edge was shining up his newly-won Intercontinental Championship when Christian entered the room.
    • He said that not only are they seven-time Tag Team Champions, two-time Intercontinental Champions and the 2001 Kings of the Ring, but after his match with Matt Hardy on RAW, they will also be European Champions as well.
    • Edge then wished Christian luck as his younger brother walked out of the room with the King of the Ring trophy.

  9. TAPED SEGMENT: Shawn Stasiak.
    • Shawn Stasiak attempted to give his thoughts on Stone Cold, but he continued to mess up his promo take after take.
    • Stasiak finally uttered something to the effect that Austin was his inspiration.

  10. WWF NEW YORK: Mick Foley.
    • Mick Foley was hosting RAW at WWF New York, and J.R. asked the former Federation Commissioner his thoughts on the Stone Cold/Kurt Angle Federation Championship match at SummerSlam.
    • Foley said he had never kicked out of a Stone Cold Stunner, but Angle did it three times in their match.
    • He said that he and the other Superstars knew how tough Angle was before the match, but he said that thanks to his gut-wrenching performance at SummerSlam, the whole world now knows the intensity of their Olympic hero.

  11. WCW HW TITLE MATCH: The Rock vs Lance Storm.
    • The Great One made short work of the former Intercontinental Champion, winning the match after a Rock Bottom.
    • Little Booker T then came down the ring, and The Rock told him to give him the fallen Storm a People's Elbow, which he did.
    • The Rock watched on as Little Booker T then gave the crowd two more renditions of the Spinaroonie.

  12. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Matt Hardy w/ Lita vs Christian.
    • Before the match, Christian said that everyone knew that the people of Sacramento were paying millions of dollars to Chris Webber for a championship that he was never going to win, but not to worry.
    • He said he would win the European Championship for them free of charge.
    • Christian looked to have the match won after hitting a reverse DDT, but Hardy kicked out.
    • Hardy then countered with his Twist of Fate to retain the European Championship.
    • Christian took a fit in the ring and got very angry.

  13. BACKSTAGE: Booker T.
    • Booker T had just arrived at the building and, to his surprise, everyone backstage was laughing at him.

  14. INTERVIEW: Cole/DDP.
    • Michael Cole interviewed Diamond Dallas Page about his match with Sara on RAW.
    • DDP said that even though he was hurting from his cage match at SummerSlam, it was all worth it because it's obvious that Sara made this match with him because she wanted to be with him.

  15. TAPED SEGMENT: Tazz.
    • Tazz said that he wanted to thank Stone Cold for bringing back the old Tazz.
    • He said Austin had truly led by example, and he was thankful that the Rattlesnake had made the man from Red Hook tougher than he already was.

  16. COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE: Regal, Tajiri, Booker T.
    • Commissioner William Regal and Tajiri were looking at the latest RAW Magazine when Booker T entered their office.
    • Booker was furious that people were laughing at him, and he wanted a rematch with The Rock.
    • Regal said that The Rock had already defended the WCW Championship earlier in the show against Lance Storm, and much like Booker T the night before, he came up a little short.
    • Tajiri was laughing at Booker, which prompted the former five-time WCW Champion to challenge Tajiri to a match.

  17. MATCH: Booker T vs Tajiri.
    • Still dressed in his street clothes, Booker T came to the ring.
    • He said that ever since he came to the Federation, he had been disrespected.
    • However, he said, that would all change on RAW.
    • He then called out the Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri.
    • Booker T brutally assaulted Tajiri, choking him out with his shirt, which led to the WCW official calling for a disqualification.

  18. BACKSTAGE: Sara & Undertaker.
    • Sara was preparing for her match against DDP when Taker asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with it.
    • She assured her husband that she definitely wanted to face Page, and the duo made their way to the ring.

    • Page grabbed the microphone and told Sara that he knew she wanted to get physical with him.
    • DDP gave her the first shot, and Page retaliated by pushing her to the ground.
    • Taker, who was at ringside, pulled Page outside the ring and began to pepper shots on his wife's stalker.
    • He ended up slamming Page on the ground before throwing him into the ring, which allowed Sara to cover the fallen Page for the win.

    • The last segment of RAW saw the collective members of the Alliance come to the ring for what they dubbed Austin Appreciation Night.
    • Paul Heyman got on the mic and said that there has never been a man that has led any alliance as well as Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • He then called for Austin to come to the ring.
    • The Federation Champion came out to a chorus of boos from the crowd.
    • Heyman told Stone Cold that he personally wanted to thank Austin for what he had done for the sports entertainment industry, and he said others wanted to express their thanks as well.
    • Hurricane Helms presented the Rattlesnake with his own, personal Green Latern t-shirt.
    • Next, Kanyon entered the ring and said that for years everyone had asked, "Who betta than Kanyon?" At SummerSlam, however, Kanyon said that Austin had proved that he was the best, and he presented Austin with a "Who betta than Austin?" t-shirt.
    • Heyman then introduced Mrs. Rattlesnake, Debra. Debra said that she knew that Austin was tired from his match with Angle, so she had stayed up all night baking her famous cookies for the Rattlesnake.
    • Heyman then said that the Alliance wanted to present a video tribute to the Rattlesnake, which they began to play in the Arco Arena.
    • The video highlighted every offensive maneuver that the Stone Cold had inflicted on Federation Superstars since joining Team WCW/ECW.
    • Heyman then introduced the woman that had paid for the tribute, Mrs. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.
    • Steph told all the Alliance members to come into the ring to pay their respects to Stone Cold. The Billion Dollar Princess told Lilian Garcia to enter the ring and since their version of "Wind Beneath My Wings," which was appropriately titled "Wind Beneath Our Ring."
    • Garcia began to sing, but Steph cut her off, asking her where her heart was?
    • Steph said that she would take over and lead the crowd in song.
    • Stephanie then proceeded to screech out the lyrics to the song, before Chavo, Terri and the rest of the Alliance chimed in to help.
    • After the conclusion of the song, Austin said that that moment was one of the greatest and proudest moments of his life.
    • He said that he beat Kurt Angle's ass for each and every member of Team WCW/ECW.
    • He then saw that Tazz was not wearing a WCW, ECW or Stone Cold t-shirt - he was wearing an orange Tazz t-shirt.
    • He was telling the man from Red Hook to take off the shirt, when Kurt Angle's music hit the arena.
    • As Austin turned toward the ramp, he saw Kurt Angle driving a giant milk truck to the ring!
    • Angle started hurling milk cartons into the ring.
    • He then picked up a hose and began to spray milk all over the Alliance members in the ring!
    • With the alliance soaked in Milk, Angle climbed to the top of the Milk Truck and guzzled several cartons of milk.
    • This was exactly what Stone Cold had done years before to Vince McMahon, except it was a Beer Truck, Beer hose, and Beer sprayed at Vince McMahon and the corporation.

  21. RAW goes off the air...
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