September 3, 2001
Air Canada Centre
Toronto, Canada
Announcers: Jim Ross/Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: Undertaker vs Test.
    • The Dead Man was answering a challenge laid down earlier in the day by Alliance member Test.
    • The two behemoths started pounding on each other from the get-go, and eventually, Test was able to take the Taker down to the mat.
    • Undertaker was able to gain his footing, however, and took Test into the corner.
    • Test fended Taker off again, and took him to the mat once again.
    • As Test went to finish off the Dead Man, Taker reversed the move into a submission hold.
    • Test was able to break free after grabbing the ropes, but Taker continued to build his offensive momentum.
    • Taker then went to hit his Last Ride when Steven Richards superkicked Taker from behind!
    • Steven exited the ring as Test nailed Taker with a big boot to the face!

  2. TAPED FOOTAGE: Christian.
    • Christian told an arena guard that he would beat The Rock later, when two people came up to him saying it was so cool to see Edge's brother.
    • After the couple told Christian they were going to be in the front row, he told the guard to get them out of the front row so his real fans could see him win later.

  3. BACKSTAGE: Michael Cole & Steven Richards.
    • Steven Richards made a hasty exit as Michael Cole asked him what was going on.
    • Steven said that Taker was responsible for the dismantling of the Right to Censor, so Steven was challenging Taker to a match on SmackDown!

  4. COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE: Regal/Tajiri & Big Show.
    • In William Regal's office, the commissioner warned Tajiri to watch out for Torrie Wilson.
    • Regal also told Tajiri that if he found a partner, he could face the Dudley Boyz in a No. 1 contender match for the Federation Tag Team Championships!
    • Then the Big Show walked in and volunteered his services!

  5. BACKSTAGE: Stone Cold/Debra & The Alliance.
    • As Stone Cold and Debra arrived in the arena, the rest of the Alliance waited and surprised the Rattlesnake!
    • Stephanie told Austin that he was inspiring, and that it was great to see what Austin did to Kurt Angle's gold medals.
    • Austin said that he threw Angle's medals in the river for the whole Alliance.
    • Austin asked if anyone had seen Angle lately, and Stephanie said no.
    • She also added that the Alliance had a huge surprise planned for Stone Cold later in the night!

  6. NO 1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Tajiri/Big Show vs The Dudleyz
    • The Japanese Buzzsaw took it to both Dudleys at the beginning of the match, but after a double team, Tajiri found himself the victim of a Dudley beating.
    • As that went on, Torrie Wilson came to ringside with a very concerned look on her face.
    • When Tajiri was able to make the tag, Big Show entered the ring and nearly decimated the Dudleys.
    • Tajiri made a blind tag and went to hit Bubba with the Green Mist, but he accidentally hit the Show!
    • When he rolled out of the ring, he knocked Torrie over and out!
    • In the ring, the Dudleys won after hitting Tajiri with a 3D!
    • When the match ended, Big Show carried Torrie to the back for medical attention, and the Dudleys got out a table!
    • Bubba nailed Tajiri through the table with a powerbomb, but the Dudleys were chased out of the ring when the Big Show ran back down to assist Tajiri!

  7. LOCKER ROOM: Christian, Shane McMahon & Booker T.
    • Christian polished the King of the Ring trophy when Shane McMahon and Booker T entered.
    • Shane told Christian that he had a proposition - Shane and Booker would go to ringside with Christian to make sure everything was fair, and after Christian won, he would offer Booker T the first title shot on SmackDown!
    • Christian eagerly agreed.

  8. LOCKER ROOM: Stone Cold/Debra & Stephanie.
    • Stephanie entered the room and Austin nearly jumped out of his skin!
    • Austin told Steph that she needed to knock, because she scared Debra half to death.
    • Stpehanie aplogized, and told Austin that his surprise was getting nearer.
    • Austin told Stephanie that Debra was asking if Angle was anywhere nearby, and Stephanie told everyone not to worry, because Angle wouldn't show his face.
    • As Austin went to drink a beer, he cracked it open and nearly jumped out of his skin again!

  9. MATCH: Shawn Stasiak w/ Stacy vs Spike Dudley w/ Molly.
    • Stasiak used his size advantage over Spike as Keibler cheered on from ringside.
    • When Spike went to nail Shawn, Stacy grabbed his ankle, causing him to fall.
    • Spike go t back up though, and pinned Stasiak after nailing him with a Dudley Dog!
    • After the match, Stacy started pushing Spike around!
    • So Molly got in the ring and started pounding on Stacy!

  10. BACKSTAGE: Christian & Edge.
    • As Christian prepared for his match against The Rock, Edge entered the room and told Christian that it would be totally cool if Christian won the WCW Title.
    • Christian agreed and said that he didn't want Edge to come to ringside, because he wanted to win the title on his own.
    • Christian then told Edge that he realized how wrong he was to keep holding the King of the Ring trophy, and gave it to his brother.
    • Christian added that after he won the WCW Title, which is more prestigious than the Intercontinental Title, he and Edge would still be brothers, no matter what!

  11. IN THE BACK: Perry Saturn & Hurricane Helms.
    • Perry Saturn told Hurricane Helms that he needed help finding Moppy's kidnapper.
    • The Hurricane examined the ransom note and deduced that Matt Hardy had something to do with Moppy's disappearance.
    • Helms said that his "Hurri-sense" was telling him that Matt Hardy was not what he seemed.

  12. IN THE RING: Booker T.
    • Booker T made his way to the ring and grabbed a microphone to be the guest ring announcer for the WCW Championship match.
    • The Book the introduced the special guest timekeeper - WCW Owner Shane McMahon.

  13. WCW TITLE MATCH: The Rock vs Christian.
    • Booker then introduced the challenger, Toronto's own Christian.
    • Finally, Booker introduced the WCW Champion, The Rock!
    • Before the match began, Booker T and Shane both hit Rock with some cheap shots.
    • Christian got Rock back in the ring, and the match was underway.
    • As the match went on, The Rock was continually a victim of outside interference by Booker and Shane.
    • The Rock kept coming back, doing his best to overcome the beating he was taking from three men.
    • Booker T slid the WCW Title belt into the ring, and when Christian went to hit Rock with it, the champion ducked it and started pounding on Christian.
    • The Rock locked Christian in a sharp shooter when Shane interfered once again.
    • Christian made a cover, but The Rock was shockingly able to kick out at two.
    • The Rock got up and hit Christian with a Rock Bottom and made the pin to retain the WCW Championship!
    • When the match ended, The Rock called Booker T into the ring, and when Rock started pounding on him, Shane came in and hit him from behind!
    • Then, the APA entered the ring and ran off both Booker and Shane!

  14. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie & Debra.
    • Outside Stone Cold's locker room, Stephanie and Debra got ready to go pick up Austin's surprise.
    • When they found out it was ready, Debra stuck her head in the door and told Austin not to come out until they told him to.

  15. IN THE RING: Stephanie McMahon.
    • Stephanie then made her way out to the ring.
    • The Princess told the Canadian crowd that they were backwards - for example, Canadians shouldn't celebrate Labour Day, because Canada is the laziest country in the world!
    • Steph said that no worked harder than Americans, and the hardest working one is Stone Cold Steve Austin!
    • Then, the most paranoid SOB in sports-entertainment walked out to the ring.
    • Stephanie then showed Stone Cold his surprise - a brand new pickup truck!
    • In the parking area, Debra showed off the features of Austin's new truck and then asked Stone Cold to come back to take her in a ride in it!
    • Austin and Stephanie hurried their way to the back.
    • When they got there, Austin said that he loved his new truck!
    • As he admired it, Kurt Angle jumped out of a production truck and hit Austin from behind!
    • He threw a cinder block with a chain attatched to it in the truck and took off with Austin knocked out in the back!

  16. INTERGENDER TAG TEAM MATCH: Matt Hardy/Lita vs Ivory/Helms.
    • When Matt went to hit the Hurricane with a legdrop, Perry Saturn ran to ringside and grabbed him!
    • That allowed the Hurricane to make the pin on Matt!
    • After the match ended, Saturn attacked Helms, and demanded to know where Moppy was!

  17. BACKSTAGE: Edge & Christian - Lance Storm.
    • Edge tried to console his brother when Lance Storm came up and said that both of them were pathetic.
    • Edge told Storm that he was pathetic, and he wouldn't have to worry about any shenanigans later, because Edge would straight-up beat his ass!
    • Christian just sat by and stared at the ceiling.

    • Stephanie called the "Canadian Police" and described Austin's truck when suddenly, footage appeared on the television of Kurt Angle and Stone Cold.
    • Angle parked the car and started speaking to Austin, who was blindfolded and chained up.
    • Angle took off the blindfold and showed Austin where they were - a river in Toronto.
    • As Austin said he was sorry, Angle kept asking him "What?" Angle threatened to throw Austin over the bridge, and Stone Cold kept saying he was sorry, and Angle said he didn't want to do it.
    • Austin said thank you, and Angle continued saying he didn't want to do it - but only because the bridge wasn't nearly high enough!
    • Back at the arena, Stephanie demanded that the members of the Alliance get moving so someone could help Stone Cold!

  19. IC TITLE MATCH: Edge vs Lance Storm.
    • Edge retained his championship after a physical bout.
    • After the match, Storm went to assault Edge with a steel chair when Christian ran down to the ring with a chair of his own, running off Storm.
    • The two brothers embraced, and then Christian gave Edge his King of the Ring trophy.
    • As Edge stood there, Christian wound up and smacked Edge over the head with his chair!
    • Then Christian screamed at Edge and threw the trophy at him!
    • As Edge lie in pain, Christian kept pounding on his brother with the chair!

  20. THE MAIN EVENT: Rhyno/RVD vs Jeff Hardy/Chris Jericho.
    • Early in the match, Jericho tagged in Jeff Hardy, who was immediately pounded on by RVD.
    • But, even with his sore ribs, Jeff made it to the top rope and hit RVD with a Swanton Bomb!
    • Even though he had took down Van Dam, Hardy hurt himself in the process.
    • Finally, Jeff was able to tag in Jericho, who took out Rhyno but then was attacked by RVD!
    • Jericho reversed on of Van Dam's holds, however, and pinned Van Dam for the win!

  21. SOMEWHERE IN TORONTO: Kurt Angle & Stone Cold.
    • At a different, higher, bridge in Toronto, Kurt Angle led Stone Cold to the edge.
    • Stone Cold said that he was sorry for throwing his medals in the Detroit River, and that he would go back and get them.
    • Angle said it was too late for that.
    • Kurt said he wanted Austin to beg, and then he put the blindfold back on Austin!
    • Angle said if he didn't beg and cry, Angle would throw Austin over the edge faster than Austin threw his medals over the edge last week!

  22. IN THE RING: Debra & Kurt Angle.
    • Debra pleaded with Kurt Angle not to hurt her husband.
    • She cried and sobbed and said that Austin may be a bad guy, but he was the love of her life.
    • She begged Kurt not to hurt her husband.

  23. BACK AT THE BRIDGE: Kurt Angle & Stone Cold.
    • Angle demanded for Austin to beg.
    • Austin said he was sorry, and Angle kept asking him "What?" Austin said he was so sorry.
    • Angle called him pathetic for begging him, and then told him to cry.
    • Austin said he couldn't cry.
    • Angle told him to cry, and Austin started crying.
    • Angle called him pathetic and a joke!
    • Austin said he was sorry and that he was such a jackass for throwing his medals into the river.
    • Angle said there was one thing he wanted more than his medals - a match for the WWF Championship!
    • Austin said it was Angle's match to name, and Angle said he wanted it at Unforgiven in Angle's hometown of Pittsburgh, PA!
    • Austin agreed.
    • Then Angle said that Austin was still going in the water, and pushed him backwards into a wading pool Angle had set on the side of the road!

  24. RAW goes off the air...
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