September 10, 2001

San Antonio, Texas
Announcers: Jim Ross/Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: Steve Austin & Alliance.
    • Stone Cold opened things up by leading the entire Alliance down to ringside.
    • Alliance Superstars gathered around the ring as Stone Cold addressed the crowd from between the ropes.
    • The Rattlesnake said that despite losing to fellow Alliance Superstar Rob Van Dam last week, and despite being humiliated by Kurt Angle, Stone Cold was still the Federation Champion and he was not ashamed.
    • However, he was ashamed of everyone in the arena and watching on television because they will be cheering for Kurt Angle at Unforgiven.
    • Austin said he was ashamed of people taking credit for something they do not deserve.
    • He called Rob Van Dam into the ring.
    • Austin asked RVD who he thinks he is.
    • "I'm Rob Van Dam," came the reply.
    • Stone Cold said he didn't like the Federation Hardcore Champion.
    • "I don't like you either," RVD responded to the Rattlesnake, who stood inches away.
    • Van Dam dropped his championship belt and both men looked ready to rumble.
    • But Austin suddenly grabbed Van Dam in a giant hug!
    • Austin said he liked RVD because he had so much confidence; Confidence that he gathered to Austin.
    • Austin said RVD was so confident, that Mr. Monday Night would challenge Kurt Angle to a match that night!
    • Van Dam said it would be an honor to challenge the Olympic Hero.
    • Austin called Test into the ring.
    • Test said that he had confidence about taking on WCW Champion The Rock that night!
    • Test said he knew Booker T and Shane McMahon were booked for a Championship Match at Unforgiven.
    • That's fine, Test said.
    • The Rock can keep his belt tonight.
    • Test just wants to beat The Rock's ass!
    • Stone Cold asked if any other Alliance members had confidence, and into the ring came WCW United States Champion Kanyon.
    • Kanyon challenged any Federation Superstar to come and try to take away the United States Champion.
    • Kanyon said he was throwing out an open challenge just like Angle attempted to throw Austin over the bridge last week.
    • Another query for a confident superstar brought Tazz into the ring.
    • Tazz said there was a good possibility that Angle would kick Austin's ass and take the Federation Championship at Unforgiven.
    • Austin responded by hitting Tazz with a Stunner, which prompted RVD, Test and Kanyon to stomp into Tazz!
    • Austin got into Tazz's face and said he would beat down Angle at Unforgiven.
    • He then ordered Test to deliver a Big Boot to the beaten Tazz and also demanded a Five Star Frog Splash from RVD!

  2. MATCH: Christian vs Billy Gunn.
    • Christian dodged Gunn's finishing move and then used the ropes for leverage to pin Gunn!
    • After the pinfall, Gunn knocked Christian out of the ring and continued to beat on him.
    • But Christian recovered and smacked Gunn in the face with a steel chair!
    • Christian grabbed another chair and hit his fallen opponent with a one man con-chair-to!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Test & Stephanie McMahon.
    • Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and Test winced while watching the action on TV backstage.
    • Test said he was going to destroy The Rock just like that tonight, but he'd leave the title to be won by Booker T and Shane.
    • He also said that breaking up with Stephanie was the best thing that ever happened to him because it toughened him up.
    • Stephanie said that tonight, Test should take on The Rock in a handicap match, but let the WCW Champion choose who Test's partner will be.
    • Test said it was ideas like that one that made Stephanie the most dominant female in sports entertainment.

  4. BACKSTAGE: Lance Storm & Hurricane Helms.
    • Lance Storm praised The Hurricane for doing such a good job of mocking the Federation's humor by pretending to be a superhero.
    • Hurricane thanked him, but said his Hurri-sense was confused because he was not pretending to be a superhero.
    • Hurricane said he was off to find the psychic Ivory for the trio's match against the Hardys and Lita.
    • As Hurricane dashed off, Storm was left shaking his head.

  5. 6-PERSON-TAG: Hardyz/Lita vs Storm/Hurricane/Ivory.
    • Matt and Jeff Hardy along with Lita arrived at the ring for the intergender tag match.
    • The Alliance came out and assumed command of the tempo.
    • As Storm softened Matt Hardy in the ring, Hurricane donned his cape, climbed to the top rope and launched a flying crossbody at his opponent.
    • But Matt rebounded and tried to went to hit a leg drop until Storm kicked him in the head.
    • Jeff rebounded by sailing over the top rope and taking out Storm.
    • Lita and Ivory continued the battle in the ring, with Lita almost getting the pin.
    • Storm broke things up and tried to give Lita a superplex, only to have it broken up by Jeff Hardy.
    • Hurricane interrupted, but Matt took control and set up Lita for a moonsault that gave Team Xtreme the win!

  6. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & The Rock.
    • Michael Cole knocked on The Rock's dressing room looking for an interview.
    • Cole made a mistake by barging in on The Rock, who was in the shower.
    • The Rock stormed out, and asked what in the blue hell was wrong with him.
    • The Rock chastised Cole for rudely barging in on him then accused Cole of staring at The People's Strudel!

  7. APA DRESSING ROOM: APA & Chris Jericho.
    • Bradshaw and Farooq were busy in a card game when Chris Jericho came in and asked if they were ready for their match with the Dudleys and Rhyno.
    • The APA assured Y2J that they were.
    • Jericho said the APA had a lot in common with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: The APA gives protection and Stephanie doesn't use protection!

  8. COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE: Regal & Tajiri/Torrie.
    • Commissioner Regal told Tajiri - standing with his girlfriend Torrie - that the Japanese Buzzsaw would have a match that evening against Kanyon.
    • Tajiri celebrated enthusiastically with Torrie at hearing the news.
    • The Commissioner told Tajiri to keep his mind on winning the U.S. Title and not on the lovely Torrie.

  9. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & The Rock.
    • Michael Cole got his interview with The Rock, asking who would be Test's partner.
    • First, The Rock said he had two words for Cole: eye contact.
    • The Rock said tonight provided practice for his handicap match at Unforgiven.
    • The Rock said the person needed to be fast, easy to manipulate, and - because that person had to line up with Test - needed to have no testicles.
    • That person would have to be Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley!
    • The Rock said he couldn't wait to face the former lovers.
    • He could practically hear the wedding theme.
    • "Here comes a Test," The Rock sang. "With the woman with enormous breasts."

  10. MATCH: Dudleyz/Rhyno vs APA/Jericho.
    • A Clothesline from Hell followed by Jericho's Lionsault gave the Federation team a win after an intense, seesaw match.

  11. LOCKER ROOM: Stephanie & Test.
    • Stephanie stormed in and asked test if he heard what The Rock said.
    • Test said he didn't need Stephanie's help and that he would take on The Rock himself.
    • Stephanie insisted on her involvement and said she would kick The Rock's ass!
    • She ran off to prepare while Test continued to protest.

  12. BAcKSTAGE: Booker T & Undertaker.
    • Booker T and the Undertaker were shown preparing for their confrontation, which would take place shortly.

  13. BACKSTAGE: Austin/Debra & Rob Van Dam.
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra relaxed in their locker room when RVD came in.
    • RVD asked Austin if he should put the Hardcore Championship on the line.
    • RVD said he preferred the hardcore style.
    • Austin said if he were Hardcore Champion, he'd put the title on the line, so RVD should too.
    • Austin said when he looks at Van Dam, he sees RVD being the next Stone Cold within five to 10 years.
    • Van Dam thanked him. "But I'm just fine being RVD."

  14. MATCH: The Undertaker vs Booker T.
    • The action soon spread outside the ring with Booker T grabbing a steel chair and trying to bask it into the Undertaker's skull.
    • Fortunately for the Dead Man, referee Earl Hebner disarmed Booker T.
    • Taker took over the pace when the men returned to the ring.
    • Booker T went for a Scissors Kick, but Taker blocked it and went for a chokeslam when Stevie Richards raced in!
    • Taker knocked Richards down, but was caught from behind with a Booker T Scissors Kick!
    • Booker took the pin.
    • After the match, Taker grabbed Steven Richards and set to deliver a Last Ride when Kronik broke things up!
    • Brian Adams and Bryan Clark assualted the Undertaker until Steven Richards ordered the two to slam he Dead Man through the announce table.
    • Taker fought back, but three on one was too much for him to handle.
    • Kronic sent Undertaker smashing through the table!

  15. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie.
    • Stephanie talked with Shane via cell phone from outside the arena.
    • Stephanie argued with Shane that she was good enough to take on The Rock that night.
    • Sick of fighting with her brother, Stephanie hung up and headed back inside.

  16. US TITLE MATCH: Kanyon vs Tajiri.
    • A brutal match as both men suffered crushing hits.
    • Kanyon found himself locked in the tarantula, but fought out of it and went for his championship belt.
    • Torrie stepped in and made sure Kanyon wouldn't use the title to his advantage.
    • Shortly after, Tajiri spewed green mist at Kanyon and took the pin!
    • The new WCW United States Champion celebrated with Torrie in the ring.

  17. BACKSTAGE: RVD & Stone Cold.
    • RVD and Stone Cold stood face to face.
    • Austin ordered Van Dam to beat the hell out of Angle for himself, for Stone Cold, for the entire Alliance.
    • "Go out there and show me what you got," the red-faced Rattlsnake yelled.
    • Van Dam cooly asked why Austin was so excited, saying it couldn't be healthy.
    • RVD said he would go out and do what Austin couldn't do at SummerSlam: beat Kurt Angle with a 1-2-3. "Because I'm RV-"
    • "I know who you are!" Austin angrily cut in.
    • He told Van Dam to go out and get it done.

  18. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: RVD vs Kurt Angle.
    • Early on, Angle latched his ankle lock on RVD, but Van Dam made his way to the ropes.
    • The match spilled outside the ring where Van Dam executed a stunning backflip body press off the steps.
    • After recovering, Angle put RVD in the ankle lock only to be hit on the head by a steel chair from Van Dam.
    • Inside the ring once again, Angle slammed Van Dam hard onto a steel chair.
    • The carnage continued as both men savagely beat on each other.
    • A dazed RVD staggered to the entrance ramp where Angle took control.
    • At the top of the entrance ramp, Van Dam went for a spinning kick, but Angle caught the move and put on the ankle lock to force RVD to tap out!
    • No sooner had a new Hardcore Champion been crowned that Steve Austin raced out and pushed Angle off the platform to the hard floor several feet below!
    • Austin went over and helped Van Dam up, but threw Van Dam off the platform and onto Angle!
    • Austin ordered the referee to count the pinfall to allow Van Dam to retake the title!
    • A sinister smile curled Austin's lip as he strolled backstage.
    • Paramedics strapped Kurt Angle onto a stretcher and moved him out of the arena.
    • Paul Heyman argued that Angle would have pushed Stone Cold off the platform too, a theory that JR vehemently disagreed with.

  19. MAIN EVENT HANDICAP MATCH: Test/Stephanie vs The Rock.
    • The main event of the evening began with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley personally introducing, "The man who will help me kick The Rock's ass ... Test!"
    • Stephanie sat down next to Paul Heyman and donned a headset as The Rock emerged from beneath the TitanTron.
    • Test got the early jump on The Great One and assumed control.
    • The Rock battled back with a Samoan Drop and then hurled Test over the top rope.
    • Once Test disabled Rocky outside the ring, Stephanie literally stepped in.
    • She landed a series of kicks to The Rock's body before Test brought the WCW Champion back in the ring.
    • Rock managed to kick out of Test's cover after taking a sidewalk slam.
    • The San Antonio crowd began chanting The Rock's name while Test pummled The Rock.
    • A sudden DDT from The Rock sent both men to the mat and evened things up.
    • The Rock then took over, landing a series of shots to Test in the corner.
    • Test fell victim to a spinebuster and Rocky readied a People's Elbow.
    • Stephanie averted the most electrifying move in sports entertainment by grabbing Rock's ankle when he neared the rope.
    • Test took advantage and landed a Big Boot to Rock's face when The Great One turned around!
    • Stephanie then tried to cover The Rock but he kicked out!
    • Rock threw Test out of the ring and went for a Rock Bottom on Stephanie, but Test caught Rock from begind.
    • Booker T began walking to ringside, and managed to catch Stephanie just as Rock - thrown by Test - crashed into Stephanie.
    • Test turned back to The Rock and found himself dropped by a Rock Bottom which allowed the WCW Champion to hold his title.

  20. BACKSTAGE: Michael Cole & Steve Austin.
    • Michael Cole caught up with Stone Cold Steve Austin and said Angle's neck appeared to be severely injured.
    • Cole asked what Stone Cold said about the possibility that Austin might not have an opponent for Unforgiven.
    • Stone Cold let out an evil laugh then grabbed Cole, stuffed the microphone in his face, and mocked the question.
    • Stone Cold said he didn't care about Kurt Angle, then released Cole with a shove as RAW left the air.

  21. RAW goes off the air...
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