September 17, 2001

Nashville, Tennessee
Announcers: Jim Ross/Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF - WWF TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Kane/Taker vs Dudleyz.
    • The Big Red Machine entered the match with his left elbow heavily taped, but still went right after D-Von Dudley.
    • When Taker was tagged into the match, he took down Bubba Dudley, but D-Von re-entered the ring and helped his brother take out the Undertaker.
    • Taker battled back, and tagged his brother Kane into the match, but the Dudleys once again double-teamed the Big Red Machine.
    • As D-Von kept Kane busy in the ring, Bubba went after a table, and set it up outside the ring.
    • After getting back into the ring against the Brothers of Destruction, both Dudleys found out exactly why Taker and Kane have earned that name, as the two destroyed D-Von and Bubba.
    • Kane took Bubba outside the ring and went to chokeslam him through the table, but Kronik and Steven Richards ran to the ring and threw Kane through the table!
    • With Kane eliminated, Bubba and D-Von hit Taker with a 3D, and pinned Undertaker to win the WWF Tag Team Championship!

  2. PARKING LOT: Shane McMahon & Richards/Kronic.
    • Shane McMahon pulled in in his "WCW1" limo and was greeted by Steven Richards and Kronik.
    • After Steven introduced himself, he offered his and Kronik's services to the Alliance!
    • Shane said they were welcome to join him - and then Shane said that since he was able to book matches for WCW Championships, he would put Undertaker and Kane - the current WCW Tag Team Champions - in a match against Kronik at Unforgiven!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Lance Storm.
    • As Lance Storm leafed through the new Extreme Magazine, the Hurricane entered the room and asked Storm if he knew of someone who could be the Hurricane's new sidekick.
    • After Storm suggested Ivory, the Hurricane said that his Hurri-sense was telling him the right person for the job.
    • The Hurricane then wooshed away from the scene.

  4. BACKSTAGE: Steve Austin/Debra & RVD.
    • As Stone Cold Steve Austin arrived at the arena, he was greeted by Rob Van Dam, who was waiting for him in his dressing room.
    • RVD had a question for Austin - why did he throw him off the stage last Monday on RAW?
    • Austin said he did that to help him win his Hardcore Championship back from Kurt Angle.
    • RVD said that was fine, as long as he and Austin were cool.
    • RVD then told Stone Cold that a lot of the Alliance members were asking him for advice in the absence of Stone Cold.
    • Austin grew hostile and asked RVD to tell him who was asking advice, but Van Dam wouldn't tell!

  5. MATCH: Jeff Hardy vs Lance Storm.
    • After some brutal and high-flying action, Jeff Hardy kept going for the pin, but Storm kicked out each time!
    • Ivory then distracted Jeff, and Storm went to make a pin, but Jeff kicked out!
    • Ivory once again went to distract Jeff, but Lita went after her!
    • Jeff went to hit Storm with a Swanton Bomb, but Lance got his knees up!
    • Storm then locked Jeff into his Half-Boston Crab hold, forcing Jeff to tap out!

  6. LOCKER ROOM: Shane & Stephanie..... Tazz.
    • Shane asked Stephanie what she was thinking when she teamed with Test to take on The Rock last week!
    • Stephanie said she had a plan, but it went wrong.
    • Shane then asked her if she was crazy for doing the same thing once again this week!
    • Stephanie said she had a plan, and this time, it was going to be successful.
    • Steph told Shane that he wasn't her boss, but before she could continue, they were interrupted by Tazz, who said he needed to let some frustration out!
    • Shane said he could in his match later.
    • As Tazz left the room, Shane smirked as he said that the mood was about to change.

  7. MATCH: Perry Saturn vs Shawn Stasiak w/ Stacy Keibler.
    • Stasiak took Saturn down to the mat, but Perry kicked out, which prompted Stacy to get up on the ring apron.
    • As the referee was distracted, Stasiak was unable to take advantage.
    • Once Stasiak got back in the action, he went to hit Saturn, but instead flubbed the move and hit himself in the face!
    • Saturn took advantage and made the pin!
    • After the match, Raven and Terri appeared on the TitanTron and told Saturn that they knew where Moppy was - then they revealed that she was strapped to a wood chipper!
    • Raven turned the chipper on and Moppy became mulch!

  8. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie & RVD.
    • Stephanie paced in anger over what her brother had said when Rob Van Dam walked up and asked her if there was anything he could do that would make her feel better.
    • Stephanie said that he could pin Chris Jericho later.
    • RVD asked if that was it, and she said that he could also put the Hardcore title on the line against Jericho at Unforgiven!
    • RVD said it would be no problem!

  9. BACKSTAGE: Molly - Hurricane - Spike.
    • As Molly got dressed in her locker room, the Hurricane entered and asked if Molly wanted to be his new sidekick.
    • When Spike entered the room, he asked what was going on.
    • The Hurricane wondered what was up with Spike's hostility, and then told Molly to think about his proposal before he once again whooshed out of the room.

  10. BACKSTAGE: Shane/Booker & Tazz.
    • Tazz walked into a locker room and interrupted Shane McMahon and Booker T, wondering who his opponent would be.
    • Shane said that Tazz would be facing Shane and Booker in a handicap match!
    • That would enable Booker and Shane to warm up for Unforgiven, and it would allow Tazz to get out his frustrations with the Alliance!

  11. HANDICAP MATCH: Booker/Shane vs Tazz.
    • Shane and Booker used their man advantage on Tazz from the outset, but Tazz was able to fight off Shane.
    • When Shane "The Money" McMahon made the tag to the Book, the match spilled outside the ring.
    • There, as Booker distracted the ref, the Money started pounding on Tazz.
    • After tossing Tazz back into the ring, Shane was tagged in, where he put Tazz on his back.
    • The Red Hook native got back up and took down Shane, and then flattened Booker T!
    • Tazz locked Booker into the Tazzmission, but Shane took out Tazz with a low blow.
    • After Booker did the Spinarooni, Shane hit a flying elbow and made the pin on Tazz!

  12. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman & Christian.
    • The Coach asked Christian where Edge was.
    • Christian replied by saying that he was impressed with how many people came to see his entrance video in person!
    • Christian then said that Edge was probably spending all the time he could with the Intercontinental Championship, because he would be losing it at Unforgiven!

  13. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Hurricane Helms vs Spike Dudley w/Molly.
    • During the match, The Hurricane asked Molly to put on his cape, but she refused.
    • She threw it back in the ring, and Hurricane went after it.
    • Molly climbed the ropes, waiting to nail The Hurricane.
    • When he turned around, Molly flew at him, but she hit Spike instead!
    • The Hurricane made the pin, and after the match, Molly tried to console Spike.

  14. BACKSTAGE: Torrie Wilson & Shane McMahon.
    • As Torrie Wilson walked through the backstage area, Shane McMahon walked up to her and told her that when the Alliance was ready to pull the plug on Tajiri, she would be ready.
    • Torrie agreed, but looked worried after Shane walked away.

  15. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt Angle told Michael Cole that he would become WWF Champion at Unforgiven.
    • As he spoke, Ron Van Dam walked up.
    • Angle asked if he could help him, and RVD said he was just listening, like last week, he was listening when the fans were chanting three letters - RVD!
    • Angle said that later on RAW, and at Unforgiven, the fans would be chanting three different letters - U.S.A.!

  16. US TITLE MATCH: Tajiri /w Torrie vs Christian.
    • The Japanese Buzzsaw was accompanied to the ring by Torrie Wilson, who kissed Tajiri before he entered the ring.
    • Christian took advantage of that kiss and began the match as quickly as he could.
    • As Tajiri tried to build up some offensive momentum, Christian kept fighting back.
    • After Tajiri locked on the Tarantula, Christian took the match outside the ring.
    • Christian went for a steel chair, and scared Torrie away from the ring.
    • Tajiri went to hit Christian with the Green Mist, but he spit it in the eyes of the official!
    • Christian dragged Tajiri back into the ring and went to hit him with the One-Man Con-Chairto, when Edge entered the ring!
    • Christian ran to the back as Edge was held back in the ring by officials.
    • As Tajiri was being helped to the back by Torrie, Rhyno Gored him!
    • In the back, Shane told him that because of what Rhyno did, he would get a match against Tajiri for the WCW U.S. Championship at Unforgiven!

  17. HANDICAP MATCH: Stephanie/Test vs The Rock.
    • The action began with Test and Rock in the ring, but Rocky quickly exited the ring and knocked Stephanie off the ring apron.
    • The Rock re-entered the ring, where Test was waiting for him.
    • The Rock fought his way back and began laying the smack down on Test.
    • After Rock nailed Test with a DDT, Rock went for a pin, but Test kicked out.
    • Then, Test tagged in his partner Stephanie!
    • Rock went to hit Steph with a Rock Bottom, but Test made the save!
    • Stephanie quickly tagged Test, who was hit by a Rock Bottom!
    • When Rock went for the pin, the referee, Nick Patrick, was in the corner talking to Stephanie!
    • So Rock got up and hit Patrick with a Rock Bottom!
    • With Test and the referee down, Rock dragged Stephanie into the ring.
    • As Rock went after her, Shane Mcmahon and Booker T entered the ring and took down The Rock!
    • As Test and Shane held up Rock, Booker flattened him!
    • Shane hit Rock with a flying elbow and then did the Mac-arooni - his version of the Spinarooni!
    • Booker hit Rock with a Book End, and then Stephanie covered Rock to win the match for herself and Test!

    • RVD walked to Stone Cold Steve Austin's locker room and went to open the door, but it was locked!
    • RVD knocked on the door, but Austin wouldn't let him in.
    • Instead he hollered through the door and told Van Dam to meet him out in the ring.

  19. THE MAIN EVENT: Jericho/Angle vs Austin/RVD.
    • Y2J began the match immediately, going after RVD as the crowd chanted U.S.A.
    • When the match entered the ring, it was Jericho against Austin.
    • Soon, Van Dam entered the frey and started pounding on Jericho, but Jericho reversed a hold and took down RVD, enabling him to tag in Angle.
    • Soon, the battle spilled outside the ring, where RVD and Jericho began brawling, in a preview of their match at Unforgiven.
    • Meanwhile, Austin and Angle just stood in separate corners.
    • Eventually, Austin and Angle were tagged in, where Jericho and Angle double-teamed Austin!
    • RVD went to help Austin, but accidentally hit the Rattlesnake!
    • After the referee was knocked out, Angle locked Austin in the Ankle Lock!
    • RVD made the save to help Austin!
    • As Jericho locked Van Dam in the Walls of Jericho, Austin got the ring bell and nailed Jericho with it.
    • As the crowed chanted for the U.S.A., Angle made his way to his feet and nailed Austin with the Angle Slam!
    • He covered Austin and made the pin for the win!
    • Austin cradled his WWF Championship and stared at Angle as RAW went off the air!

  20. RAW goes off the air...
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