September 24, 2001

Columbus, OH
Announcers: Jim Ross/Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: Parking lot.
    • Jim Ross states that everyone was awaiting the arrival of the "former" World Wrestling Federation Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin!

  2. 6-MAN TAG: Taker/Kane/Bradshaw vs Dudleyz/Test.
    • Bradshaw wasted no time by attacking Test before he could get into the ring.
    • Once Test recovered, he tagged in D-Von Dudley, who was met with a fall away slam.
    • Kane then proceeded to take apart the Alliance trio until a Test boot to the face nearly ended the match.
    • The Dudleys and Test worked over the Big Red Machine for the next five minutes until Kane caught Test in a powerslam and tagged in the Undertaker.
    • A short time later, Bradshaw took out Bubba Ray Dudley with his Clothesline from Hell, which left D-Von prey for Taker's Last Ride and a win for the Federation trio!
    • WINNERS: Taker/Kane/Bradshaw.

  3. BACKSTAGE: Torrie & Stacy.
    • Torrie Wilson was applying makeup when she heard a knock on a door.
    • She thought it was Tajiri, but instead it was Stacy Keibler.
    • Stacy asked her friend she was involved with Tajiri, who was not a member of the Alliance.
    • Torrie told Stacy it was nobody's business why she was involved with Tajiri, and that at least she had a man!
    • Stacy -- who said she likes her men tall, dark and handsome -- insisted she can snap her fingers and have any man she wanted, and offered to find a man to fight Tajiri.
    • Torrie gladly accepted, saying they don't call her man the Japanese Buzzsaw for nothing!

  4. PARKING LOT: Christain.
    • A live shot of the parking lot showed a limo pulling in.
    • Paul Heyman was expecting Steve Austin, but instead, Christian, the new Intercontinental Champion, walked out.
    • Christian instructed a parking attendant to protect him from his hordes of fans by walking him to the building, and then come back to the limo and get his bags.

  5. ALLIANCE LOCKER ROOM: Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon & The Alliance.
    • Shane McMahon addressed the Alliance troops to tell him they could not have a night like Unforgiven, and that they should give Stone Cold a standing ovation when he arrives.
    • Shane said that Austin did not lose the Federation Championship, and had tape to prove it.
    • He insisted that Austin did not tap out, but instead reached under the bottom rope, therefore, the match should have continued.
    • Shane also said that two other people were screwed by Earl Hebner -- he and Booker T -- so tonight was going to be all about revenge.
    • Then an excited Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley entered and asked if everyone was excited about her birthday.
    • She disagreed with her brother and said tonight was not about revenge, but about leadership by example.
    • The Billion Dollar Princess proclaimed that one man from the Alliance stood out as a leader at Unforgiven -- Rob Van Dam -- much to the dismay of Booker T.
    • Steph said that she was going to give herself a birthday present -- a WCW Title Match between The Rock and RVD!
    • Booker again looked angry, but Shane said that Booker would challenge Kurt Angle and bring the Federation Championship back to the Alliance, which pumped up the five-time WCW Champion!

  6. MATCH: Tajiri w/Torri vs Tazz w/ Stacy.
    • Tajiri and Torrie Wilson walked to the ring to await Stacy Keibler's choice of opponent, someone who was tall, dark and handsome: Tazz, accompanied by Stacy, who grabbed the mic to tell Torrie that "two out of three ain't bad!"
    • Tazz went right to work on Tajiri's injured ribs in this rematch from SummerSlam.
    • Tajiri counted with a back kick, handspring flying elbow and the Tarantula.
    • After a roundhouse kick to Tazz's head, Stacy suddenly grabbed Tajiri and kissed him, which prompted Torrie to slap her in the face!
    • While the two Alliance women quarreled outside, Tazz caught Tajiri in the Tazzmission to win the match, much to Stacy's delight!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Shane & Booker T.
    • Shane gave Booker T a pep talk and told him that tonight the Book could be the "first-time, first-time, first-time, World Wrestling Federation Champion!"
    • Shane told Booker that although he couldn't be out there with him, he would be with him in spirit.
    • After Booker left the room, Shane told himself he had something to take care of.
    • J.R. and Heyman officially announced the Kurt Angle - Booker T Federation Championship match, and that Commissioner William Regal ruled that nobody would be allowed ringside, not even WCW owner Shane McMahon.

  8. US TITLE MATCH: Rhyno vs Jeff Hardy.
    • Hardy's quickness worked until Rhyno caught him a spinebuster, but Rhyno's decision to ascend to the top rope and attempt a splash failed.
    • Hardy floored Rhyno with a series of unorthodox maneuvers until being caught in a belly-to-belly suplex.
    • Hardy once again came back and went to the top for the Swanton Bomb.
    • But Rhyno moved at the last minute.
    • His first attempt at the Gore missed, but when Hardy came off the second rope, Rhyno's second attempt was successful as he caught him in mid-air to win the match!

  9. BACKSTAGE: Ivory, Lance Storm, Hurricane Helms.
    • Lance Storm and Ivory were talking in the hallway when they were joined by The Hurricane, who revealed he was thinking about for their upcoming six-person match.
    • Hurricane's "Hurri-senses" told Ivory she was in grave danger, and told her to wait for them at the entrance.
    • With Ivory gone and out of earshot, Hurricane told Storm he was ready to commit to Molly Holly to be his full-time sidekick, and after the match, Molly would have no choice but to see the Hurri-light!
    • Hurricane then asked Storm to activate the Hurri-twin powers!
    • Hurricane took the shape of a hurricane, while Storm reluctantly took the form of an ice storm!

  10. BACKSTAGE: Kanyon & RVD.
    • Kanyon approached Rob Van Dam for advice, telling him he was all freaked out and worried that Stone Cold would take his frustrations out on him.
    • RVD told him not to worry and to just chill, and asked him what happened to that "Who better than Kanyon" attitude.
    • Kanyon thanked RVD and told him, "Who better than RVD?"

  11. 6-PERSON-TAG: Ivory/Hurricane/Storm vs Molly/Spike/Big Show.
    • Hurricane challenged Show to a test of strength, but failed miserably!
    • Hurricane then slapped Show, but was simply tossed aside and tagged in Ivory, who was also no match for the Show!
    • Big Show then tagged in Molly, who went to work on Ivory.
    • When Ivory had Molly open for a Storm kick, Hurricane stopped him and asked, "What's up with that?"
    • Hurricane then donned the cape and took to the air -- and landed on Spike.
    • But Spike fought back with a flying head scissors and tagged Show back in.
    • Show began to clean house and set up Hurricane for the chokeslam until Ivory broke it up.
    • With Storm down, Molly climbed up Show's shoulders and pinned Storm with the Molly-Go-Round!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Shane McMahon & Earl Hebner.
    • Earl Hebner met with Shane McMahon.
    • Shane told Hebner he screwed he and Booker out of the WCW Title and Steve Austin out of the Federation Championship at Unforgiven.
    • Shane then showed Hebner the tape, which showed Austin's right hand under the bottom rope.
    • Hebner explained that Austin was tapping out, and that he made an honest mistake, but his decision still stands and Kurt Angle was still the Federation Champion.
    • Shane warned that mistakes had better not happen during Booker's match with Angle, and that when Stone Cold arrives, Hebner had better make himself scarce.

  13. WWF TITLE MATCH: Kurt Angle vs Booker T.
    • The new and proud Federation Champion Kurt Angle soaked in the cheers of the Columbus crowd before his title defense against Booker T.
    • The match began with an Angle belly-to-back suplex and a near fall, but Booker countered with an elbow and a near fall of his own.
    • Angle almost ended the match in under two minutes with the Ankle Lock, but Booker was able to reach the ropes.
    • Booker then began to target Angle's injured neck and continually halted any attempt at an Angle rally.
    • Angle finally mounted some offense with a belly-to-belly suplex and a German suplex.
    • When Angle went for the Angle Slam, Booker countered by apparently throwing Angle into referee Earl Hebner, and put Angle down with a sidekick to Angle's neck.
    • Booker then leveled Angle with the Federation Championship belt, but Angle was able to kick out at the last half second.
    • Booker then went for the Book End, which Angle counted into a back suplex.
    • After a second Booker kick to Angle's neck, Booker showed off the Spineroonie.
    • But Booker missed a follow-up sidekick, and Angle locked on the Angle lock.
    • Booker had no choice but to tap out, and Angle retained the Federation Championship!

  14. BACKSTAGE: Lita & Kanyon.
    • Lita was hanging out in the weight room when Kanyon walked in and asked her to hang out after his match with Matt Hardy, to find out personally the answer to the question, "Who better than Kanyon? Nobody baby!"
    • Lita asked Kanyon to repeat himself, which confirmed her belief that he did, in fact, have a speech impediment.

  15. IC TITLE MATCH: Christian vs Chris Jericho.
    • The champion bragged that the world discovered who the better brother was at Unforgiven.
    • He then announced the moment he had waited for his whole life -- his very own five-second pose, which was interrupted by Jericho's entrance.
    • While on the outside, Christian grabbed the ring bell, and hit Jericho in the head with it to force a disqualification.
    • But Christian wasn't through.
    • He had Jericho set up for the one-man Con-chair-to, but missed.
    • Y2J then locked Christian in the Walls of Jericho!
    • Christian was tapping, but it took three Federation officials to pry Y2J off of him!

  16. COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE: X-Pac & William Regal.
    • X-Pac was talking on the telephone in Commissioner Regal's office complaining to someone about the lack of television time.
    • Regal asked what in the blue hell X-Pac was doing in his office, and X-Pac accused Regal of never getting him on TV time and doing nothing as a Commissioner.
    • Regal screamed X-Pac that he will get his TV time -- a match with the Commissioner himself!
    • RVD was stretching his legs when he was approached by Raven, who complained he was in a funk of late and that losing to Perry Saturn at Unforgiven was a new low.
    • Van Dam told Raven he needed to lighten up and snap out of it.
    • Then Stephanie arrived and shook RVD's hand.
    • She told him she was so impressed with his leadership skills and that she saw greatness in him.
    • She also said that after she defeated The Rock for the WCW Title, he would be the leader of the Alliance.
    • RVD told Steph that he didn't know about being a leader, but he was honored to get the title shot.
    • Van Dam assured Stephanie he would not let her down, and Stephanie told him he had better not.
    • After she left, RVD seemed intrigued with the concept of Alliance leader!

  17. MATCH: Matt Hardy w/Lita vs Kanyon.
    • Kanyon seemed more focused on hitting on Lita than the match, but a Lita slap to his face seemed to put Kanyon back in focus, at least temporarily.
    • After a couple of near falls, Kanyon was still eyeing Lita.
    • The fight took to the top rope, where Hardy pushed Kanyon down and hit a leg drop from the second rope.
    • Lita even contributed with a Lita-con-rada on Kanyon while on the outside.
    • Matt had Kanyon ready for the Twist of Fate, but Kanyon pushed Hardy off and into Lita, which caused Lita to fall to the floor.
    • That left Hardy open for a Kanyon Flatliner, and a victory for Kanyon.
    • WINNER: Kanyon.

  18. VIGNETTE: Diamond Dallas Page
    • DDP addressed fans with an evil smile!
    • He admitted that although he was on the receiving end of a beating by the Undertaker, which was a good thing, because what mattered was not getting back down, but getting back up.
    • DDP said he did some soul searching, and that he found the real DDP.
    • He told people that they would like DDP, and DDP would help them like themselves.

  19. WWF NEW YORK: Tough Enough.
    • Each "WWF Tough Enough" finalist explained why they deserved a guaranteed Federation contract.

  20. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & The Rock.
    • The Rock was asked by Michael Cole his thoughts about his WCW Title defense against Rob Van Dam.
    • The Rock explained that Unforgiven was a very special night for him because he walked out still the WCW Champion.
    • Rock then said that tonight was also a special night because for the first time, he would be defending the WCW Title against Rob Van Dam.
    • Tonight was also special to The Rock because it was Stephanie's birthday, and he warned her that if she got involved in The Rock's match, then just like the doctor wiped all the afterbirth goo off her body 25 years ago, Rock would slap her candy ass!
    • Rock then wanted to help celebrate Stephanie's birthday by singing her a birthday song:
    • Happy Birthday to Steph
    • You're a ho with big breasts
    • So take the night off from hooking
    • If you smell what The Rock is cooking!

  21. MATCH: XPac vs William Regal.
    • The Commish ended a competitive, scientific, non-title by pinning X-Pac.

  22. WCW TITLE MATCH: The Rock vs Rob Van Dam.
    • Rock got started with a couple of quick arm drag take downs, and RVD answered with a reverse heel kick.
    • When the fight took to the outside, the Federation Hardcore Champion gained the advantage and nearly won after a flying karate kick from the top rope.
    • Much to the delight of Stephanie, Van Dam continued on the offensive, ramming Rock's head into the steel steps before taking apart the American announce table.
    • When RVD charged The Rock, the WCW Champion backdropped him on that very table.
    • Back in the ring, Van Dam kicked out after a Rock spinebuster, and soon missed a split-legged moonsault.
    • Stephanie then got involved by slapping The Rock.
    • But the Great One battled back with a series of right hands, DDT and a Sharpshooter!
    • But Stephanie climbed to the apron, which forced Rock to break the hold and chase Stephanie up the rampway.
    • Rock grabbed Steph by the hair and dragged her into the ring.
    • He was about to give her the Rock Bottom, but RVD caught him from behind.
    • Van Dam then went up for the Five Star Frog Splash, but Stephanie pushed referee Charles Robinson into the ropes, which forced RVD to slip and fall!
    • One Rock Bottom later, The Rock retained the WCW Title, and the birthday girl walked away crying!
    • The Rock celebrated in the ring as RAW went off the air!

  23. RAW goes off the air...
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