October 1, 2001

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Announcers: Jim Ross/Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: Kurt Angle, The Rock, Shane McMahon, Dudleyz.
    • Kurt Angle comes out and tells the crowd that Stone Cold is not schuduled to be at RAW tonight.
    • Angle suspects Stone Cold just said that so it would be a surprise when he DID show up.
    • Angle calls Stone Cold out.
    • No Answer.
    • The Rock's music plays in The Rock comes to the Ring.
    • The Rock challenges the Dudley Boyz to a match tonight.
    • Shane McMahon's music plays and Shane McMahon appears at the entrance way.
    • Shane forces The Rock to defend the WCW title against the Dudley Boyz in a handicap tables match, and Kurt Angle is banned from ringside.
    • Shane challenges Kurt Angle to a WWF title match, Angle accept.
    • Shane makes his way to the ring.
    • The Dudleyz come out of the crowd and attack Rock & Angle.
    • The Dudleyz put Angle through a table, powerbomb off the second rope.
    • The Dudleyz give The Rock a 3D.

  2. RINGSIDE: Paul Heyman.
    • Heyman has a fax machine at ringside.
    • A Fax comes in from Stone Cold Steve Austin and Paul read it to the crowd.
    • Basically it says that Austin resents that everybody thinks he is embarrassed about losing the WWF Title to Kurt Angle.

  3. MATCH: Spike Dudley vs Hurricane Helms.
    • Mike Awesome interfers allowing Hurricane to get the pin.
    • Hurricane leaves the arena and uncovers his 'new and improved' hurri-cycle.
    • Hurricane introduces his new sidekick, Citizen Molly.
    • Molly enters wearing a cape and jumps in the passenger seat of the hurri-cycle.
    • Spike watches from ringside on the big screen, as Hurricane & Molly drive off.
    • Spike is visibly upset.
    • The Big Show comes on the Screen, talking from WWF NY.
    • Big Show tells Spike not to let it get him down.
    • Big Show says that this week on Smackdown, he is going to take Spike out on the town to party.

  4. RINGSIDE: Paul Heyman.
    • Booker T, Test & RVD make their way to the ring for their match.
    • Heyman gets another FAX from Stone Cold Steve Austin and reads it to the crowd.
    • Austin recognises and Congratulates Booker T & Test on winning the WCW Tag Team Titles.
    • Austin says RVD is a lucky, talanted, young and ambitious superstar.
    • Austin also reminds RVD of who the real leader of the Alliance is, which is Steve Austin.

  5. 6-MAN TAG: Booker T/Test/RVD vs Jericho/Kane/Taker.
    • The Undertaker nearly botches the Last Ride on Test, but recovers.
    • RVD pins Jericho for the win.

  6. INTERVIEW: Lilian Garcia & Torrie Wilson.
    • Clips are shown of Heat, when Stacy & Torrie got into a fight.
    • Just as Lilian ask a question, Stacy attacks Torrie and tries to rip her shirt off.
    • Stacy also attacks Lilian, who has to be held back.

  7. BACKSTAGE: RVD, Mike Awesome, Shane McMahon.
    • Mike Awesome thanks RVD for the advice, and that it really charged him up.
    • Shane McMahon approaches RVD and expresses concern over Stephanie getting hurt during RVD's Hardcore match with Jericho on Smackdown.
    • RVD defends himself, saying he told Steph not to come down there.
    • Shane says that he heard what Austin's Fax said and tells RVD not to 'assume' that he is the leader of the Alliance.
    • RVD says he doesn't need to 'assume' 'cause he's Rob.. Van.. Dam..

  8. WCW HANDICAP TABLES TITLE MATCH: The Rock vs The Dudley Boyz.
    • As the Rock is arguing with referee Nick Patrick, Shane McMahon runs to the ring and hits Rock from behind, knocking Patrick out cold.
    • Shane McMahon attacks Rock and puts him through a table.
    • WCW Referee Charles Robinson comes to the ring and sees Rock through the table.
    • Robinson retrieves the WCW Title and is about to give the title to the Dudleyz, but WWF Referee Mike Chioda comes to the ring and knocks Robinson out.
    • Rock recovers and puts Bubba Ray through a table, for the win.

    • DDP talks about Yogo and tells "us" to get your lazy butts off the couch and try it.

  10. MIXED-TAG: Tajiri & Torrie vs Tazz & Stacy.
    • Tajiri puts Tazz in the taranchula, distracting the referee.
    • Ivory comes to the ring and DDTs Torrie, allowing Stacy to get the PIN.

  11. RINGSIDE: Paul Heyman.
    • Heyman gets yet another FAX from Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • This one states that Stone Cold resents the negitive comments by Jim Ross.
    • Further comments will result in JR getting his ass kicked.
    • Austin states that he is not a bully, that he hates bullies, and always has.
    • Austin says he is a sensitive man.
    • Jim Ross drills Heyman, saying "He's gonna be here tonight isn't he?"

  12. COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE: Regal, Ivory, Lance Storm.
    • Ivory enters the Commissioner's office.
    • Regals asks her why she's always sticking her nose in other peoples' business.
    • Ivory says she does it because the more people see her, the more they like her.
    • Ivory suggests mayve Regal would like to see more of her.
    • Ivory asks if Regal like the tops *points at her breasts* or the bottoms *turns around and smacks her own butt*.
    • Just then Lance Storm enters and says that this is Sexual Harassment and he has it in him to report it to the authorities.
    • Regal gets irritated and tells Lance Storm to go to the ring for a match.

  13. RINGSIDE: Paul Heyman & William Regal.
    • With Regal still in the ring, another FAX comes in from Stone Cold.
    • Heyman read the FAX to Regal.
    • It says that Regal should do the right thing and stripe Kurt Angle of the WWF title and return it to Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • Regal grabs Paul Heyman and tells Heyman to relay THIS message... Regal SLAPS heyman.

  14. IN THE RING: Christian, XPac, Edge, Albert, APA.
    • Christian hits the ring and questions the fans as to shy they hate him so much.
    • Christian complains about not getting any respect.
    • XPac comes to the ring and says he knows how Christian feels.
    • XPac says that he used to be part of the most popular group in the business (DX) and when he went solo, the fans chewed him up and spit him out.
    • Edge comes to the entrance ramp.
    • Edge says to XPac, just because he hung out with cool people, doesn't make HIM cool.
    • Edge says that Christain talks big for a guy who, even after months of therepy, still wets the bed.
    • Just then, Albert attacks Edge from behind.
    • Edge gets triple teamed until the APA makes the save.

  15. MATCH: William Regal vs Lance Storm w/ Ivory.
    • Regal makes Storm tap out.

  16. INTERVIEW: Tazz & Maven (Tough Enough Winner)
    • Tazz tells Maven that he is very proud of him.
    • Maven says that it's a dream come though.
    • Tazz asks Maven if he is arare that he has a match on Smackdown.
    • Maven is surprised.
    • Tazz says his opponent will walk through the door.
    • As Maven turns to look, Tazz attacks him from behind.
    • Tazz says that HE is Maven's first opponent.

  17. WWF TITLE MATCH: Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon w/ RVD.
    • Rob Van Dam frog splash's Angle outside the ring.
    • Angle makes Shane tap to the Anklelock.

  18. RAW goes off the air...
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