October 29, 2001

Louisville, KY
Announcers: Jim Ross & Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: Vince McMahon & The WWF Roster.
    • World Wrestling Federation Chairman Vince McMahon entering the ring while the entire army of Federation Superstars gathered around the squared circle.
    • Mr. McMahon promised that after Survivor Series, WCW and ECW would be wiped away.
    • Vince then addressed the attack by Shane and Stephanie on Linda McMahon during SmackDown!.
    • Vince warned Shane that father would destroy son later that evening during their Street Fight!
    • Mr. McMahon began introducing the Federation's team of superstars that would battle the Alliance at Survivor Series.
    • The Undertaker, Kane, Kurt Angle, WCW Champion Chris Jericho and his Federation Tag Team co-Champion The Rock comprise the team.
    • Just as Mr. McMahon finished the introductions, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley's entrance music hit and the Billion-Dollar Princess strolled onto the entrance ramp.
    • Stephanie boldly proclaimed that the superstars in the Alliance were successful as well as smart.
    • She ordered that footage of the SmackDown! attack on her mother be played.
    • When the clip finished, Stephanie asked her father to consider what the Alliance would do to him, Linda and the Federation at Survivor Series.
    • Stephanie told Linda she hoped her mother enjoyed watching Shane wreck his father that evening.
    • With that, out came WCW Owner Shane McMahon.
    • Shane said there couldn't be anything more satisfying than systematically taking his father apart.
    • Actually, Shane said, there was.
    • Shane proclaimed that a member of the Federation would defect to the Alliance that night!
    • "I'm looking at that person right now," said Shane while gazing over the Federation Superstars flanking a confused Vince at ringside.
    • After a break, Stephanie and Shane went backstage and entered the dressing room of Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • Stone Cold said there was no way the Federation would figure out who was jumping sides that night.
    • The Rattlesnake put an ear to his wristwatch and said it was time for Shane to open a can of whoopass on Vince that night!

  2. IC TITLE MATCH: Edge vs Rob Van Dam.
    • Rob Van Dam displayed his amazing flexibility, but Edge countered with some amazing movements himself.
    • With Edge dazed and lying on the mat, RVD went for a split-legged moonsault.
    • But Edge blocked the move and RVD took a pair of kness to the stomach.
    • Edge hit Van Dam with a spear, but the Hardcore Champion kicked out.
    • Shortly after, RVD missed a Five-Star Frog Splash that Edge dodged!
    • The Intercontinental Champion hit the challenger with a DDT and took the pin.

  3. BACKSTAGE: Stone Cold Steve Austin/Debra -- Tazz.
    • Stone Cold laughed while watching the action backstage and said RVD made him sick.
    • Tazz came in and said the suspense was killing him.
    • He had to know who was defecting that night.
    • Stone Cold asked if Tazz knew what his watch said.
    • Tazz said yes, it was time to tell Tazz who was jumping ship.
    • Austin retorted that his watch was saying it would be nice if Tazz left the dressing room because Stone Cold was getting annoyed.
    • Debra then tried to coax her husband into revealing the traitor's identity, to which he replied, "What?"

  4. APA OFFICE: APA & Saturn.
    • The APA were deep in a card game when Bradshaw reminded Farooq that he was a former WCW Champion.
    • Farooq said that was no joke.
    • The men then wondered who was the traitor and asked a third person at the table what kind of hand he had.
    • The camera panned over to Perry Saturn who replied, "Go fish!" Farooq told Saturn his hand wouldn't win in the game the APA was playing.
    • Federation referee Teddy Long interrupted the game to summon the trio to an urgent meeting among Federation Superstars.
    • Farooq and Bradshaw slapped their cards down and went to the meeting while Saturn grabbed an armful of beers and followed.

  5. MATCH: Hurricane Helms/Mighty Molly vs Tajiri/Torrie Wilson.
    • Hurricane went for his Eye of the Hurricane finisher early on, but Tajiri dodged and countered with a stiff kick.
    • Both men tagged in their female counterparts and Torrie began throwing Molly around the ring.
    • She even hit Hurricane's sidekick with Tajiri's patented handspring elbow off the ropes.
    • Hurricane rushed to Molly's aid, but found himself locked in the Tarantula!
    • But Molly took advantage and rolled up Torrie for the win.

  6. WWF LOCKER ROOM: WWF Roster -- Jericho & The Rock.
      Y2J said that working in WCW and ECW was the worst experience of his life.
    • He said he loved the Federation and he tried to call out the traitor.
    • He demanded the person reveal his or her identity.
    • The Rock entered the locker room.
    • As the saying goes, Jericho said, finally, The Rock has decided to show up for the meeting.
    • Rocky asked Jericho when he became leader of the Federation.
    • Jericho said he became the leader when he beat The Rock for the WCW Championship.
    • Rock handed Spike his Federation Tag Team Championship Belt.
    • He admitted that Jericho did in fact win the big one, once.
    • The Rock said he was winning big ones back when Jericho was in WCW getting his ass whooped by Juventud Guerrera on Monday Nitro!
    • The Rock said he was with the Federation and threatened whomever it was that planned on jumping to the Alliance that night.
    • The People's Champion proceeded to adjourn the meeting.

  7. BACKSTAGE: Stone Cold Steve Austin/Debra -- Commissioner Regal.
    • In his locker room Stone Cold said the meeting held by Federation Superstars was stupid.
    • William Regal came in at the request of the Federation Champion.
    • Stone Cold said it was important for Regal to bring the WCW United States Championship to the Alliance that evening.
    • Austin told Regal to send Angle to the Rattlesnake's dressing room before the match that evening.

  8. BACKSTAGE: Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho.
    • Chris Jericho broke in on Undertaker and Kane talking in the locker room.
    • Y2J screamed at the Brothers of Destruction for missing the meeting.
    • Undertaker yelled back at Jericho, saying he had no right to call such a meeting.
    • Kane tried to calm his brother, but Jericho broke in and told the Dead Man to settle down.
    • After all, Jericho told Taker, he wasn't the one under suspicion of jumping to the Alliance.
    • Jericho and Taker glared at Kane as RAW broke to commercial.

  9. IN THE RING: DDP & The Big Show.
    • Diamond Dallas Page walked into the ring with his trademark grin.
    • DDP told the crowd he had a surprise.
    • He knew who was leaving the Federation and coming to the Alliance.
    • Page said the superstar was huge!
    • Page said it was The Big Show.
    • Page said this was the case because Federation Superstars thought Show was overweight and makes funny noises.
    • But that's a good thing, Page said, because now The Big Show knows his friends are in the Alliance.
    • The Big Show suddenly came out and climbed in the ring.
    • DDP said he liked The Big Show and he knows the big man liked Page.
    • Page was going to help Show like himself.
    • Page went to shake Big Show's hand, but the 7-foot-2, 500-pound Show chokeslammed Page instead!

  10. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt Angle met up with Vince McMahon backstage.
    • Angle said he had something very important to discuss.
    • Vince said he knew the topic: Angle was concerned about his title defense that night.
    • Kurt said that wasn't what it was about.
    • Angle advised Vince that Austin wants to have a meeting with the Olympic Hero and Angle felt Austin should know beforehand.
    • Vince said he didn't trust Austin and gave Angle a funny look.
    • Angle vehemently defended himself and his loyalty to the Federation.
    • Vince told Angle to have the meeting and he gave Kurt a wooden club he originally planned to use in the street fight.
    • Kurt thanked the chairman and said if Austin gave him any trouble he would knock his head off.

  11. WWF TT TITLE MATCH: Jericho/Rock vs Test/Booker T.
    • Booker T and Test took turns pounding on Y2J early in the match.
    • But the WCW Champion managed to work his way out of a jam and tag in the Great One.
    • The Rock began demolishing both men, hitting Test with a DDT and tossing Booker T through the ropes.
    • But Rocky accidentally struck Jericho in the process of wrecking the opponents.
    • Jericho retaliated by smashing the Great One while set up for the People's Elbow!
    • Test tried to take advantage, but Jericho broke up the pin attempt and then begged Rock to make the tag.
    • Rock made the tag, threw Jericho into the ring and hit a Rock Bottom.
    • Rock then turned to walk up the entrance ramp but dashed back to break up Test's pin attempt on Jericho.
    • While The Rock took care of Booker T with a Rock Bottom, Jericho earned the win with the Walls of Jericho on Test.
    • The Federation tandem angrily exchanged words following the match.

  12. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Stone Cold Steve Austin/Debra.
    • Cameras followed Kurt Angle as he faced off against Stone Cold with the 2 by 4 ready to strike.
    • Austin said he could trust him and to put the wood down.
    • Angle relaxed, and Austin asked the Olympic Hero to join the Alliance!
    • Angle asked who was jumping sides to the Alliance that evening.
    • Austin said he could not say.
    • Austin told Angle good luck that night in his match, he also said that he could see The Rock turning, but not himself.
    • Angle said he didn't need any luck and then told Austin to go to hell!
    • Angle stomped away and left behind a very pissed off Rattlesnake.

  13. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & The Rock.
    • Michael Cole caught up with The Rock.
    • The Rock angrily said Jericho had better get ready to get his ass whipped.
    • Cole said he wanted Rock's reaction to Angle's comments that the Great One would be joining the Alliance.
    • A surprised Rocky asked Cole to direct him to Kurt Angle's dressing room.

  14. MATCH: Stacy Keibler vs Lita.
    • Lita hit Stacy with a suplex and went for a pin, but the Alliance girl kicked out.
    • Lita soon threw Stacy from the ring and launched a body press toward her opponent.
    • But she missed and crashed into the retaining wall.
    • Matt Hardy came out to his girlfriend's aid, and put her back in the ring.
    • Stacy came up and taunted Matt, who struck Lita with his elbow as he went to strike the stacy.
    • Lita recovered and took the pin, but she left the ring only after screaming angrily at her boyfriend.

  15. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle vs The Rock.
    • Kurt Angle prepped for his match as The Rock came in and confronted him.
    • Rock asked what Angle was doing talking to Austin.
    • Angle explained that he got permission to talk to Austin from Vince McMahon.
    • Rock said he didn't care and ordered Angle to not question his loyalty.
    • The men stared each other down while Rock asked how he was supposed to know that Angle wasn't the one turning his back on the Federation.
    • "Me? I don't think so," Angle said.

  16. WWF NEW YORK: Commissioner Mick Foley.
    • Commissioner Mick Foley proudly displayed his new book, "Halloween Hijinks."
    • Mick said that he made the earlier Federation Tag Team Championship match because Alliance Commissioner William Regal agreed to put the Dudleys' WCW Tag Team Championship on the line against Kane and Taker.

  17. US TITLE MATCH: Kurt Angle vs William Regal.
    • William Regal, with new entrance music blaring, entered the ring in an attempt to take the WCW U.S. Championship away from Kurt Angle.
    • Regal's tenacious, physical onslaught was no match for the champion.
    • Angle won the match by forcing his opponent to tap out to the ankle lock.

  18. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & The Undertaker.
    • Undertaker was approached in the locker room by Vince McMahon.
    • Vince wished Taker luck in the match for the WCW Tag Team Championship.
    • Taker said that in 11 years he never even got so much as a "Kiss my ass" from Vince.
    • Taker said he knew Vince was worried that either the Dead Man or Kane were going to jump sides that night.
    • Vince, finding himself sandwiched between the two hulking brothers, wished them luck and turned to leave.
    • Taker told Vince the two didn't need any luck, but Vince did.

  19. WCW TT TITLE MATCH: Dudleyz w/Stacy vs Kane/Undertaker.
    • The Brothers of Destruction began to pick apart the defending champions.
    • Kane appeared to have things won when he chokeslammed D-Von.
    • But a distracted referee allowed Bubba Ray to clock Kane with a belt!
    • Moments later, Kane suffered a 3-D that ended the match.

  20. THE MAIN EVENT - STREET FIGHT: Vince McMahon vs Shane McMahon.
    • Vince pummeled his son with his bare fists then smashed a steel sign over his boy's head.
    • The beating continued as Vince rammed Shane into the ring steps and the ring post.
    • Shane gasped for breath as his father wrapped an electrical cord around his neck and cut off his son's air.
    • Vince threw Shane into the ring and tossed in a few garbage cans and a kendo stick as well.
    • Vince wound up to smack Shane with a trashcan, but was struck by a low blow.
    • The Boy Wonder took control by repeatedly smashing a trashcan lid over his father's head.
    • Shane set a trashcan on his father's chest, climbed the top rope and launched a Shooting Star Press!
    • But Vince caught wind and moved, causing Shane to land on the trashcan.
    • Mr. McMahon regained the upper hand by cracking his son with the kendo stick over and over again.
    • The brutality continued with Vince knocking Shane outside the ropes.
    • The Federation Chairman cleared the announce table of monitors but met a few trash can lids to the head and a TV monitor to the skull from his son.
    • With his father dazed, Shane crept back into the ring and vaulted to the top rope.
    • Shane launched himself at his father and both men crashed through the solid wood table!
    • Shane gathered his senses and took Vince back into the ring.
    • Vince recovered in time to kick out after a two-count.
    • Shane propped his father in the corner of the ring and assaulted him with repeated blows.
    • In a sickening scene, Shane set a trash can up on his prone father and went to the opposite ring corner where he set out to reenact his amazing feat from WrestleMania X-7.
    • Vince moved at the last second, and suddenly, Alliance and Federation Superstars stormed out to aid their respective leaders.
    • Undertaker gave Booker T a Last Ride.
    • Regal took out Taker.
    • Rock bashed Regal.
    • Austin smacked Rock.
    • And Kurt Angle streamed down to ringside and showed himself as the traitor!
    • He grabbed a steel chair and smashed The Rock in the head with it.
    • After Shane pinned his father, Angle, Austin and Shane celebrated as Raw faded to a close.

  21. RAW goes off the air...
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