November 5, 2001
Nassau Coliseum
Long Island, NY
Announcers: Jim Ross & Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: Vince McMahon & Stone Cold.
    • Mr. McMahon said he expected The Rock and Chris Jericho to beat the living hell out of each other during their match later that evening for the WCW Championship.
    • Mr. McMahon said he was ok with that as long as the two worked together after their match as key members of the Federation's team at Survivor Series.
    • The chairman said he had an announcement to make that night that would make Federation history.
    • Kurt Angle's defection to the Alliance last week wounded the Alliance, admitted Mr. McMahon.
    • But Mr. McMahon's announcement that evening would not wound the Alliance; it would serve as the death nail in the Alliance.
    • Mr. McMahon proclaimed that a member of the Alliance's Survivor Series team would join the Federation during the upcoming Pay-Per-View's "Winner Take All" match.
    • But Mr. McMahon couldn't wait that long.
    • He felt he needed to let the cat out of the bag right there during RAW.
    • Vince announced that the man who would switch sides would be Stone Cold Steve Austin!
    • Before Mr. McMahon could explain the reasons for his assertion, the sound of broken glass signified the Texas Rattlesnake's journey to the ring.
    • The Federation Champion grabbed the microphone and stood less than a foot from Mr. McMahon's face.
    • You sure got a big mouth don't you son? Stone Cold growled. Who in the hell do you think you are?
    • Stone Cold refuted Mr. McMahon's claim.
    • Stone Cold said the bottom line was that Stone Cold Steve Austin has got to be Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • With that, the Federation Chairman fell victim to a Stone Cold Stunner!
    • But the same sly grin that adorned Vince's face to open the show curled the corner of his lips as he slowly recovered from the devastating blow.
    • During the commercial break, Stone Cold was shown returning backstage where sneering members of the Alliance greeted their leader.
    • Stone Cold defended himself and said he would never turn his back on the Alliance.
    • His fellow superstars didn't look convinced.

  2. WOMANS MATCH: Lita vs Ivory.
    • The Alliance diva quickly took control by hammering Lita's head into the turnbuckle and then hitting a leg drop in the center of the ring.
    • But Lita turned things around by dropping Ivory with a clothesline and a Russian leg sweep.
    • But Lance Storm came down and grabbed Lita by the hair as Ivory distracted the referee.
    • Matt Hardy rushed to Lita's aid, but as he pulled Storm away, Lita's throat snapped into the ring ropes!
    • A startled Lita then fell victim to a pin from Ivory.

  3. BACKSTAGE: Stone Cold/Debra & Shane McMahon - Kurt Angle.
    • Stone Cold vented to Debra when WCW Owner Shane McMahon broke in.
    • He stood and glared at Austin with arms folded.
    • Shane said he didn't think Austin was jumping ship because his father is a liar.
    • However, Shane said, he did feel that one member of the Alliance would switch sides.
    • Kurt Angle entered the locker room as the other three superstars turned icy stares toward the Olympic Hero.
    • Angle said there was no way he was jumping to the Federation.
    • He came in to discus his match with the Undertaker that night.
    • Austin, warily eyeing Angle, said that he would watch the WCW United States Champion's back that night.

  4. IC TITLE MATCH: Edge vs Test.
    • Edge slung Test into the ring wall before tossing his larger opponent into the ring to officially start the action.
    • Test roared back and slammed Edge to the canvas, but couldn't get the three-count.
    • Test whipped Edge to the corner and sprinted toward the champion, but Edge countered with a crushing spear that knocked the wind out of both men.
    • Upon recovering, Test knocked Edge down and tried to land a Big Boot, but the champ ducked.
    • Test tried to finish things off with a powerbomb, but Edge showed tremendous agility in flipping Test into a pin attempt.
    • Test kicked out, and as Edge climbed the top rope, the Alliance Superstar pushed the referee into the ring ropes to knock Edge down!
    • Test rolled up Edge and used the ropes as leverage to become the new Intercontinental Champion!

  5. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman & Christian.
    • Christian celebrated his win over Bradshaw last week that gave him the European Champion.
    • Christian called himself the greatest European Champion of all time and said he had cut the interview short to prepare for his title defense against The Hurricane.
    • As he turned to leave, a reporter who bore more than a striking resemblance to The Hurricane asked Christian how he could call himself the greatest European Champion when he had yet to face the superhero.
    • Christian stared in disgusted disbelief and shrugged off the question before exiting.
    • Now what is up with that? asked the mild-mannered reporter."

  6. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & The Rock.
    • Mr. McMahon sat in his office rubbing his sore neck when The Rock came in.
    • The People's Champion expressed disbelief that Vince was bringing Stone Cold back to the Federation.
    • Vince said he would do anything to ensure the survival of the Federation.
    • The Rock said Stone Cold should be brought back.
    • I've been waiting, snarled the Great One.

  7. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Christian vs Hurricane Helms.
    • Christian came out for his European Championship match.
    • Christian made sure to draw attention to his Arizona Diamondbacks tee-shirt.
    • "You people like my shirt?" he asked the vast crowd of Yankee supporters.
    • "As long as I am a champion, I might as well dress like a champion," Christian taunted.
    • Before he could pick on the World Series runner-ups, The Hurricane entered the ring.
    • With the crowd chanting, "Let's go Yankees," Hurricane tied on his cape and climbed the top turnbuckle and launched himself at Christian.
    • The challenger missed his Eye of the Hurricane finisher, though, and Christian successfully defended his title.

  8. CLIPS: The Weakest Links.
    • Clips of the special Federation episode of NBC's "Weakest Link" aired.
    • The show will be broadcast next Monday night at 8/7 Central.
    • The show includes Booker T, Big Show, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and other superstars as guest contestants.

  9. LOCKER ROOM: William Regal & The Alliance.
    • Alliance Commissioner William Regal said that if a traitor was in their midst, he would be flushed out.
    • An animated Booker T stood up and said that the mole was RVD!
    • The Federation Hardcore Champion, stood up to defend himself.
    • Before the two superstars could come to blows, Regal ordered them to settle their differences in the ring that evening!

  10. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie & Kurt Angle.
    • Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley met up with Kurt Angle shortly before his match against the Undertaker.
    • Stephanie said she was glad she could count on Kurt to never defect to the Federation.
    • Angle thanked her and with a star-struck gaze, he said he nearly forgot how nice a lady Stephanie was.
    • The two locked eyes for several moments before Kurt jerked to attention and turned to head down to the ring.
    • Stephanie's eyes followed the WCW United States Champion even after he departed.

  11. US TITLE MATCH: Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker.
    • Angle proudly wore his Olympic medals and a Stone Cold Steve Austin hat to the ring with his U.S. Championship.
    • Taker assaulted Angle outside the ring before the match started.
    • The Dead Man continued to pound on Angle after the two moved into the squared circle.
    • Angle rebounded and the match continued with each competitor gaining and losing momentum.
    • Angle looked to have the match locked up, literally, when he snapped on his ankle lock.
    • But Taker kicked the champ away!
    • The brutal match clearly took its toll on both men.
    • But Taker gathered all his strength and smashed Angle with a vicious chokeslam that sent both men crumbling to the canvas.
    • Taker then gathered Angle up for a tombstone, which was blocked.
    • Angle hit his ankle lock that sent Taker howling in pain!
    • But the vast experience the Dead Man owns allowed him to endure the agony and turn the tide on Angle.
    • Before Angle could suffer the indignity of tapping out to his own finishing move, Stone Cold rushed down and pummeled the Undertaker!
    • The match ended in a disqualification and a Stone Cold Stunner to the Undertaker!

  12. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Kurt Angle.
    • Angle said Cole and the "idiots" in Long Island could believe what they wanted to, but Stone Cold is loyal to the Alliance.
    • Cole then asked Angle that if he were defecting to the Federation, weren't Stone Cold's actions just the thing to do in order to defect all suspicion?
    • Angle began defending Austin, but a sudden wave of realization caused him to stop and ponder the theory.

  13. 6-PERSON TAG: APA & Jacky vs Dudleyz & Stacy.
    • Faarooq and Bradshaw exited the ring to bring in a table.
    • Bradshaw set up the wooden slab then went to put D-Von through it.
    • But the Dudleys countered, causing Faarooq to move the table before his partner could be powerbombed through it by Bubba Ray.
    • Now in control, The Dudleys set up another table before Jackie jumped on Bubba's back.
    • But the former Tough Enough trainer took a powerful slam to the canvas for her trouble.
    • He followed with a stiff clothesline to Jackie, but before Bubba Ray could celebrate, he was picked up and crushed through the table by Faarooq to end the battle!

  14. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman & The Rock.
    • Rocky said Jericho has no idea who he's messing with.
    • Rock said that No Mercy was only the beginning; Jericho's win was last month.
    • This is tonight, The Rock hissed.
    • The Rock said this is the night he walks in the People's Ring and walks out the WCW Champion!
    • Before RAW broke for commercial Rob Van Dam was shown stretching out in preparation for his match against Booker T.

  15. ALLAINCE MATCH: Booker T vs Rob Van Dam.
    • Alliance Commissioner William Regal donned a headset and joined Jim Ross and Paul Heyman at the commentators' table.
    • RVD displayed his customary acrobatics and amazing agility by connecting with a spinning kick off the top rope.
    • But as the fight waged in the ring, Tajiri raced down and assaulted Regal at the announce table!
    • Booker rushed to the commissioner's aid then turned back to fight the champ.
    • Regal took care of his ex-sidekick with a powerbomb on the hard floor outside the ring.
    • Then, an enraged Big Show came down and delivered Showstoper Chokeslams to RVD and Booker T to end the match in a disqualification!
    • Show slung the unconscious Tajiri over his shoulder and rumbled up the entrance ramp.

  16. INTERVEIW: Michael Cole & Chris Jericho.
    • Y2J said he would beat The Rock that evening.
    • He guaran-damn-teed that The Rock would never, eeeeeeever be the same again!

  17. THE MAIN EVENT WCW TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho vs The Rock.
    • The Rock and Y2J pounded away on each other as soon as the ring bell sounded.
    • The Rock tried to land a Rock Bottom, but Jericho dodged.
    • Y2J attempted to turn Rocky into the Walls of Jericho but the Great One reached the ropes before the champ could execute the maneuver.
    • Rocky took over control of the match, but couldn't land a pinfall on Jericho.
    • Y2J struck back with a DDT that evened the score.
    • The Ayatollah of Rock N' Rolla climbed the top rope and nailed a flying elbow to The Rock's face!
    • But that wouldn't put the Great One away.
    • The Rock stormed back and caught Jericho in the Sharpshooter!
    • Jericho screamed in pain, but mustered every bit of energy he could and grasped the rope to break the hold.
    • Rock followed with a spinebuster and whipped off his elbow pad in preparation of the Most Electrifying Move in Sports Entertainment.
    • But Jericho dodged!
    • The battle moved outside the ring with Jericho tearing the top of the commentator's table off and cracking it over Rock's head.
    • He took out the monitor's and carried Rocky up on the platform where he drove his opponent face first through the wood!
    • The fight worked back inside the ring where Jericho locked The Rock in the Walls of Jericho.
    • With blood streaking down his face, The Rock worked over to the ropes.
    • With lightning speed, The Rock rolled Jericho in an inside cradle and took a three count to win the WCW Championship!
    • An angered Jericho picked up the WCW Championship belt at ringside and climbed back into the squared circle where he slammed it into The Rock's skull.
    • Jericho followed that up with a chairshot that devestated Rock.
    • Y2J's music hit and he turned to leave, but he dashed back to the ring to clock the Great One with the chair again.
    • Mr. McMahon hoped tensions would cool between his two powerful superstars after this match, but things could not be hotter between The Rock and Chris Jericho!

  18. RAW goes off the air...
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