November 19, 2001

Charlotte, North Carolina
Announcers: Jim Ross & ?

  1. KICKOFF: Vince McMahon & Mick Foley.
    • Earlier in the day Vince McMahon summoned Commissioner Mick Foley to his private jet for a meeting.
    • Foley suggests Vince name a piece of furniture.
    • The Cactus Jack Couch of the Mankind Chair.
    • Vince suggests the Dude Love Toilet!
    • They laugh over that...
    • Mick Foley informs Vince that he officially resigns as WWF commissioner.
    • Vince tries to fire Foley but Foley cuts him off saying that he can fire him if he wants but the outcome will be the same.
    • Vince doesn't let that ruin his mood and wishes Mick luck as he leaves the jet.

  2. IN THE RING: Vince McMahon.
    • Jim Ross says that Paul Heyman isnt there tonight and he doesn't know who will be sitting next time him tonight.
    • Vince McMahon's music hits and Vince comes out.
    • Vince says it's a day of celebration.
    • Vince thanks Kurt Angle for his actions at Survivor Series.
    • Vince says because of Kurt Angle, the Alliance, WCW, and ECW are dead.
    • Vince says he's renaming the Rock's WCW Title to "World Championship".
    • Vince says there will be many more changes tonight.
    • Vince says there will be someone from the Alliance joining the "Kiss My Ass Club".
    • Vince says he will allow one member of the Alliance to join the WWF.
    • Vince says he has something in store for the leader of the Alliance, Steve Austin.
    • Vince address's the empty seat next to JR.
    • Vince introduces Paul Heyman, confusing Jim Ross & The Audience.
    • Paul Heyman gloats to Jim Ross that he "Got Away With It".
    • Vince calls Paul Heyman into the ring.
    • Vince says he appreciates people who speak their mind.
    • Vince says he's a first ammendment advocate.
    • However, he would like to inform Heyman that "He's Fired!!"
    • Seems Vince only rehired Heyman just so he could fire him.
    • Heyman takes off his jacket and challenges Vince to fight him.
    • Vince disrobes as well and Heyman slips out of the ring.
    • Heyman attacks Jim Ross, who pounds Heyman in return.
    • Security comes down and takes Heyman away.
    • Vince introduces JERRY THE KING LAWLER!!!!!!!!
    • The King comes to ringside and joins Jim Ross....

  3. WWF WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Trish vs Lita.
    • King says this is a great way to welcome back the King, PUPPIES GALORE!!
    • Lita climbs the top rope, but Trish pushes her off all the way down to the floor.
    • Matt Hardy helps Lita back into the ring.
    • Trish rolls Lita up for the PIN.

  4. ALLIANCE LOCKER ROOM: Vince McMahon & RVD, Dudleyz, Test & Christian.
    • Vince greets the final remnants of the Alliance.
    • Vince tells RVD will compete in a Handicap Hardcore Tables match against the Dudley Boyz.
    • Christian tries to suck up to Vince saying that he is proud to be European champion and it's great to be working with Vince again.
    • Vince tells Christian to get out of his sight.

  5. HARCORE HANDICAP TABLES MATCH: RVD vs The Dudley Boyz w/Stacy.
    • RVD is grossly dropped on the back of his head, but gets up.
    • The Dudleyz set up two tables and set up RVD for the 3D, but RVD counters.
    • Bubba gets a chair but RVD kicks the chair into his Face.
    • RVD sets up DVON on a table and climbs the ropes for the frog-splash.
    • DVON moves and RVD (who's leap was a tad short) slams his head through the table.
    • The Dudleyz try to put a very dazed RVD through a table but the tables doesn't break the first time, but RVD "got wood" on the second attempt.

  6. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt Angle arrives to the arena and is greeted by a WWF employee who asks Angle how he's doing..
    • Angle says that he's the man who single handedly saved the world wrestling federation and that he's "doin' great!"
    • Angle asks where the Rock and heads in that direction.

  7. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & The Rock.
    • Kurt Angle walks into the Rock's lockerroom and asks if Rock has anything to say to him.
    • Rock says he resents that Angle went a whole month of bashing WWF superstars in the head with chairs and never thought to let anybody in on the plan.
    • Rock challenges Kurt Angle to a match.
    • Kurt Angle accepts.

  8. PARKING LOT: Shane & Stephanie McMahon.
    • Shane & Stephanie arrive at the arena driving themselves.
    • They enter the arena wondering why Vince wanted them there.
    • Stephanie speculates that Daddy might give them back their jobs.

  9. IN THE RING: Vince McMahon + Shane & Stephanie McMahon.
    • Vince comes to the ring and calls out Shane & Stephanie with no music of pyro.
    • Shane congratulates Vince, saying that he lost, and that he lost to the better man.
    • Shane then leaves the ring and goes backstage.
    • Stephanie says tell her father than she has made some really big mistakes, but she is young and nieve.
    • Stephanie says her biggest mistake was listening to her brother.
    • Stephanie blames everything on Shane, saying everything was his idea.
    • Stephanie tells her father that she's sorry. (with crying eyes)
    • Just as everybody thinks Vince will accept Steph's apology, Vince calls for security.
    • Stephanie clings onto Vince's leg, but is pulled away by Security.
    • Vince says "Say goodbye to daddy's little girl!!"

  10. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Chris Jericho.
    • Vince is on the phone talking to someone about a WCW Employee going into the ring with Vince and literally kissing his ass.
    • Jericho enters the room, and Vince hangs up.
    • Vince asks Jericho what he was thinking when he comprimised the WWF last night by hitting The Rock.
    • Jericho gives an inscincere apology.
    • Vince says that he doesn't like guys with "big egos".
    • Vince says the Jericho will have a match with Kane tonight.

  11. RINGSIDE: Mr. T.
    • Mr. T is shown at ringside wearing his 1-800-COLLECT shirt going wild with all the WWF Fans.

  12. WORLD TITLE MATCH: The Rock vs Kurt Angle.
    • Angle puts the anklelock on Rock, but Rock reverses it for the pin!
    • Angle attacks the Rock after the match, but Rock fights back and Rock Bottoms Kurt.
    • Chris Jericho runs down and attacks the Rock.
    • Angle & Jericho double-team the Rock.
    • Jericho puts the walls of jericho on the Rock.

  13. IN THE RING: Vince McMahon.
    • Vince says he will offer employment to one former WCW employee.
    • Vince says that right now someone will join the "Kiss My Ass Club".
    • Vince introduces William Regal.
    • Regal offers to get Vince coffee of carry his bags or whatever.
    • Vince clarifies that Regal has to "LITERALLY" kiss his ass.
    • Regal looks horrified.
    • Vince asks Regal if her really wants a job.
    • Regal quietly and reluctantly says "yes".
    • Vince tells Regal to get behind him and on his knees, and pucker up.
    • Regals gets on his knees.
    • Vince says "Wait wait it gets better than that!"
    • Vince pulls his pants down and tells Regal to "Go ahead and kiss my ass!"
    • Vince gives Regal some chapstick.
    • Regal applies the chapstick.
    • Vince says "Damnit, now kiss my ass!"
    • Regal, with a VERY sour look on his face, leans over and kiss's Vince's ass.

  14. MATCH: Kane vs Chris Jericho.
    • Kane jumps off the top rope and Jericho smashes a Chair in Kane's face.
    • Jericho tries to slap Kane into the Walls of Jericho, messing it up the first two tries but finally locks it in.
    • Kane has a huge cut on the top of his head.
    • Jericho releases the hold and is about to leave, but returns and puts the WoJ back on Kane again.

  15. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Edge.
    • Kurt Angle is showning bitching backstage of not getting any respect.
    • Kurt Angle sees Edge and asks if Edge has anything to say for him.
    • Edge points out the Angle may have just been playing both sides, so he could have a job after Survivor Series.
    • Angle is upset by Edge's remarks.

  16. MATCH: William Regal vs Tazz.
    • JR explains the Tazz has been hired to be a broadcaster on Smackdown!, which is why he's still around.
    • Regal puts Tazz into the Regal stretch, and Tazz taps.
    • Regal refuses to break the hold.

  17. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Vince McMahon.
    • Vince comes into Kurt Angle's locker room.
    • Kurt Angle looks sad and depressed that nobody gives him appreciation.
    • Vince says he's going to show Angle come appreciation.
    • Vince asks if Angle would like to be WWF Federation Champion.
    • Angle says he'd by HONORED!
    • Vince says if he follows him to the ring he will get his appreciation.

  18. IN THE RING: Vince McMahon & Kurt Angle - Ric Flair! & Stone Cold.
    • Vince McMahon thanks Kurt Angle on behalf of everybody in the arena.
    • Vince says that Kurt Angle is everybody's hero.
    • Vince says we need a champion with dignity, class, and credibility..
    • Vince says we need Kurt Angle as the World Wrestling Federation champion.
    • Vince says he wanted to stripe Stone Cold of the WWF Title face-to-face, but since he didn't show up he won't be able to do it face-to-face.
    • Vince was just about to name Kurt Angle the new WWF Federation champion, until a familiar entrance music hit..
    • WWWhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooo!!! The Nature Boy Ric Flair makes his way to the ring.
    • Vince McMahon says that it's nice for Ric Flair to come out to his hometown crowd, but this was his (Vince's) ring, and he wants an explaination.
    • Ric says he's here because he bet on a winner last night!
    • Ric tell Kurt Angle that he is a man and has a legacy, and says that he'd should want to win the title, instead of being given the title.
    • Vince thanks Ric for giving his opinion, and says have a nice day, good bye!
    • Ric explains that months ago, when Shane & Stephanie sold their stock, they sold it to Ric Flair!
    • Ric says that he and Vince are PARTNERS!
    • Stone Cold's music hits and Stone Cold comes to the ring and attacks Kurt Angle!!
    • Vince pulls Austin off of Angle, but Austin stomps on Vince.
    • Austin throws Vince out of the ring, and Angle/Vince retreat.
    • Austin & Flair go face to face in the ring.
    • Flair hands the WWF Title to Stone Cold.
    • Austin & Flair share a smile, and Austin calls for some Steveweisers!
    • Austin & Flair shares his beer with the Nature Boy..

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