November 26, 2001
Oklahoma City, OK

Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: Ric Flair & Vince McMahon.
    • Ric & Vince greet eachother.
    • Ric tells Vince that he didn't appreciate being let out of the loop at Smackdown.
    • Ric explains to Vince that he is 50% owner of the WWF and insists that nothing goes down without his

  2. IN THE RING: Vince McMahon & Kurt Angle.
    • Vince McMahon says somebody else will join the "Kiss My Ass Club" tonight.
    • Vince compliments Kurt Angle for 5 minutes.
    • Vince explains that it will be Stone Cold Steve Austin who will Kiss his ass tonight on RAW.

  3. BACKSTAGE: Regal, Test, Christian, Dudleyz + Ric Flair.
    • Regal says that the five of them need to stick together tonight because Stone Cold could attack at any moment.
    • Regal says they will come to the ring during each of their matches.
    • Ric Flair enters and warns them all not to interfer in eachothers matches.. or else they will be suspended..

  4. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Christian vs Jeff Hardy w/ Lita.
    • A few minutes in, Matt Hardy comes to ringside.
    • Jeff almost has the match won, but goes to the top rope.
    • Matt gets in the way so Jeff can't jump off.
    • Christian pushed Matt into the ringpost and Jeff falls off.
    • Christian makes the cover for the win.

  5. BACKSTAGE: Hardy Boyz & Lita.
    • Jeff is getting medical attention.
    • Matt Hardy yells at Jeff for taking stupid risks.
    • The brothers argue with eachother.
    • Lita tries to cut in but Matt tells her to shut up.
    • Lita says that she thought Matt was in here because he cared about Jeff, but it's obvious he only cares about himself.
    • Lita leaves and Matt chases her.

  6. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs DVon Dudley.
    • Rob Van Dam wins after hitting the five-star-frog splash.

  7. BACKSTAGE: Regal, Test, Christian, Bubba.
    • Regal says he needs to go to the Lu.
    • Christian translates for the others.
    • Regal says that they all need to go in case Stone Cold is lurking.
    • The foursome leave to go to the washroom together.

  8. REST ROOM: Regal, Test, Christian, Bubba + Big Show + DVon.
    • Regal, Test, Christian & Bubba Ray are shown lined up at the urinals..
    • The Big Show enters and scares the crap out of all of them..
    • DVon comes in and startles them again..
    • When Regal turns to look at DVon, he accidentally urinates all over the Big Show.

  9. INTERVIEW: Michael Cold & Stacy Keibler.
    • Michael Cole asks Stacy why she thinks she can beat Trish in a Bra&Panties match after losing the gravybowl match on Smackdown.
    • Stacy says that when she's in her Bra & Panties, she ALWAYS comes out on top.

  10. BACKSTAGE: The Big Show.
    • The Big Show is shown leaving Ric Flair's dressing room with a smile on his face.
    • We can assume he was granted a match against Regal.

  11. BRA&PANTIES WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Stacy Keibler.
    • Stacy gets Trish's top off.
    • Trish gets Stacy's top off.
    • Trish pulls off Stacy's panties, and pins her for the win.

  12. IN THE RING: The Rock + Chris Jericho.
    • The Rock voices his opinion on the matches at Vengeance.
    • The Rock says it would make better sense for Rock and Austin to battle for the unified title, instead of involving Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho.
    • Rock badmouths Vince McMahon for making the decision to add Jericho & Angle.
    • Rock says he will beat Jericho's ass at Vengeance anyway.
    • Chris Jericho then comes to the stage.
    • Jericho reminises about Smackdown when he beat Rock with Rock's very own move.
    • Jericho admits that he has a weakness.
    • Jericho says that his weakness was that he actually cared about what the fans thought.
    • Jericho asks, where did that ever get me??
    • Jericho says that he made a turning point in his career when he stopped caring for the fans and started caring for himself.
    • Jericho says he has become LARGER THAN LIFE.
    • Jericho says it's time he wins the undisputed world title and solidify his spot as a living legend.
    • The Rock says that he is going to kick Jericho's ass at Vengeance and go on to win the undisputed world title.
    • If ya smeeellelelelelellellellee what the rock.. is.. coookin'!

    • Test almost wins the match when he had his legs on the ropes but the referee saw.
    • Test brings a chair into the ring.
    • Albert & Scotty Too Hotty come to the ring and grab the chair from Test.
    • S2H superkicks Test.
    • Albert gives Test an Avalanche in the corner.
    • Edge spears Test, and Test retreats.
    • Edge, Albert & Scotty celebrate in the ring.

  14. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Kurt Angle + William Regal.
    • Angle says that he can't wait to see Stone Cold Steve Austin kiss Vince's ass.
    • William Regal enters and asks Vince to pull strings and get him out of the match with Big Show.
    • Vince whispers something in Regal's ear.

  15. MATCH: The Bg Show vs William Regal.
    • Booker T comes out of the crowd in steet clothes.
    • Regal whacks Big Show with a set of brass knucks.
    • Security chases Booker T through the arena (do they know?).
    • Regal covers Big Show for the win.

  16. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & The Undertaker.
    • Taker asks Vince why he called him here.
    • Vince wanted to explain to the Taker that on Smackdown when Vince came up behind Taker with the chair, he was going to hit him if Taker didn't release Angle.
    • Vince says that he actually does respect The Undertaker.
    • Vince ends by saying the he and the Undertaker are a lot a like.

  17. WWF NEW YORK: Lance Storm.
    • JR asks Storm what he's doing now that he's out of a job.
    • Lance Storm says that he is too great of an athlete to not be in the WWF.
    • He's just waiting for the right time to return.
    • The camera goes widescreen and shows that Lance Storm is actually the Janitor of WWF New York.

  18. HANDICAP MATCH: Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle vs The Rock.
    • Ric Flair comes out and says he is changing this handicap match into a Tag Team match.
    • Ric Flair introduces the Rock's partner....... KANE!
    • The Rock pins Jericho for the win..
    • Jericho gets to his feet and Rock returns and hits the Rock Bottom.
    • Jericho gets up again and the Rock returns again with a chair but Jericho escapes.

  19. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Regal/Dudleyz/Test/Christian.
    • Regal gives Vince the stick of chapstick that Vince gave him the week before.
    • Vince says it's time for Austin to do some ass kissing.

  20. IN THE RING: Vince & Austin - Former Alliance - Angle + JR + Undertaker.
    • Vince says that Austin's gonna do what everybody in the audience would do..
    • Vince calls out Austin.
    • Austin comes out and downs a beer.
    • Vince says it's time for you to get down on your knees.
    • Austin says "What?"
    • Vince tells Austin that he doesn't want -Austin vs Vince 2-
    • Stone Cold says he's gonna think about it (opens another beer)
    • Vince asks Stone Cold if he's gonna kiss his ass or not?
    • Stone Cold says over the years he's gotten smarter, and he doesnt want Austin vs Vince 2 and he thinks it's time for he and Vince to bury the hatchet.
    • Vince pulls his pants down.
    • Austin says that Vince is the ugliest stripper he's ever seen.
    • Austin asks if this is supposed to be SEXY?!
    • Vince gives Austin some chapstick.
    • Austin applies the chapstick.
    • Vince gives Austin some gum.
    • Austin chews it.
    • Vince gives Austin some mouthwash.
    • Austin says Vince is getting on his nerves, but he gargles anyway.
    • Vince tells Austin to get on his knees.
    • Vince pulls his underwear down.
    • Austin gets on one knee.
    • Austin says "Before I kiss your ass, can you make it do one of those tricks?"
    • Austin asks if he kisses Vince's ass does Vince promise that it's over between Vince and him.
    • Vince bends over.
    • Stone Cold asks Vince if he ever uses toilet paper.
    • Vince yells at Stone Cold to KISS HIS ASS!
    • Austin suddenly low-blows Vince and whips him with his belt.
    • Regal, CHristian, Test, and the Dudleyz run down and attack Austin..
    • They fight Austin through the crowd..
    • Kurt Angle comes to the ring helps Vince..
    • Vince McMahon looks at Jim Ross, who is laughing at Vince.
    • Vince asks "Are you laughing at me Hillbilly Boy?"
    • Vince says I'll give you something to laugh about.
    • Vince and Kurt Angle pull Jim Ross into the Ring.
    • Vince says he's gonna make Jim Ross kiss his ass.
    • Kurt Angle forces Ross to his knees.
    • Suddenly the Undertaker comes out and Vince/Kurt release Ross.
    • The Undertaker picks up the Microphone and JRs hat.
    • The Undertaker gives JR his hat back.
    • The Undertaker says he's been here a long time and Vince's still surprises him.
    • The Undertaker says he's been here eleven years and seen a lot of people come, and a lot of people go.. Hogan, Savage, Warrior, Bret, Shawn...
    • The Undertaker says every one of them kissed Vince's ass at one point.
    • The Undertaker says that the sadest part about it was that he has kissed Vince's ass more than most.
    • The Undertaker asks JR if he wants to kiss Vince's ass.
    • JR says HELL NO!!
    • The Undertaker asks "Does that make you better than me?"
    • The Undertaker then punches a confused Jim Ross and attacks him.
    • ....... HEEL TURN
    • The Undertaker & Kurt Angle force a beaten Jim Ross to kiss Vince McMahons ass.

  21. RAW goes off the air...
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