December 3, 2001
Bradley Center
Milwaukee, WI
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: Chris Jericho & Ric Flair.
    • Y2J says that this sunday he will win the biggest one of them all.
    • Y2J says that it bugs him that The Rock & Stone Cold feel that it's a given that the two of them will be in the final match at Vengeance.
    • Y2J says Stone Cold is overlooking Kurt Angle.
    • Y2J says The Rock is overlooking him.
    • Y2J says that it's because they are scarred to death.
    • Y2J says that after Vengeance, all of this disrespect will stop.
    • Y2J says that he will finally prove that he is the biggest star in WWF history.
    • Suddenly Ric Flair's music hits and WWF Co-Owner Ric Flair comes to the ring.
    • Y2J says that it's an honor for Flair to be standing in the same ring with a legend like Chris Jericho.
    • Flair says that he has a problem with Jericho's lack of respect for Steve Austin.
    • Flair sets up a match between Chris Jericho and Stone Cold.
    • Flair says that to be the man, you gotta beat that man, and right now in his eyes, Steve Austin is, THE MAN.. WHHOOO!!

  2. MATCH: Kane vs Bubba Dudley w/DVon & Stacy.
    • Stacy grabs Kane's foot during the match and Kane stalks Stacy outside the ring but DVon hits Kane from behind.
    • Later, Stacy gets back up on the ring apron and Kane grabs her by the Neck, DVon once again comes to the rescue but Kane knocks him out of the ring.
    • Kane then grabs Bubba and chokeslams him for the WIN.
    • Dvon attacks again and the Dudleyz 3D Kane.
    • The Big Show comes out to make the save.

  3. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Kurt Angle.
    • Vince is shown talking on the phone with The Undertaker, who has the night off.
    • Angle enters the room and Vince says goodbye to Taker.
    • Angle says that he hasn't slept all weekend because of what the Rock did to Vince.
    • Angle says that they're gonna get the Rock back tonight.
    • Angle says he's got a plan.
    • Vince says that he's all ears.....

  4. MATCH: Albert w/Scotty vs Test.
    • Scotty Too Hotty joins the Announce table.
    • Test hits the boot on Albert.
    • Scotty gets up and distracts the referee.
    • Test attacks Scotty outside the ring.
    • Albert nails Test with the boot, but Test kicks out.
    • Test makes a cover with his feet on the ropes but Albert kicks out.
    • Test gets a chair, but Scotty grabs it from him and nails Test in the head.
    • Albert hits the Hip-Hop-Drop and covers Test for the pin.

  5. BACKSTAGE: Trish Stratus, Crash Holly & The Brooklyn Brawler.
    • Trish is shown walking backstage.
    • She runs into Crash and the Brawler.
    • Crash wishes Trish luck in her match this Sunday.
    • Trish thanks Crash and asks the two if they've seen the Rock.
    • The Brawler says the the Rock is in the 3rd dressing room on the left.

  6. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Rob Van Dam + Christian.
    • Cole and RVD talk about his match with the Undertaker at Vengeance.
    • Christian interupts the interview.
    • RVD challenges Christian to a match.
    • Christian says he will if the Hardcore Title is on the line.
    • RVD says that's the way he likes it.
    • RVD suggest they put the Eurotrash title on the line too.
    • Christian refuses.

  7. BACKSTAGE: Trish Stratus & The Rock.
    • Trish enters the Rock's dressing room and thanks the Rock.
    • Rock asks why?
    • Trish says the thank you is for saving her from having to kiss Vince McMahon's ass on Smackdown.
    • Trish then says she wanted to thank him properly, so she kisses Rock on the cheek.
    • The Rock then gives Trish a BIG LONG kiss on the lips and raises the people's eyebrow.

  8. TAG TEAM MATCH: The Hardyz w/Lita vs Tajiri & Spike Dudley.
    • Spike pushes Matt into Jeff, knocking him off the apron.
    • Jeff comes into the ring and gets into Matt's face.
    • Matt hits the leg drop off the second rope.
    • Jeff gets a blind tag and hits Spike with a swanton bomb.
    • Jeff covers Spike for the WIN, but Matt is not happy that Jeff stole the pin.

  9. BACKSTAGE: William Regal & APA.
    • The APA is shown mocking William Regal who is walking by.
    • Regal defends his actions saying both of them would do the same thing.
    • Bradshaw challenges Regal to a fight tonight on RAW.
    • Regal accepts sayint that they will fight like gentlemen.

  10. BACKSTAGE: The Hardyz & Lita.
    • The Hardy brothers are shown bickering backstage.
    • Lita gets between them and yells at both of them, Matt specifically.
    • Matt questions why Lita is taking Jeff's side.
    • Lita says she isn't taking sides.
    • Jeff says that he's sick of this and leaves.
    • Matt says that Lita will be the referee at Vengeance and we will find out who's side she's on.

  11. MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Stone Cold.
    • After a hard-fought match, Austin hits the Stunner and pins Jericho.
    • Austin celebrates with a couple of beers.
    • Booker T is shown on the big screen hot wiring Stone Cold's truck and driving away.
    • Austin leaves the arena and goes after Booker in another vehicle.

  12. IN THE RING: Vince McMahon & Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt Angle says that everybody in the company would be a nobody without Vince McMahon, except for him because he already was a bonafied olympic gold medalist before coming to the WWF.
    • Kurt Angle says everybody should respect the owner of the World Wrestling Federation.
    • Kurt yells at the Rock for humilating Vince on Smackdown.
    • Kurt Angle demands an apology.
    • The Rock comes out to the stage.
    • Finally... the Rock has come back to Milwaukee!
    • Rock tells Kurt & Vince to come up there and kiss the People's Ass.
    • Vince says that he didn't expect Rock to apologize.
    • Vince sets up a match between the Rock vs Vince/Kurt.
    • Vince says that he'll give The Rock a Tag Team parter, Trish Stratus.
    • Vince says that if Rock/Trish lose the match, The Rock will have to kiss Vince's ass on Smackdown.
    • Suddenly Ric Flair comes to the ring.
    • Flair add a stipulation to the match that if Vince/Kurt lose, Vince will have to kiss the Rock's ass.
    • Flair adds if Vince/Kurt loses and Vince's doesn't kiss the Rock's ass, then Angle will lose his opportunity at Vengeance.
    • Flair asks Rock what he has to say about that.
    • The Rock says he only has one thing to say... WHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  13. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Christian.
    • Christian sets up the ONE-MAN-CONCHAIRTO.
    • RVD moves and kicks the chair into Christian's face (Van-Daminator).
    • RVD hits the five-star-frog-splash for the win.

  14. MATCH: William Regal vs Bradshaw.
    • Regal knocks Bradshaw out with a set of Brass Knucks.
    • As Regal is leaving, Tazz shows up on the big screen from WWF NY.
    • Tazz wishes Regal luck at Vengeance vs Edge.
    • Tazz says he went to WWF NY to hang out with Edge but he can't find him anywhere?
    • Tazz questions: Where is Edge?
    • Suddenly Edge attacks Regal on the RAW stage.

  15. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Kurt Angle.
    • Vince & Kurt talk about their match tonight.
    • Kurt says that it's gonna be great to see The Rock kissing Vince's ass on Smackdown.
    • Kurt says it would be quite a site if Vince had to kiss the Rock's ass.
    • Vince gives Kurt a dirty look.
    • Kurt says that's not gonna happen anyway.

  16. MAIN EVENT: Vince McMahon & Kurt Angle vs The Rock & Trish Stratus.
    • Vince chases Trish away from ringside.
    • Stone Cold comes out from the curtain and stalks Vince to ringside.
    • Stone Cold pounds on Vince and then hits Kurt Angle.
    • Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Kurt Angle and gets the pin.
    • Vince McMahon now has to kiss The Rock's ass on Smackdown.
    • Rock & Vince stare eachother down in the ring.
    • Rock smiles at Vince and makes a pucker face at him.

  17. RAW goes off the air...
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