December 17, 2001
Lafayette, LA
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: The Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy w/Lita.
    • Matt Hardy is shown at WWF New York, watching the Match.
    • Taker puts Jeff in the Last Ride.
    • Lita climbs to the top rope but Taker sees her and she retreats.
    • Taker pins Jeff Hardy for the win.
    • Taker is about to leave on his bike, but he sees Lita in the ring tending to Jeff Hardy.
    • Taker goes into the ring and intimidates Lita out of the ring.
    • Taker carrys Jeff up the ramp to the stage.
    • Taker gives Jeff the last ride off the stage through a set of tables.
    • Taker also throws Lita off the stage.
    • Matt Hardy (at WWF New York) is shocked and looks concerned!
    • Matt is shown on the phone with somebody trying to get information.
    • WINNER: The Undertaker.

  2. IN THE RING: Vince McMahon & Stone Cold.
    • Vince recaps the actions of Steve Austin on Smackdown.
    • Vince calls Steve Austin to the ring.
    • Stone Cold comes out face to face with Vince.
    • Vince says that he wants Steve Austin to apologize for what he did to Booker T.
    • Austin refuses.
    • Booker T shows up on the big screen standing next to Austin's truck.
    • Booker smashes all the windows on Austin's truck.
    • Austin goes running outside after Booker.
    • Booker gets into a limo and drives off.
    • Austin gets into his truck and gives chase.

  3. TAG TEAM MATCH: Albert/Scotty vs The Dudleyz w/Stacy.
    • Scotty puts the worm on DVon.
    • Stacy climbs into the ring and sneaks up on Albert.
    • Albert turns around and gives Stacy a BIG KISS!
    • Scotty fights back but ends up in a Dudley Death Drop!
    • WINNERS: The Dudleyz.

  4. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon.
    • Vince is shown talking to Booker T on the phone.
    • Booker tells Vince that he's hiding in a church.
    • Specifically a seniors night of Bingo!
    • Vince says that while he's there, he should say a prayer for Stone Cold.

  5. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Christian vs Tazz.
    • In a quick match, Tazz gets a lot of offense but comes out on the losing end.
    • Christian nails the Unprettier on Tazz.
    • Christian yells at Tazz and takes a swing at him with the Euro belt.
    • Tazz ducks and locks the Tazmission on Christian.

  6. INTERVIEW: Sherlock Helms & Ric Flair + Lance Storm.
    • Helms asks Flair about the return of the Hurricane.
    • Lance Storm interupts the interview and asks Flair for one more chance.
    • Storm states that he needs time to prepare for a match.
    • Flair gets upset at Storm and says "Be careful what you wish for!"
    • Flair says that tonight Lance Storm will wrestling The Rock.
    • If Storm wins he gets a job.

  7. LOCKER ROOM: Rob Van Dam & Vince McMahon.
    • Vince enters RVDs lockerroom.
    • Vince wishes RVD luck tonight against Chris Jericho.
    • Vince says that he thinks RVD deserves a short at Chris Jerico.
    • Vince says that if RVD wins the World Title that they can be good friends.
    • RVD says that he doesn't really wanna be Vince's partner.
    • Vince gets angry and says he hopes Jericho kicks his butt tonight!
    • Vince says he's gonna be guest commentator during the match.

  8. LOCAL CHURCH: Booker T.
    • Booker T is shown playing bingo with a bunch of old ladies.
    • Booker tells the person calling the numbers to speed up.
    • Booker distracts the lady next to him and switches Cards.
    • Austins voice comes on the speaking and says the next number is A as in Austin 3:16.
    • Booker T runs out of the room and Austin follows.
    • Booker T is shown trying to find a hiding place in the main church.
    • Booker finds a closet and stays there.

  9. MATCH: The Rock vs Lance Storm.
    • Lance Storm misses a sidekick and takes out the referee.
    • The Rock locks Storm into the Sharpshooter.
    • Test comes down to the ring and attacks The Rock.
    • Test puts Lance on top of Rock and the ref count one.... two..........
    • Storm continues to assault the Rock.
    • Rock fights back.
    • Rock punches Test and goes after him outside the ring.
    • Storm jumps off the apron but the Rock catches him with a fist to the gut.
    • Test continues to attack the Rock.
    • Storm crawls back into the ring.
    • The referee counts Rock out.
    • Lance Strom wins the Match and gets a JOB with the WWF!
    • Rock comes back into the ring and stalks Storm.
    • Storm turns around to find the Rock.
    • Rock realizes that it wasn't Storm's fault.
    • Rock extends his hand.
    • Storm shakes Rock's hand, but Rock puts the Rock Bottom on Storm!
    • WINNER: Lance Storm.

  10. LOCAL CHURCH: Booker T & {One of the hottest chicks ever!}
    • Booker's hiding place happened to be a confessional booth.
    • A very "blessed" young lady came into the booth and confessed her adultry with her Boyfriends brother and another guy.
    • She said that it was all caught on video tape.
    • Booker T told her to do a bunch of hail marys and send him the tape, and all her sins will be forgiven.

  11. IN THE RING: Chris Jericho & Ric Flair.
    • Chris Jericho says he refuses to defend the championship against RVD saying that he doesn't deserve a title shot.
    • Jericho call RVD a cheater for using a chair to pin Jericho on smackdown.
    • Jericho calls out Ric Flair to reverse the decision on Smackdown.
    • Whhooooo! Ric Flair comes to the ring.
    • {Editors Note}: Jericho kinda looks like Chyna when she first started!
    • Flair refuses to reverse the decision or cancel the match tonight.
    • Flair says that RVD is the number one contender.
    • Jericho accuses Flair of being envious of Chris Jericho.
    • Jericho tells Flair to get over his "mid-life-crisis".
    • Flair grabs the mic and told Jericho that he had that 10 years ago!
    • Flair tells Jericho that he'll be the referee in the Main Event tonight.

  12. TAG TEAM MATCH: Edge/Rikishi vs Kurt Angle/Test.
    • Kurt Angle pins Edge.
    • Edge cheapshots Edge with the Big Boot.
    • Rikishi fights back but is double-teamed by Angle & Test.
    • The Rock runs down to the ring and attacks Test (Angle retreats).
    • Rikishi gives the stinkface to Test.

  13. INTERVIEW: Michael Cold & Test.
    • Cole replays the Stinkface on Test.
    • Test bullies Cole.
    • Test pushes Cole to the ground.

  14. MATCH: Big Show/Tajiri w/Torrie vs Gunn/Palumbo.
    • Late in the match, Torrie got up on the apron.
    • Tajiri accidentally kicks Torrie right in the face.
    • Gunn takes advantage and pins Tajiri.

  15. LOCAL CHURCH: Booker T & {Some Guy} + Stone Cold.
    • Booker is shown taking a confession from a guy who had two servings of desert last week.
    • Booker tells him to get out of his office!
    • Another person enters the booth.
    • It's Stone Cold!
    • Booker asks if he has any sins he wants to confess.
    • Austin says no, not yet!
    • Booker bolts from the booth and Austin chases him.
    • The two run into a pack of nuns.
    • The nuns ask Booker if he can drive them to the orphanage.
    • A minister approaches Stone Cold and says he will take his confession now.

  16. BACKSTAGE: Rob Van Dam & Ric Flair.
    • RVD and Flair greet eachother.
    • Flair asks RVD if he's ever considered using the figure four.

  17. THE MAIN EVENT WORLD TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam.
    • Vince McMahon introduces the World Champion, Chris Jericho.
    • Referee Ric Flair comes to the ring.
    • Vince takes the announce position.
    • After a long and brutal match.
    • RVD had Jericho down and hits the Five-Star-Frog-Splash!
    • Ric Flair goes for the count, but Vince McMahon pulls Flair out of the ring.
    • Flair fights McMahon into the ring.
    • Flair locks the figure-four onto Vince McMahon.
    • At the same time, RVD locks the figure-four on Chris Jericho.
    • Match is rules a NO CONTEST!

  18. RAW goes off the air...
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