January 14, 2002
American Airlines Arena
Dallas, Texas
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: Ric Flair + Chris Jericho + Vince McMahon.
    • Flair talks about the history of Wrestling in the city of Dallas, including one of his famous matches with Kerry Von Erich.
    • Flair talks about wrestling Vince McMahon at Royal Rumble.
    • Flair shows the footage of Vince attacking him last week and leaving Flair bloodied.
    • Flair announces that he's making the match at Royal Rumble a "Street Fight".
    • Flair strutes around the ring, dropping elbows and kneedrops on the canvas.
    • Flair calls out Vince.
    • Jericho's music hits and Chris Jericho comes to the ring.
    • Jericho says that a long time ago, the company revolved around one person, and that always was the World Champion.
    • Jericho says that the company should revolve around him.
    • Jericho says he is going to beat The Rock for the 5th time at Royal Rumble.
    • Jericho tells Flair that he doesn't have what it takes..
    • Jericho says he has what it takes.. Class.. Style.. Raw Charisma.. Jericho says you could call him the 'Anti-Texan'.
    • Jericho insults Texas a little more..
    • Jericho says that it's ok for him to make fun of the President because he's not his leader.
    • Jericho says that Flair & Bush have something in common..
    • Jericho says that at Royal Rumble, Flair is going to choke (refering to Bush choking on a pretzel this past weekend)
    • Flair pauses for a minute and attacks Jericho.
    • Jericho fights back temporarily, but Flair comes back and locks the figure four on Y2J.
    • Vince McMahon hobbles quickly down to the ring with a pipe in hand and whacks Flair over the head with it..
    • Vince says Flair is unconscious in the ring just like he will be at Royal Rumble.
    • Vince apoligizes to Y2J for Flair putting his hands on him.
    • Vince tells Y2J to help Flair up.
    • Vince lines up to kick Flair in the crotch, but Flair blocks it.
    • Jericho attack Flair and holds him while McMahon nails Flair in the gut with the pipe.

  2. BACKSTAGE: Lance Storm & Christian.
    • Christian & Storm Congratulated Jericho as he returned backstage.
    • Storm asks Y2J how his leg is after that figure four.
    • Bradshaw enters and defends his home state and President Bush.
    • Bradshaw challenges Jericho, Storm & Christian to a 6-man tag team match, saying he's gather a few friends..

    • Vince flees the arena in a limo.

  4. MATCH: Spike w/Tazz vs Bubba Ray w/Dvon.
    • Spike wins with a quick pin.

  5. PARKING LOT: Steph & Triple H.
    • A white limo pulls into the parking lot and Stephanie gets out complaining about everything.
    • Triple H gets out of the other side with an annoyed look on his face.
    • Stephanie suggests they go back to the hotel so Hunter can kick the bellmans ass.
    • Triple H tells his wife to calm down and talk a walk or something.
    • Triple H says that he's gonna kick somebody's ass tonight.

  6. TAG TEAM MATCH: Billy & Chuck vs Tajiri & Hurricane w/Molly&Torrie.
    • Gunn grabs the mic and talks about how he and Chuck had dates with two really hot girls.
    • Hurricane comes to the ring and says "Billy & Chuck with hot girls? What's up with dat?!"
    • Billy & Chuck attack.
    • Chuck superkicks Tajiri and covers for the pin.

  7. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Kurt Angle.
    • Cole talks about how Angle was on his way to defeat on Smackdown before Kane interfered in the Angle/Austin match.
    • Kurt Angle says that Kane messed with the wrong guy.
    • Kurt asks if Kane has an olympic medel.. NO
    • Kurt reminises about the last time he wrestled Kane, making him tap out.
    • Kurt says he will break Kane's ankle tonight.

  8. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie & Debra.
    • Stephanie is shown trying to get a backstage pass.
    • Debra walks in and says hi to everybody.
    • Stephanie confronts Debra, thinking Debra said something bad about her.
    • The two divas bitch at eachother, saying who's husbund is better.
    • Debra pushes Steph, and Steph pushes Debra back.
    • Debra slaps Steph, and Steph slaps her back. (brutal slaps)
    • The two have a catfight and are pulled apart by backstage officials.

  9. #1 CONTENDER MATCH: Jacky vs Jazz.
    • Trish Stratus joins the announce table.
    • Jazz pins Jacky after a fisherman's suplex.
    • Jazz leaves the ring and attacks Trish, the referee (and lawler) separate the two.

  10. MATCH: Kurt Angle vs Kane.
    • Late in the match, Angle locks the anklelock on Kane.
    • Kane crawls to the ropes back Angle pulls him back inside the ring.
    • Angle eventually breaks the hold.
    • Angle puts the olympic slam on Kane but can't get the pin.
    • Kane grabs Angle for the chokeslam.
    • ANgle grabs the referee and pulls him in.
    • Kane chokeslams both of them.
    • Kane puts the anklelock on Angle, who taps out but the referee is out cold.
    • Kane releases and knocks Angle down.
    • Kane puts the anklelock on again but Angle reverses it and covers just as the referee recovers..
    • Kurt Angle gets the 1-2-3!

  11. LOCKER ROOM: Stephanie & Triple H.
    • Stephanie bitches to her husbund about what Debra did to her.
    • Triple H tells her to shut up.
    • Steph stirs up tension saying Debra and Austin were talking bad about Triple H.
    • Triple H says he's beaten Austin before and has no problems doing it again.

  12. APA OFFICE: APA & Big Show.
    • Bradshaw & Farooq talk about Jericho dissing USA.
    • Big Show shows up and pulls up a seat to play some cards.
    • Booker T enters asking where the training room is.
    • Big Show says something bad about Booker.
    • Booker challenges Big Show to a match.
    • Bradshaw says he has an idea for a partner.

  13. TAG TEAM MATCH: Edge & Rob Van Dam vs William Regal & Test.
    • Late in the match, Regal slips on a set of brass knucks and punches RVD.
    • Regal then knocks out Edge.
    • Regals pins Edge for the win.

  14. BACKSTAGE: Y2J, Christian & Storm.
    • The three canadians are shown talking about their match, wondering who the APA would find to team with them.
    • Storm point to the monitor where they see APA warming up with Rikishi.

  15. MATCH: Booker T & The Big Show.
    • Booker T rams Big Show's head into an exposed turnbuckle.
    • Booker T covers up for the win.
    • Booker T displays the spinerooni after the match.

  16. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • Cole asks Austin about Triple H.
    • Austin says that he and HHH have differing opinions.
    • Austin talks for a long time about just about nothing.
    • Austin says something about winning the Royal Rumble.

  17. SIXMANTAG: Bradshaw/Farooq/Rikishi vs Jericho/Christian/Storm.
    • Farooq hits a powerslam, but Storm distracts the referee.
    • Jericho his a full nelson drop on Farooq and covers up for the WIN!

  18. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Stephanie.
    • Triple H is pacing backstage.
    • Triple H tells Stephanie that he's going to the ring.... ALONE.

  19. IN THE RING: Triple H + Stone Cold + Undertaker.
    • HHH does his usual drawn out entrance.
    • HHH basically turns heel.
    • Stone Cold suddenly comes to the ring and they stare eachother down.
    • The two suddenly brawl in the center of the ring.
    • Triple H sets up for the pedigree but Austin backflips HHH.
    • Taker comes down to the ring and knocks out both HHH & Austin.

  20. RAW goes off the air...

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