January 28, 2002

Richmond, VA
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: Kane vs The Big Show.
    • Kane slams The Big Show but can't get the pin.
    • Big Show hits the choke slam but Kane kicks out.
    • Kane hits a choke slam of his own and gains the pinfall.

  2. LOCKER ROOM: Ric Flair & APA.
    • Flair is talking to someone on his cell about the nWo.
    • The APA barges in and asks what is hell is going on.
    • Flair assures them that he knows better than anybody the power of the nWo.
    • Farooq & Bradshaw say that if it's who they think it is they are a bunch of self servin', ego maniac, lyin', asskissin', backstabbin', sons of bitches!

    • "The greatest trick the devil ever played, was convincing the world that he didn't exist" -Kevin Space (The Usual Suspects)
    • Goldust says that he does exist in the WWF again.

  4. RINGSIDE: King & JR.
    • They recap Mavens performance at Royal Rumble, when he eliminated The Undertaker.
    • Announce that Maven will get a Title Shot tonight against Chris Jericho's Undisputed Championship.

  5. INTERVIEW: Chris Jericho.
    • Jericho talks about how everybody is talking about is Maven eliminating Undertaker and not getting eliminated himself..
    • Jericho says that he will beat Maven tonight.

  6. IC TITLE MATCH: William Regal vs Rob Van Dam.
    • Referee Teddy Long searches ringside for any weapon Regal may have hidden.
    • RVD attacks early to start the match.
    • Regal kicks RVD in the crotch and the referee DQs Regal for a lowblow.
    • Regal punches out the referee and leaves with his title.
    • RVD catches up to Regal and pulls him back to the ring.
    • The Dudley Boys run to ringside and attack RVD.
    • Suddenly Edge makes the save and throws the Dudleyz out of the ring.
    • RVD recovers and flys off the top rope onto Bubba (outside the ring).
    • Edge flips over the top rope and hits DVon.
    • Regal recovers and knocks Edge out with brass knucks.
    • RVD comes back but the Dudleyz attack RVD and put him in the 3D.
    • Regal & the Dudleyz celebrate over RVD & Edge's unconscious bodies..

  7. LOCKER ROOM: Ric Flair & Stephanie McMahon.
    • Stephanie enters Flair's locker room.
    • Stephanie complains about Flair booking HHH in a match with Booker T.
    • Flair tells Stephanie to shut up.
    • Flair says that HHH is wrestling Booker T because her dad booked that match.
    • Flair says that when Vince gets there tonight he and Vince will be talking about the nWo.

  8. TAG TEAM MATCH: Godfather/DDP vs Lance Storm/Christian(EuroChamp).
    • Godfather does his "Welcome to the Godfather escort service" shtick
    • Godfather adds "Service, Class with a lot of fine ass".
    • Godfather/DDP win the match..
    • DDP leaves through the crowd..

  9. PARKING LOT: Vince McMahon.
    • Vince steps out of his limo and looks around.
    • Vince has a very disillusioned look on his face as he enters the arena.

  10. IN THE RING: Ric Flair & Vince McMahon.
    • Ric Flair comes to the ring alone.
    • Ric talks about Vince McMahon's decision to bring back the nWo.
    • Ric says that he's put together a video package of the history of the WWF.
    • The Video featured just about every single wrestler to ever make an impact on the WWF.. Including footage of nWo on WCW Nitro, The Bret Hart doublecross, and Madusa tossing the WWF Womans title in the trash... (Editors Note: Amazing video, finally arespectable tribute to the legacy of the WWF.)
    • Vince McMahon's music hits and Vince makes his way to the ring.
    • Vince stands quietly.
    • Ric tries to reason with Vince about saving the World Wrestling Federation.
    • Ric says that the crowd is here tonight because of what Vince McMahon has built.
    • Ric says that if he's done anything in three months to cause Vince to want to bring in the nWo, then he apoligizes.
    • Ric pleads for Vince not to screw up what it took a lifetime to build.
    • Vince says he wants 100% of his company back and he want's Ric Flair OUT.
    • Vince explains that the nWo poison will destroy every WWF wrestler and everything in the World Wrestling Federation.
    • Vince says that he's see every WWF superstar & WWF fan in hell..
    • Vince says that on the nWo killing fields, he'll be the last to survive *psychotic voice*

  11. WWF NY: Nidia.
    • JR asks Nidia what she thinks of Maven's match tonight.
    • Nidia says she is proud of Maven and is behind him 100%.

  12. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Tough Enough Champion, MAVEN.
    • Jericho badmouths Maven before the bell.
    • Jericho turns his back and Maven attacks..
    • Maven his some offense including his famous dropkick.
    • Jericho retreats to outside the ring and Maven gives chase.
    • Jericho turns the tables..
    • Jericho takes it to Maven, who eventually recovers and throws Jericho into the ring.
    • Jericho beat up on Maven..
    • Jericho exposes a turnbuckle..
    • Maven comes back and scores several VERY-NEAR-FALLS.
    • Jericho locks the Lion Tamer on Maven, who taps out to the Champion.
    • Undertaker's music hits and The Undertaker comes to the ring.
    • Jericho retreats and goes to the announce table...
    • Undertaker enters the ring and puts on his asswhooping gloves..
    • Undertaker corners Maven.
    • Undertaker punches Maven in the Gut.
    • Maven tries to fight back but Taker just beats Maven down even more.
    • Undertaker takes Maven outside the ring and slams his throat into a chair.
    • Jericho sits at the announce table and gloats the entire time.

  13. INTERVIEW: The Coach & The Undertaker.
    • Coach asks Taker about his unprovoked attach on Maven.
    • Taker tells Coach to never mention the name Maven in his presence.
    • Taker talks about Maven eliminating him at the Rumble.
    • Taker said he will continue to pay Maven back until he decides he is paid up.
    • Taker said he attacked the Rock on Smackdown because Rock mocked Undertaker for getting eliminated by Maven.

  14. BACKSTAGE: Jazz & Billy & Chucky.
    • Jazz is shown walking backstage, she hears strange noises from a locker room.
    • Jazz enters the room to find Billy & Chucky "helping" eachother get stretched out in "comprimising positions".

  15. LOCKER ROOM: Triple H & Stephanie.
    • Stephanie asks Triple H where his wedding band is.
    • HHH says he took it off, just like he does whenever he has a match.
    • Stephenie tells HHH that Flair didn't book the match against Booker, it was Vince.
    • HHH says he doesn't care who booker the match.
    • Steph suggests maybe he needs help tonight.
    • HHH tells Stephanie not to come down to ringside tonight.

  16. SIX-PERSON MATCH: Trish/APA vs Jazz/Billy/Chucky.
    • Trish goes for a huranacanrana on Chucky, but Chucky reverses it into a power bomb.
    • Chuck pins Trish for the win.
    • After the match Chucky whips his face off (cause it was in Trish's crotch, implying that he's not 'into' that)

  17. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Kurt Angle.
    • Cole talks about Angle's match with Austin.
    • Angle says that tonight is going to win the easy way or the hard way.
    • Easy way: Austin will get himself DQed.
    • Hard way: He's beat Austin himself.

  18. MATCH: Triple H vs Booker T.
    • Late in the match, Christian comes out of nowhere to attack Triple H.
    • Triple H kicks out though.
    • Stephanie runs down and confronts Christian.
    • Christian grabs Stephanie by the hair.
    • HHH comes to Steph's rescue..
    • Booker hits HHH from behind, knocking Christian and Stephanie off the apron.
    • Booker covers HHH for the WIN!
    • Stephanie apoligizes profusely to her furious husbund as the leave and during the commercial break.
    • Triple H goes into his locker room and slams the door on his wife.
    • Stephanie takes a fit and screams for HHH to open the door.
    • Stephanie calms down and says "I looooove you!"
    • Triple H opens the door and hands stephanie her bags..

  19. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Stone Cold vs Kurt Angle.
    • Late in the match, Austin brings a chair into the ring.
    • Angle begs Austin to hit him (to cause a DQ)
    • Austin drops the Chair and attacks Angle.
    • The referee gets knocked out.
    • Angle grabs the chair and hammers Austin a dozen times.
    • Just as the referee gets up Angle tosses the chair out of the ring.
    • Angle makes the cover, Austin kicks out!
    • Angle makes a second cover, Austin kicks out!
    • A few minutes later, Angle makes another cover, the referee counts the three but Austin had his foot on the ropes.
    • Angle celebrates, but the referee calls off the decision..
    • Austin recovers and gives Angle the stunner!
    • Austin pins Angle for the win!
    • Jericho runs down and Austin stuns him too!!!
    • Austin celebrates with a few stevewiesers..

  20. RAW goes off the air...

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