February 11, 2002

Jonesboro, Arizona
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: The Undertaker + Ric Flair.
    • Taker talks about him being the one who FINALLY shut the Rock's mouth.
    • Taker disses the audience.
    • Taker talks about the Rock disrespecting him, and about how Taker tombstoned Rock on the hood of a car.
    • Suddenly Ric Flair's music hits and Mr Flair comes to the ring.
    • Flair says that the Undertaker is one of the most respected men in the business.
    • Flair said that last week on Smackdown he lost everyone's respect before of what Taker did to Rock.
    • Taker says that when the "real owner" gives the word, he's going to kick Flair's ass.
    • Flair informs Taker that he'll be fighting Stone Cold tonight!

  2. NON-TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Edge.
    • Edge comes out with his abs taped up due to Regal punching him with brass knucks in the ribs.
    • Jericho hits Edge in the ribs with the Title Belt.
    • Jericho covers for the win!

  3. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Vince McMahon.
    • Cole asks Vince why he's here tonight.
    • Vince says that he wanted to experience the LAST RAW ever.
    • Cole asks if Vince is here to walk his daughter down the isle.
    • Vince says "perhaps".

  4. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Stephanie.
    • Triple H looks upset and starts towards the door.
    • Stephanie begs her husbund to not go fight Kurt Angle, no fights at all tonight.
    • Steph makes HHH promise not to get into trouble tonight.

  5. MATCH: Goldust vs Rikishi.
    • As Goldust is setting up for the shattered dreams, RVD runs down and goes to the tope rope.
    • Goldust turns around and RVD jumps off the tope and kicks him.
    • Rikishi joins in and Goldust retreats.

  6. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Arn Anderson.
    • Arn greets HHH and wishes him Luck.
    • Arn gives HHH a package that showed up on Flair's desk today.

  7. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Stone Cold.
    • Austin plays to the crowd who chants "What" about a trillion times.
    • Austin talks about Jonesboro being a "Dry Town".
    • Austin says that he's going to open up a can of whoopass on the Undertaker.
    • Austin says he's going to disrespect all over the Deadmans ass.

  8. MATCH: The Godfather vs Kurt Angle.
    • Angle quickly makes Godfather tap out.
    • After the bell, Angle reaplies the Anklelock.
    • WINNER: Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt grabs the mic and talks trash to Triple H.
    • Kurt says he thinks Stephanie could do much better.
    • Kurt vows that he will beat HHH at No Way Out and take HHHs title shot at Wrestlemania, in sickness and in health.

  9. MATCH: Steve Austin vs Undertaker.
    • Austin reverses the tombstone piledriver into a stunner.
    • Jericho interfers and attacks Austin.
    • Austin hits a spinbuster but Jericho fights back and dominated Austin.
    • Jericho lines up Austin and smashes him over the head with the Title belt.
    • Jericho grabs Austin's cooler and starts drinking one of Austin's beer.
    • Jericho smacks Austin in the head with a can of beer.
    • Jericho measure Austin with the entire cooler and whams Austin in the head.
    • With Austin out cold, Jericho opens two beer, sips one, and spits it out on Austin's body, and dumped the rest all over Austin!!
    • Jericho quickly flees the arena by limo.

  10. MATCH: Booker T w/Test vs Tazz w/Spike.
    • Tazz reverses the Bookend into a Tazzmission.
    • Spike comes in to intercept Test.
    • The Referee pushes Spike out of the ring, while Test gives Tazz the boot to the face!
    • Booker recovers and gets the pin!
    • Test beats up on Spike after the match.

  11. WWF NY: Dudley Boyz.
    • JR asks The Dudleys about the Stacy vs Torrie match.
    • DVon says that Stacy will embarass Torrie tonight.
    • Bubba asks why the Dudleyz havent gotten their rematch at Tazz & Spike.
    • Bubba says that soon Tazz & Spike will have to deal with the Dudleyz.

  12. BIKINI MATCH: Torrie vs Stacy.
    • This match looked good for all the wrong reasons.
    • Stacy rulls up Torrie for the win.

  13. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Stephanie.
    • Stephanie is sad about Vince not walking her down the isle.
    • Triple assures her that it's not about Vince tonight, it's about he and Stephanie.
    • The two embrace and kiss [Editor's note: *puke* gives me flashbacks of my nicole bass nitemares..]

  14. BACKSTAGE: Mr. Perfect & 1999 National Amature Chess Champion.
    • Mr Perfect is shown playing chess with the 1999 National Amature Chess champion.
    • Perfect tips a piece off the table, and as the opponent picks it up, Perfect removed a piece from the board.
    • Perfect makes a move and calls CHECKMATE!
    • Perfect brags that he won, saying that he's PERFECT!

  15. MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Christian.
    • RVD wins with the 5-star frog splash.
    • As RVD is exiting, Goldust comes up on the big screen.
    • Goldust Congratulates RVD on his win.
    • Goldust tells RVD to be prepared for No Way Out.

  16. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Arn Anderson.
    • Arn enters the room and informs HHH that Linda McMahon has phoned into Flair's office.
    • HHH is talking to Linda McMahon on the phone.
    • Linda asks if HHH has looked at the Package that she sent him.
    • HHH says no.
    • Linda says it's a video tape and she wants HHH to look at it.
    • As HHH watches, Linda explains that the doctor that HHH & Steph has been meeting with is really an actor (the video was a commercial with him in it).
    • Linda says that Stephanie is lying and she is not pregnant.

  17. ELSEWHERE: Stephanie McMahon & Vince McMahon.
    • Stephanie is gloating to the wedding singers about how good she looks tonight.
    • A Tuxed up Vince enters the room and tells the singer to hit the road.
    • Vince reconciles with Stephanie.
    • Howard Finkle frantically enters the room with news.
    • Vince & Stephanie tell Finkle to get lost!

  18. WEDDING CEREMONY: Triple H & Stephanie McMahon (with Vince McMahon)
    • The ring ropes have been removes and there is an alter set up in the ring with flowers and carpet and "stuff".
    • Midway through the ceremony the crowd begins chanting "What?" after everything the minister says.
    • Vince McMahon asks the crowd to respect the sacred ceremony. This only makes it worse..
    • Stephanie says her wedding vows to Triple H.
    • Triple H begins to give his vows..
    • Triple H finishes by saying that he now see's Stephanie for what she really is "A LYING BITCH!"
    • Triple H says that he cannot believe that Stephanie would do that to him.
    • Triple H says that from this moment on, their marriage IS OVER!
    • WE ARE THROUGH! HHH yells at Steph.
    • Vince McMahon steps in and pushes HHH.
    • HHH punches Vince out.
    • HHH trashes the set.
    • HHH hits the pedigree on Vince!
    • HHH goes face to face with Stephanie McMahon.
    • HHH pushes Stephanie doen to the mat!
    • HHH takes off his wedding ring and throws it at Stephanie!
    • HHH leaves rings and Stephanie gets a crazed look on her face!

  19. RAW goes off the air...

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