February 11, 2002
Allstate Arena
Chicago, Illinois
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: Stone Cold Steve Austin + nWo + Kurt Angle.
    • Steve Austin comes to the ring immediately with a chair and a cooler full of beer.
    • Austin says he's really pissed off after what happened last night (nWo attacked him).
    • Austin calls out Hogan, Hall & Nash to the ring, RIGHT NOW!
    • Austin waits for about a minute before the nWo music hits.
    • Out comes Hogan, Nash & Hall to the stage.
    • Austin repeats that he asked them to come TO the ring.
    • The nWo talk to themselves..
    • The nWo take a few steps towards the ring, before turning around and going backstage again..
    • Austin yells for them to come back!
    • Austin says that he's going to hold an in-ring strike until the nWo comes out to the ring.
    • Austin grabs a few beer and sits down in the middle of the ring.
    • *Commercial*
    • Austin talks to the crowd, who yells "What?" back at Austin.
    • Suddenly Kurt Angle's music hits and Angle comes to the stage with six private security guards..
    • Angle says that if anyone should get more air time, it's someone with a title shot at Wrestlemania, like him..
    • Austin throws beers at Kurt Angle from the ring.
    • Angle threatens Austin of what would happen if he struck an off-duty cop.
    • Angle tells Austin to get out of the ring so he can make his announcement.
    • Angle gets into the ring, as Austin flips Angle off! (middle finger)
    • Austin doesn't move.
    • Angle says "fine" that he will just give his announcement with Austin in the ring.
    • Angle says that he will go to Wrestlemania and win the Undisputed Championship.
    • Austin suddenly spears Angle and beats on him!
    • Angle's security grabs Austin, and cuffs him..
    • Angle orders the security to take Austin away..
    • Austin resists..
    • Angle says that Austin is going to jail, and HE'S going to Wrestlemania..
    • Austin gets dragged from the ring..
    • *Commercial*
    • As Austin is loaded into the police car, the nWo looks on from the background grinning..

  2. MATCH: The Hardy Boyz vs Christian & Lance Storm.
    • Christian hits the unprettier, but Matt kicks out..
    • Christian takes a temper tantrum in the ring..
    • Lita hits the Litacanrana on Lance Storm outside the ring..
    • Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Christian, followed up by the Swanton Bomb by Jeff Hardy..
    • Jeff covers Christian for the win!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Stephanie McMahon + Ric Flair.
    • Stephanie Congratulates Kurt on getting Austin booted from the arena, AND for beating Triple H last night.
    • Kurt says that HE'S GOING TO WRESTLEMANIA!
    • Steph high fives Kurt.
    • Ric Flair enters the room..
    • Flair says that he's making a match with Kurt vs Triple H tonight with the Title shot on the line, and if Stephanie gets involved in any way, Angle loses his title shot to HHH..
    • Flair departs with Stephanie screaming that he can't do this!

  4. BACKSTAGE: The Undertaker + Ric Flair.
    • The Undertaker arrives to the arena and asks a member of the crew where Ric Flair's office is.
    • The guy says he doesn't know..
    • The Undertaker bullies him until the guy says "Down there to the left"
    • The Undertaker enters Flair office..
    • Flair gets up to defend himself but Taker says he isn't there to take Flair out.
    • Undertaker challenges Ric Flair to a match at Wrestlemania..
    • Ric Flair turns down the challenge, saying that he isn't a wrestler anymore..
    • Undertaker says that he'll just have to find a way to change Flair's mind..

  5. IN THE RING: Hulk Hogan + The Rock + Hall & Nash.
    • Hulk Hogan comes to the ring.
    • Hogan says how great it is to be in a WWF ring again..
    • Hogan says that he and the WWF fans have been through everything, the Russians, the monsters, and even 700 pounds of Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania..
    • Hogan said the fans turned on him..
    • The fans chant "What?" and Hogan tries to cover by saying "Cha gonna do?" (Whatcha gonna do? as in "when Hulkamania runs wild on you"..... get it?)
    • Hogan talks about how he wanted to stay in the WWF in 1993.. but the fans forced him out..
    • Hogan tells the WWF fans to KISS HIS ASS!
    • Hogan says he's the one who put the WWF on the map, and he's the one who made wrestling as big as it is today..
    • Hogan says he's the biggest star in the history of Wrestling, past & present..
    • If Ya Smeellllll, What the Rock is cookin'..
    • The Rock struts to the ring and goes face to face with Hulk Hogan..
    • The crowd chants "Rocky Rocky Rocky!!"
    • The Rock says who would have beleived Rock & Hogan would be standing in the ring together..
    • The Rock asks Hogan if he really thinks it was the fans who pushed Hogan out of the WWF..
    • Hogan begins to say "That's exactl......."
    • IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! screams the Rock..
    • Rock says Hogan is a Legend, and an ICON, and possibly the best ever..
    • Rock asks Hogan what he thinks about headlining Wrestlemania with The Rock!
    • The Rock & Hogan stare eachother down..
    • The crowd chants "Rocky Rocky Rocky!!"
    • Then in mid-stream the crowd chants "Hogan Hogan Hogan!!"
    • Then again in mid-stream it changed back to "Rocky Rocky Rocky!!"
    • Hogan calls Rock a "Flavour of the Month".
    • Hogan suggests The Rock isn't even in Hogan's league.
    • Rock puts his hand up to Hogan's face and says.. YES.. OR NO?
    • Rock calls the match a "Fantasy Matchup" to lure Hogan in..
    • The crowd again chants "Rocky Rocky Rocky!!"
    • The Rock says it should be up to the people to decide..
    • The Rock asks the crowd if they want to see The Immortal go up against the Great One!
    • The crowd cheers loudly!
    • Rock mocks Hogan by putting his hand up to his ear and listening to the crowd..
    • Rock again asks... YES.. OR NO?
    • Hogan hesitates and finally says.... YES!
    • Hogan says that it will be a pleasure to kick Rock's ass at Wrestlemania.
    • Hogan extends his hand to Rock.
    • Rock shakes it..
    • Hogan wishes Rock luck and starts to walk away but Rock hangs onto Hogan's hand.
    • Rock says "Not As Much As You........... Bruther!"
    • The Rock gives Hogan the Rock Bottom!!
    • The Rock celebrates in the ring before heading up the ramp..
    • The Rock is attacked at the top of the ramp by Kevin Nash & Scott Hall..
    • Hall & Nash throw Rock back into the ring..
    • Hogan repeatedly whips Rock with his belt..
    • Scott Hall hits a Razor's Edge on Rock!
    • Kevin Nash nails a Jacknife Powerbomb on the Rock!!
    • Hogan gets a hammer from outside the ring..
    • Hogan nails Rock in the back of the head with the Hammer!
    • Hogan hits his leg drop on an unconscious Rock..
    • Hogan spray paints "nWo 2 Sweet" on Rock's back..
    • As the nWo leaves the ring, EMTs rush into the ring..
    • *Commercial*
    • Rock is being loaded into an Ambulance..
    • As the ambulance drives away, it is blocked by a big black truck and a black limo..
    • Hogan, Nash & Hall jump out and chase off the driver and EMTs..
    • The nWo smashes the Ambulance up and chains all the exits..
    • Hogan gets into the Big Black Diesel, backs up, and rams the Ambulance!!!!!
    • Hogan brags that he just laid the SMACKDOWN on the Rock..
    • The nWo looks inside the vehicle and decides to get the hell out of there!!

  6. MATCH: Booker T vs The Godfather.
    • JR & King talk about The Rock during the entire match.
    • Crowd is completely dead for this segment..
    • The Godfather gets upset at his "Ladies" for not paying attention to what he's doing.
    • Booker T pins the Godfather to take the win!

  7. PARKING LOT: Crime Scene.
    • Fire fighters are trying to get into the ambulance.
    • Waiting for a second ambulance..

  8. TAG TEAM MATCH: Goldust/William Regal vs Edge/RVD.
    • Late in the match, Edge hits the spear on Regal.
    • Edge locks a new submission move on Regal (Cross between figure four & sharpshooter)
    • Regal taps out.. giving EDGE and RVD the win..
    • Goldust comes into the ring but is speared by Edge.
    • Regal gets up and RVD kicks him from the top rope..

  9. PARKING LOT: Crime Scene.
    • The second Ambulance leaves with the Rock inside.

  10. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Kurt Angle.
    • Cole asks Angle about how he's feeling after what happened tonight.
    • Angle says that it's a travesty.. and that he is upset after what Flair made this match with Triple H.
    • Cole asks "But what about the Rock..?"
    • Angle says "Oh, well yeah, I feel bad.... But at least he didn't have a title shot at Wrestlemania, like me!"

  11. MAIN EVENT: Triple H vs Kurt Angle.
    • Chris Jericho joins JR & the King for commentary.
    • After a hard-fought match, HHH & Angle spill to the outside.
    • Angle gets into Jericho's face, Jericho stands up, but the referee stops him..
    • Angle grabs a belt and nails HHH in the head with it..
    • Back in the ring, Angle locks in the Anklelock..
    • HHH makes it to the ropes.. and Angle breaks the hold..
    • HHH tries to put on the pedigree but Angle reverses it into the Anklelock..
    • HHH flips Angle over..
    • HHH recovers and hits the pedigree!!
    • HHH pins Kurt Angle to win back his Title Shot at Wrestlemania!
    • Jericho stands on the announce table looking at Triple H.

  12. RAW goes off the air...

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