February 25, 2002
Dunkin Donuts Center
Providence, RI
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: The nWo.
    • Hogan, Nash & Hall come to the ring..
    • Hall is pushing a wheel barrel with something inside covered up with a blanket..
    • Hogan takes the microphone and talks about the Rock's injuries..
    • Hogan says that he has it on good authority that the Rock will be here tonight..
    • Hogan says not to worry though cause he's gonna wait til Wrestlemania to kick his ass..
    • Hogan passes the mic to Kevin Nash..
    • Nash says that they are three of the biggest stars in the history of wrestling..
    • Nash says that the nWo expects to be treated that way!
    • Nash passes to Hall..
    • Hall says that last week Stone Cold went too far!
    • Hall says that Stone Cold tried to kill him on Smackdown!
    • Hall challenges Stone Cold to a match at Wrestlemania..
    • Hall says he wants Austin to feel humilated..
    • Hall says that if Austin accepts, they will call a truce until WM.
    • Hall says that either way.. You're Screwed!

  2. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Billy & Chuck vs The Hardy Boyz w/Lita.
    • Billy & Chuck come out to their new BOY BAND music..
    • Chuck has a new haircut!
    • Late in the match Lita hits the Litacanrana on Billy.
    • Jeff Hardy hits the swanton bomb..
    • Chuck interfers and hits Jeff with the Sidekick..
    • Billy covers Jeff for the win!

  3. PARKING LOT: Chris Jericho & Stephanie McMahon.
    • Y2J & SMH arrive in a limo..
    • The two compliment eachother enthusiastically..
    • Y2J gives the limo driver a video tape to be delivered to the production truck..

  4. INTERVIEW: Michael Cold & Debra.
    • Cole asks Debra what Steve Austin's reaction to Hall's challenge was.
    • Debra tells Cole to ask him himself..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Arn Anderson & Christian.
    • Arn is on the phone with Ric Flair..
    • Arn says that he will "hold down the fort" tonight..
    • Christian enters and asks where Flair is..
    • Christian says that he's only here to QUIT!
    • Diamond Dallas Page enters the room..
    • DDP gives Christian a motivational speech..
    • DDP tells Christian to smile..
    • DDP & Christian leave to talk it over more..

  6. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • Cole asks Austin about Hall's challenge..
    • Austin gives a speech while the crowd chants "What?"

  7. #1 IC CONTENDER MATCH: RVD vs Lance Storm vs The Big Show.
    • William Regal joins the announce team..
    • RVD pins The Big Show to gain the win and a titleshot at Wrestlemania..

  8. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Test.
    • Booker T is shown placticing his Japanese.
    • Test comes in and says that Booker's japanese is sounding good..
    • Booker T says that he's auditioning for a shampoo commercial in Japan..

    • Bradshaw shows up to the poker game late..
    • Bradshaw tells Farooq that the've been invited to the "Friendly Tap" bar..

  10. MATCH: Rikishi vs Booker T.
    • Booker T wins the match.

  11. IN THE RING: Chris Jericho & Stephanie McMahon.
    • Y2J reminds HHH that when he was injured 9 months ago, he was wrestling Jericho..
    • Y2J recaps how he put HHH in the Walls of Jericho after the injury..
    • Y2J insults HHH.. refering to his performance in the bedroom..
    • Stephanie says that when it came to the bedroom, HHH came up a little "short"..
    • HHH's music hits and HHH comes to the ring...
    • HHH suggests that the game wasn't short, but the field he was playing on was too big!
    • HHH turns his attention to Y2J..
    • HHH challenges Y2J to a fight TONIGHT..
    • Suddenly Kurt Angle's music hits and and Kurt comes to the stage..
    • Kurt says the Vince McMahon has signed Jericho & Angle for the WWF title tonight..
    • Kurt leaves the stage..
    • HHH attacks Y2J..
    • Y2J & Stephanie escape..

  12. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Mr Perfect.
    • Mr Perfect talks about how Austin screwed him at the Royal Rumble and RAW after RR.
    • Mr Perfect says that he'll dish out the PERFECT ASSKICKING!

  13. WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Jazz vs Mighty Molly.
    • Jazz rips the cape off of Molly and rips it..
    • Jazz wins with the brain buster..
    • Jazz puts Molly in a submission move after the match..
    • Molly is hurt..

  14. RINGSIDE: Molly + Arn Anderson + Undertaker.
    • After the commercial, Molly is still in the ring, just getting helped out by officials..
    • Undertaker's music hits and Undertaker comes to the ring..
    • Undertaker sees Arn Anderson helping Molly..
    • Undertaker nails Arn in the forehead, busting him open!
    • Undertaker throws Arn in the ring and beats him up some more..
    • Undertaker leaves.. but sees Arn getting to his feet..
    • Undertaker comes back to the ring and kicks Arn in the head..

  15. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho w/Steph vs Kurt Angle.
    • Late in the match, Angle locks the anklelock on..
    • Jericho gets out..
    • Angle nails Jericho with a title belt..
    • Cover.. but Jericho kicks out..
    • Angle locks the anklelock on again..
    • Jericho throws Angle out of the ring..
    • Kane suddenly comes out of the crowd and sneaks up behind Kurt Angle.
    • Angle picks up Angle and throws him into the ring..
    • Jericho slams Angle face first..
    • Jericho pins Kurt Angle for the win!!
    • Jericho throws Angle outy of the ring.
    • Kane gets a chair and swings at Angle (missing)..
    • Angle escapes through the crowd, Kane chases him..
    • Jericho celebrates in the ring with Stephanie..

  16. LOCKER ROOM: Hulk Hogan.
    • Hulk Hogan is shown talking to a cardboard cutout of the Rock.
    • Hulk talks smack to the cutout..
    • Hulk finishes by smacking the cutout down to the ground..

    • The APA sees a "Men's Night" sign on the door.
    • The APA go in and get a beer from the bar..
    • Farooq & Bradshaw look around and see a bunch of homosexual men and crossdressers dancing around the bar..
    • A crossdresser approaches Bradshaw and asks for a dance..
    • Bradshaw says NO WAY!
    • Suddenly Billy & Chuck sneak up behind the APA and attack them..
    • Billy breaks a beer bottle over Farooqs head..

  18. BACKSTAGE: Mr Perfect & the nWo.
    • Mr Perfect runs into the nWo..
    • The nWo wishes Mr Perfect luck..

  19. MAIN EVENT: Stone Cold vs Mr Perfect.
    • After a tough match, Austin hits the stunner and gets the win!!
    • Austin grabs a few beer to celebrate..
    • Scott Hall comes to ringside with the wheel barrel full of cinder blocks..
    • Hall attacks Stone Cold, and Nash & Hogan join in..
    • Nash & Hogan set Austin up on the ringpost..
    • Hall smashes a cinderblock over Stone Cold's knee!!
    • The nWo slowly retreats to the stage..

  20. That's All Folks..

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