March 4, 2002

Austin, Texas
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: Vince McMahon.
    • Vince says that Ric Flair will not be at RAW tonight.
    • Vince dubbed tonight's raw FAN APPRECIATION NIGHT.
    • Vince announces a cage match between HHH & Kurt Angle.
    • Vince says that tonight RAW returns to a state of normalcy.

  2. MATCH: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Booker T.
    • A few minutes into the match, the nWo comes to the ring and attacks Austin..
    • Austin fights back but the nWo dominates..
    • Scott Hall gets a wrench from under the ring..
    • Scott Hall nails Austin in the head with the wrench..
    • The nWo beats on a bloodied Austin even more..
    • The nWo leaves the ring, but Hall comes back and punches Austin out again..
    • Hall gives Austin a stunner!!
    • After the commercial, Austin refuses medical attention and struggles to the backstage area..

  3. TAG TEAM MATCH: Scotty/Albert vs Test/??.
    • Test introduces Mr. Perfect as his surprise partner..
    • S2H nails Test with The Worm.
    • Mr Perfect runs in and hits the PerfectPlex on S2H for the win!
    • Albert runs in and attacks Test & Perfect..
    • Test hits Albert with the big boot!
    • Rikishi runs down and throws Test out of the ring..
    • Rikishi gives Mr Perfect the stinkface!

  4. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt says he appreciated watching Stone Cold getting his butt kicked..
    • Kurt says he appreciates Vince McMahon for making the cage match with HHH..
    • Kurt says HHH got lucky on smackdown..
    • Kurt says in the steel cage, HHH's luck will run out..

  5. INTERVIEW IN THE RING: Lilian Garcia & Goldust.
    • Lilian asks Goldust if he thinks he deserves the Hardcore Title..
    • Goldust says that nobody would dare attack him..
    • Just then Tazz comes to the ring with Jacky (referee)..

  6. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Goldust vs Tazz.. (ref: Jacky)..
    • Goldust hits Tazz with the shattered dreams..
    • Tazz fights back and locks the Tazzmission on Goldust..
    • Goldust slides Tazz into a pinning position.. for the win!!

  7. BACKSTAGE: The nWo.
    • The nWo is shown sitting in Steve Austin's locker room, drinking Steve Austin's beer..
    • Kevin Nash says that he's getting bored..
    • Hulk Hogan suggests they go for a walk..

  8. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Rob Van Dam.
    • The Coach Congratulated RVD on winning a IC Title-Shot at Wrestlemania.
    • RVD says he will become IC Champ at Wrestlemani..
    • Lance Storm interupts a nd challenges RVD to a match tonight..
    • RVD tells Lance to lighten up..
    • Storm slaps RVD!
    • RVD says they'll settle it in the ring..

  9. BACKSTAGE: DDP & Christian.
    • DDP tries to motivate Christian..
    • Christian gets a phone call..
    • Christian says to "pull the plug, the soon she goes, the sooner he gets his money!"
    • DDP thinks this will take a little more than he thought..

  10. BACKSTAGE: The nWo.
    • The nWo run into a wwf-crew-member wearing a Steve Austin "What?" shirt.
    • Scott Hall pushes him around a bit..
    • As the nWo walks away the guy flips Hall off..
    • Hall attacks the guy leaving him laying..

  11. WWF NEW YORK: The Godfather.
    • The Godfather is shown dancing at WWF NY.

  12. WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Jazz vs Trish Stratus.
    • Jazz dominates Trish..
    • Trish fights back..
    • Jazz starts to throw Trish around..
    • Jazz rips Trish's top off! {bra! bra! bra!}
    • Trish gets very ticked and puts Jazz in a submission match..
    • Jazz makes it to the ropes, but Trish doesn't break the hold..
    • Trish gets DQed..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Stephanie McMahon.
    • Stephanie is shown talking to Jericho on the phone..
    • Steph is bitching at Y2J to find her lotion..
    • HHH enters the room with a box..
    • HHH says he has a box of Stephanie's things to return..
    • HHH dumps the stuff on the floor..
    • Steph spots her special lotion and quickly applies some to her hands, arms, chest and neck..
    • HHH watches on with a grin..
    • Steph asks what the hell he is looking at and tells him to get lost..

  14. IN THE RING: The Undertaker.
    • Taker talks about challenging Ric Flair, and how Flair said "no".
    • Taker talks about beating up Arn Anderson..
    • Taker talks about pushing the envelope..
    • Taker says he paid Flair's oldest son a visit (David Flair)..
    • Taker shows a clip.
      • WWF Training facility..
      • David Flair in the ring with Tom Pritchard training with other WWF developmental wrestlers..
      • Undertaker sneaks up behind David Flair and attacks!
      • Undertaker beats up David all through the bathroom and shower..
      • Undertaker busts David's head open!
      • Undertaker looks at the camera and once again challenges Ric Flair to a match at WM..

  15. MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Lance Storm.
    • RVD pins Storm after the 5-star frog splash!

  16. BACKSTAGE: The nWo.
    • Hall brags about kicking Austin's butt.
    • Hogan talks about fighting the Rock.
    • A guy comes in to check the coffee..
    • Hall rams the guys head into the coffee machine and dumps the hot coffee on him..
    • The three goons play ROCK/PAPER/SISSORS to see to "represents" tonight..
    • Hall wins and will wrestle tonight..

  17. DESIRE: The Rock.
    • Desire video of the Rock is shown.

  18. BACKSTAGE: The nWo.
    • Hogan once again talks about fighting the Rock.
    • Hall chooses a name out of a bucket..
    • Hall puts the piece of paper in his pocket and goes to the ring..

  19. IN THE RING: The nWo.
    • Scott Hall gets the microphone... HEY YO!
    • Scott Hall says whoever he fights tonight will be Steve Austin in his mind..
    • Spike Dudley's music hits and little Spike comes to the ring..
    • A few minutes into the match, Hall toss's Spike outside the ring..
    • Nash & Hogan both take shots at Spike..
    • Hall eventually puts Spike in the Razor's edge..
    • Hall pins Spike for the win!

  20. ANNOUNCEMENT: Mark Henry.
    • Lilian Garcia introduces Mark Henry to the crowd..
    • Mark comes out to the stage to greet the audience..

  21. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt Angle comes into Steph's room to talk to her..
    • Stephanie is upset that she has a rash all over her body..
    • Stephanie says it was from HHH replacing her lotion with something else..
    • Stephanie tells Kurt to go kick HHH's ass..

  22. MAIN EVENT CAGE MATCH: Triple H vs Kurt Angle.
    • "Escape to win" rules..
    • Late in the match, Angle tries to escape over the top of the cage..
    • HHH pulls Angle back into the ring..
    • Later, Angle tries to escape through the door, but HHH again stops him..
    • Later, HHH climbs to the top of the cage, and almost makes it over..
    • Angle pulls HHH down..
    • HHH nails Angle with the pedigree..
    • Suddenly Stephanie comes to ringside..
    • Referee Teddly Long tries to stop her..
    • Stephanie rams Long into the cage..
    • HHH tries to crawl out the door, but Steph slams the door on his head!
    • Angle recovers and begins to ram HHH's head into the cage walls..
    • HHH slingshots Angle into the Cage!
    • Stephanie puts a chair into the cage..
    • Angle tries to use the chair, but HHH kicks him!
    • HHH beats down Angle..
    • HHH ties to climb the cage, but Stephanie comes in and pulls HHH off..
    • HHH gets his foot tied up in the ropes..
    • Stephanie helps Kurt Angle escape through the door!
    • Kurt Angle WINS!

  23. That's All Folks..

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