March 11, 2002
Joe Louis Arena
Detroit, Michigan
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. 6-MAN TAG: RVD/Hardyz vs Dudleyz/Regal.
    • Lots of high-paced action..
    • Match end when RVD 5-star frog splashes William Regal and pins him!

  2. WWF HEADQUARTERS: Board of Dirctors.
    • Vince McMahon opens the emergency meeting..
    • Vince claims the company was in a state of emergency..
    • Vince says it's because of Flair and himself each trying to take the company in different directions..
    • Vince says that tonight the board will choose who should lead the company..
    • Vince says he'll proove that Ric Flair is not mentally fit to run a company..
    • Vince says that either he or Flair must have absolute power before the end of the meeting..

  3. IN THE RING: Kurt Angle + Booker T + Edge.
    • Kurt talks about how he was robbed of his Wrestlemania title shot..
    • Kurt says that Kane screwed him out of the title two weeks ago..
    • Kurt says he wants Kane to meet the BIG RED WHITE AND BLUE MACHINE!
    • Kurt announces that he will face Kane at Wrestlemania..
    • Kurt insults the Detroit crowd.
    • Booker T's music suddenly hits and Booker comes out..
    • Booker says he's tired of Kurt running his mouth..
    • Booker says he doesn't like Kurt calling the fans stupid..
    • Booker reitterates that the fans are BEYOND stupid.. BRAINDEAD!!
    • Booker complains about not having a title shot at Wrestlemania..
    • Kurt says "You're damn skippy it ain't right, HOMIE!" {very funny!}
    • All of a sudden Edge's music hits and Edge comes out to confront Booker T..
    • Edge says that Booker T already has a title "The Dumbest Wrestler in the WWF"..
    • Booker T says he watched Weakest Link last night & reminded Edge that he was voted off first..
    • Edge refreshes Booker T's memory of when Booker T was on the first Weakest Link show..
    • Edge showed a clip of Booker's embarassing performance..
    • Edge challenges Booker to a match at Wrestlemania!
    • Booker T accepts!
    • Kurt says "Yo Crispy Clean With No Caffine, Bro!"
    • Edge remind Kurt that he is "WHITE"
    • Kurt says he has more soul in his pinky finger than the whole arena combined..
    • Kurt demonstrates by performing the spinerooni (horribly)..
    • Booker T just laughs with Kurt Angle..
    • Edge calls the move a "Dorkerooni"..
    • Kurt & Booker T challenge Edge and a partner to a tag team match..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie & Lucy "The Dog" + Triple H.
    • Stephanie is shown talking trash to HHHs dog, Lucy..
    • Triple H comes in and pushes Steph out of the way to get to his Dog..
    • Triple H cuddles Lucy..
    • Stephanie tells Triple H that she got a Court Order to keep Lucy until the divorce is settled..
    • Triple H tells Steph not to screw with his dog!
    • Triple H gives Lucy back to Steph..
    • Triple H says "You know.. You're right... She does stink..... Doesn't she Lucy!"
    • HHH leaves the room..
    • Steph says she's going to introduce Lucy to Chris Jericho..

  5. MATCH: Test vs Rikishi.
    • Mr Perfect runs down and tries to interfer..
    • Rikishi catches Perfect..
    • Rikishi turns around and gets a big boot from Test!
    • Test covers Rikishi for the win!

  6. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie & Lucy "The Dog" + Chris Jericho.
    • Steph & Y2J talk Wrestlemania strategy..
    • Suddenly they smell something strange..
    • The two look down and see that Lucy he pooped on the floor!!
    • Stephanie orders Jericho to take Lucy for a walk..

  7. PARKING LOT: Chris Jericho & Lucy "The Dog".
    • Jericho ties Lucy to a cardoor handle outside in the cold and leaves her there..

  8. BACKSTAGE: DDP & Christian + Billy & Chuck.
    • DDP tries to motivate Christian..
    • Billy & Chuck enter and call Christian & DDP losers..
    • Billy says that Christian hasn't won a singles match in ages..
    • Christian challages Billy Gunn to a match tonight..

  9. WWF HEADQUARTERS: Board of Directors..
    • Vince shows a clip of Ric Flair getting so worked up that he punched a WWF fan..
    • Vince says that this proves that Flair is not fit to run the WWF..

  10. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Goldust vs Al Snow.
    • Goldust sets Al Snow up for the "Golden Globes" (aka The Shattered Dreams)
    • Snow counters and gets out of the way..
    • Snow beats Goldust to win the WWF Hardcore title!

  11. PARKING LOT: Chris Jericho.
    • Jericho is on the phone with Stephanie, who asks Y2J to get some air freshener..
    • Jericho gets into a limo to go to the store..
    • The Driver backs up, stops, and gets out saying he "ran over something"..
    • You hear Lucy whining in the background..
    • EDITORS NOT: Could this be the sickest angle in WWF history?!
    • After the commercial, Triple H finds Lucy stuck under the limo..
    • Triple H tells the driver to go get help!

  12. TAG MATCH: Kurt Angle/Booker T vs Edge/Big Show.
    • A few minutes into the match, Kurt Angle locks the Big Show into the anklelock..
    • Big Show reverses it..
    • Big Show throws Booker & Angle out of the ring..
    • Edge climbs onto Big Show's shoulders and jumps out of the ring onto Booker & Angle..
    • Later.. Big Show double-suplex's Booker & Angle!
    • Big Show tries to choke slams Angle, but Booker breaks it up..
    • Edge spears Booker T!
    • Kurt Angle hits a huge AngleSlam on BIG SHOW!!
    • Kurt Angle covers for the win...

  13. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie & Chris Jericho.
    • Stephanie freaks out at Y2J for running over Lucy..
    • Stephanie says HHH is going to kill her!

  14. MATCH: Billy Gunn vs Christian..
    • Late in the match.. Chuck distracts the referee..
    • Billy Gunn hits the Fameasser!
    • DDP interfers and hits Gunn with the Diamond Cutter..
    • Christian pins Gunn for the win!
    • Christian and DDP celebrate the win.
    • Christian suddenly attacks DDP and hits the unprettier on him..
    • Christian continues to assult DDP..
    • Christian yells at DDP "I'm a winner!"

  15. WWF HEADQUARTERS: Board of Directors.
    • Vince talks about how embarassing Flair's actions were on Smackdown..
    • After Vince's speech, Linda McMahon says that the Board has a lot of deliberating to do..
    • Vince stares at Ric Flair.

  16. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Lita/Trish vs Jazz/Stacy.
    • Late in the match, Lita throws Stacy out of the ring..
    • Lita & Trish doubleteam Jazz..
    • Trish accidentally kicks Lita!
    • Stacy pulls Trish out of the ring..
    • Jazz rolls up Lita for the win!!

  17. IN THE RING: Stephanie McMahon.
    • Steph repeatedly apoligizes to Triple H for what happened to Lucy..
    • Triple H's music hits and HHH runs down to the ring..
    • Triple H chases Steph around the ring..
    • Triple H catches Steph and pulls her into the ring..
    • Triple H sets Steph up for the pedigree..
    • Chris Jericho runs down and attacks Triple H with a sledge hammer..
    • Chris Jericho targets HHH's surgically repaired Leg..
    • Jericho & Stephanie leave happy with themselves..
    • Triple H is helped from the ring by WWF Officials..
    • Jericho once again attacks HHH at the top of the ramp..
    • HHH recieves medical attention, and leaves in an ambulance..

  18. WWF HEADQUARTERS: The Board of Directors..
    • Vince thanks everybody for attending the meeting..
    • Linda McMahon speaks for the board..
    • Linda grants Vince McMahon full control of the company..
    • Vince thanks the board for making "the ring decision"..
    • Linda interupts Vince saying that they have decided to review the decision after Wrestlemania..
    • Ric Flair stands up and speaks..
    • Ric apoligizes for embarassing the McMahon family..
    • Ric says that his family is embarassed too..
    • Ric says he has to defend his family name at Wrestlemania..
    • Ric says he will defeat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania at ANY COST!

  19. BACKSTAGE: the nWo.
    • Hollywood Hogan says he has goosebumps!
    • Hollywood talks about beating the Rock at Wrestlemania and becoming Wrestling's only ICON.
    • Scott Hall talks about skinning the rattlesnake alive..
    • Nash talks about tonight being the first time the nWo has competed in a WWF ring..

  20. THE MAIN EVENT: The Rock & Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall.
    • surprisingly long match..
    • Rock & Austin had to take it DOWN a notch..
    • Hogan, Hall & Nash had to take it UP a notch..
    • Even then it was ALMOST even..
    • Hogan & Nash look horrible taking bumps..
    • Hogan pins the Rock after a MASSIVE leg drop!! (sarcasm)
    • After the match, Hall hit Austin with a Stunner..
    • The nWo celebrate..

  21. That's All Folks..

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