April 8, 2002 - America West Arena - Phoenix, Arizona
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
  1. KICKOFF: Undertaker + Ric Flair + Steve Austin.
    • Undertaker hits the ring looking for answers..
    • Refering to Vince McMahon taking Taker's title shot away and giving it to Hogan..
    • Ric Flair answers the call and comes to the ring..
    • Ric says he made a mistake last week, that Vince had the right to make the Backlash title match..
    • Ric reminds Taker that he runs this place, not Taker..
    • Undertaker tells Ric to make him the #1 contender AFTER Backlash..
    • Suddenly Steve Austin's music hits and Stone Cold comes to the ring..
    • Austin asks why Undertaker deserves a title shot?!
    • Austin tells Flair that it's time to make a decision..
    • Flair talks about how Taker has made his life hell since Wrestlemania..
    • Flair talks about how Austin stunned him last week on RAW..
    • Flair tells the two that NOBODY can lay a hand on him from now on..
    • Flair says there will be TWO #1 Contender matches on RAW tonight..
    • Flair sets up Undertaker vs Rob Van Dam..
    • Flair sets up Stone Cold vs Scott Hall..
    • Taker says that Flair WILL make him #1 Contender weather Stone Cold likes it or not..
    • Suddenly Austin & Taker start to brawl..
    • Undertaker retreats..
    • Austin turns around and thinks about stunning Flair but doesn't..

  2. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Bubba Ray Dudley vs Booker T.
    • Before the match, Booker T performs the spinerooni for the crowd..
    • Bubba replies by doing a funky dance of his own..
    • Early on, the crowd chants for tables..
    • Bubba eventually gets a table and sets it up inside the ring..
    • Goldust suddenly runs down with his own referee..
    • Bubba powerbombs Goldust through the table and covers up for the win!

  3. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Trish Stratus.
    • Coach recaps Molly Holly's attack on Trish last week..
    • Trish says Molly will have to face her tonight..
    • Trish says that she's pretty pissed off!
    • William Regal steps in..
    • Regal talks about his match with Spike Dudley.
    • Trish makes fun of Regal for losing to Spike last week..
    • Regal gets upset and storms out!

  4. INTERVIEW: Terri & Kane.
    • Terri asks Kane about his life recently..
    • Kane says he's always been called a "freak"..
    • Kane says he's always been ashamed of it..
    • Kane said last week when 17,000 of Kananites cheered for him, that freaks kick ass!
    • Kane says talks about his match with XPac..
    • Kane finished the interview with "XPAC SUCKS!"

  5. BACKSTAGE: nWo.
    • XPac prepares for his match with Kane.
    • Nash & Hall start to head to the ring..
    • XPac says that he wants to do this on his own..
    • Nash & Hall wish their partner luck..

    • The fight goes to the backstage area..
    • Scott Hall & Kevin Nash attack Kane from behind..
    • The nWo beats Kane down..
    • XPac pins Kane..
    • XPac removes Kane's mask..
    • Bradshaw comes in and chases the nWo away..

  7. BACKSTAGE: The nWo & Ric Flair.
    • Flair comes into the nWo locker room pissed off..
    • Flair suspends Kevin Nash indefinitly without pay!
    • Flair threatens Scott Hall & XPac with the same..
    • Nash counters saying he's sue Flair!

  8. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: William Regal vs Spike Dudley.
    • Regal comes to the ring and drops his Brass knucks in the ring.
    • The ref takes them away..
    • Regal hides a second pair of Knucks in the turnbuckle..
    • Regal argues with the referee..
    • Spike Dudley runs down and takes the weapon out of the corner, and nails Regal!
    • Spike pins Regal to WIN the European Championship!!

  9. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Spike Dudley.
    • Coach Congratulated Spike..
    • Tommy Dreamer, Jacky & Big Show come in and celebrate with Spike..
    • Bubba Ray (Spike brother) enter with some tension..
    • Bubba quietly Congratulates Spike on his title victory..

  10. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Rob Van Dam (IC Champ) vs Undertaker.
    • Late in the match, the two superstars brawl outside the ring..
    • Undertaker brings a chair into the ring..
    • RVD kicks the chair into Taker's face..
    • RVD goes up to the top rope for the frog splash..
    • RVD sees Eddie Guerrero outside the ring and leaps off onto Guerrero!!
    • RVD goes back into the ring, but gets CHOCKSLAMMED!
    • RVD kicks out!!
    • RVD counters the last ride.. and kick Taker's legs out from under him..
    • RVD hits the five-star frog splash on Taker!!
    • RVD rolls to the side of the ring..
    • Eddie Guerrero nails RVD with the IC Title Belt!
    • Taker covers RVD but RVD kicks out!
    • Taker hits a MASSIVE last ride..
    • Taker gets the 1-2-3 for the win becoming the #1 Contender..
    • Guerrero looks on at a beaten RVD..

  11. DIVAS MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly.
    • Jazz joins the announce team..
    • Jazz has a black eye from Trish Stratus on a House Show on the weekend.
    • INTERVIEW: Terri & Molly Holly.
    • Molly (with a new look) says that she actually has talent..
    • Molly says she is "pure & natural" (unlike other WWF divas)
    • Molly & Trish brawl on the RAW Ramp..
    • The Divas enter the ring and the match starts..
    • Jazz doesn't speak the entire time..
    • Late in the match, Trish leaves the ring to confront Jazz..
    • Molly grabs Trish, but Trish sets up the Bulldog!
    • Jazz hits Trish, who takes a brutal fall to the floor!
    • Molly rolls Trish into the ring, and pins Trish!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman.
    • Heyman says that this crowd doesn't respect a man like Lesnar..
    • Heyman begs Lesnar to stay in control..

  13. IN THE RING: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar.
    • The crowd chants "Yankees Suck!" at the Yankee-Cap wearing Paul Heyman..
    • Heyman thanks the crowd for their "irrelivant opinion"..
    • Heyman reminds the crowd on several 'historical facts'..
      • He (Paul Heyman) managed Steve Austin and groomed him to be Stone Cold.
      • He (Paul Heyman) represented the Undertaker and groomed HIM to be the Deadman.
      • He was the architech of a concept called ECW that spawned WWF Attitude.
    • The moral of the story is that I (Paul Heyman) can spot that next big thing..
    • Heyman says that the NEXT big thing is BROCK LESNAR!
      • NCAA Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar!
      • The invincable, Brock Lesnar!
      • The invulnerable, Brock Lesnar!
      • The indestructable, Brock Lesnar!
      • The impervious to pain, Brock Lesnar!
    • They show a video package of Brock attacking WWF superstars..
    • Back LIVE in the ring..
    • Suddenly The HARDY BOYZ run down and attack Brock Lesnar..
    • Brock fights back and throws the Hardyz out of the ring!
    • Brock celbrates..
    • The Hardyz each get a chair and run back into the ring..
    • Each Hardy smashes Lesnar in the head with a chair..
    • Lesnar just falls out of the ring and lands on his feet!

  14. MATCH: The Big Show vs MR Perfect..
    • Big Show wins after the chokeslam..

  15. RIC FLAIR'S OFFICE: Steve Austin + Ric Flair.
    • Steve Austin goes into Flair's vacant office and sits down..
    • {--Commercial Break--}
    • Ric Flair comes in and finds Austin..
    • Austin asks Flair what happens if he beats Scott Hall, since Undertaker is already #1..
    • Flair says that if Austin wins, then Austin vs Taker will be added to Backlash..
    • Flair says the winner of that match will be the sole #1 Contender..

  16. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Scott Hall w/XPac.
    • Hall beats Austin out of the ring..
    • XPac attacks Austin on the floor, with the ref's back turned..
    • Eventually the referee gets knocked out..
    • XPac runs into the ring but Austin hits a spinbuster..
    • Taker runs down and attacks Steve Austin!
    • Bradshaw runs down and takes Undertaker out of the ring..
    • Bradshaw & Undertaker brawl through the crowd..
    • Scott Hall covers Austin but only gets a two count!
    • The referee gets knocked down again!
    • XPac runs back in and Hall/XPac beat on Austin..
    • Ric Flair runs to th ring and pulls XPac off by the hair..
    • Hall sets up for the Razor's Edge!
    • Austin counters with a backflip..
    • Stunner on XPac!
    • Stunner on Scott Hall!
    • ONE.... TWO....... THREE!!!
    • Steve Austin gets to his feet and stuns WWF Co-Owner Ric Flair!
    • Steve Austin celebrates with lots of beer!

  17. RAW goes off the air...

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