April 15, 2002 - Texas A&M University - College Station, TX
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
  1. KICKOFF: Ric Flair + Steve Austin + Undertaker.
    • Flair says he has no desire to wage war with Steve Austin..
    • Flair says that he likes Steve Austin..
    • Flair says that he thinks Steve Austin is "the Man"..
    • Flair says he has a problem with what Austin did to him last week..
    • ~~Footage of Austin stunning Ric Flair last week..
    • Flair reminds everyone that he ruled that nobody would touch the owner (him)..
    • Suddenly Stone Cold Steve Austin comes to the ring and looks at Flair..
    • Flair fines Austin $5000 dollars for stunning him last week..
    • Austin tells Flair that if he gets involved in his matches he might get stunned..
    • Austin tells Flair that he doesn't need Flair's help at Backlash..
    • Suddenly the Undertaker comes out to the ring..
    • Taker tells Austin that his focus is on the wrong man..
    • Taker says that he and Austin have been in a lot of battles..
    • Taker says that he will beat Austin at Backlash..
    • Taker says that he will go on to win the WWF title..
    • Taker says that Austin actually wants Flairs help.. Even NEEDS Flair's help..
    • Taker says that if Flair gets in his way he'll know out his teeth..
    • Flair says that he will be the guest referee at Backlash..
    • Suddenly the nWo (XPac & Scott Hall) come to the stage..
    • Scott Hall says that Flair had no business stickin' his nose in his match last week..
    • Scott Hall asks for a one-on-one with Steve Austin..
    • Flair says "No"..
    • Scott Hall says that theres only one thing to do..
    • A brawl begins!
    • Bradshaw comes down and joins in..
    • Austin & Bradshaw clear the ring!!
    • Austin & Bradshaw celebrate with some beers..

  2. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair & Arn Anderson.
    • Flair is upset that Bradshaw & Undertaker assulted him!
    • Flair goes ballistic!
    • Flair sets up Bradshaw/Austin vs XPac/Hall/Undertaker.

  3. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Bubba Ray Dudley vs Raven.
    • Raven defeats Bubba Ray!
    • Tommy Dreamer defeats Raven!
    • Steven Richards defeats Tommy Dreamer!
    • Bubba Ray defeats Steven Richards to regain the title!!

  4. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Shawn Stasiak.
    • Coach asks Stasiak why he picked the Big Show to fight on his return..
    • Stasiak says he has a plan..

  5. MATCH: The Big Show vs Shawn Stasiak.
    • Big Show squashes Stasiak in no time..

  6. INTERVIEW: Terri & Eddie Guerrero.
    • Terri asks Eddie about his match with RVD at Backlash..
    • Eddy says he feels great about the match..
    • Eddy says that the IC title rightfully belongs to him..
    • Eddy says he will take back what is rightfully his.. the IC title and his frog-splash!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Goldust.
    • Booker yells at Goldust for costing him the Hardcore title last week..
    • Booker is upset to be teaming with Goldust tonight..
    • Goldust says that the team of Booker & Goldust will be great!
    • Booker isn't impressed..

  8. BACKSTAGE: Debra & Undertaker.
    • Undertaker sneaks up on Debra..
    • Debra runs away..

  9. INTERVIEW: Terri & Jacky.
    • ~~Footage of Sunday Night Heat: Crash cheating to defeat Jacky..
    • Jacky tells Terri that she'll show Crash that when you cheat, there's hell to pay!

  10. INTERGENDER MATCH: Jacky vs Crash Holly.
    • Jacky embarasses Crash by defeating him in less than a minute!

  11. INTERVIEW: The Coach & William Regal.
    • Coach asks Regal about losing the Euro title to Spike Dudley.
    • Regal said that it was the most humiliating moment of his life..
    • Coach reminds Regal that he once kissed Vince McMahon's ass..
    • Regal says that he will punish Spike Dudley!
    • Regal threatens Coach that if he ever mentions the Ass-Kissing again...

  12. TAG MATCH: Eddie Guerrero/William Regal vs Rob Van Dam/Spike Dudley.
    • Eddie Guerrero hits the frog-splash on Spike to pick up the win!
    • RVD attack Eddie after the match..
    • RVD goes to the top rope for his own frog splash..
    • Regal pulls Guerrero out of the ring..

  13. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Trish Stratus.
    • Coach asks Trish about her match tonight..
    • Trish says that she will beat Molly and go on to beat Jazz at Backlash..
    • Molly enters and says thats he is more beautiful than Trish..
    • Molly says SHE will win tonight and go on to Backlash..

  14. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly.
    • Trish wins the match..
    • Trish will challenge Jazz at Backlash!

  15. INTERVIEW: Terri & Bradshaw.
    • ~~Footage of XPac unmasking Kane last week..
    • Terri announces that Bradshaw vs Scott Hall has been signed for Backlash..
    • Bradshaw gives the usual Pro-Texas speech!

  16. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Lita.
    • Coach asks how Lita's neck is..
    • Lita says she's feeling better..
    • ~~Footage of Hardyz attacking Brock Lesnar last week..
    • Coach announces Matt Hardy vs Brock Lesnar for Backlash..
    • Suddenly Paul Heyman enters..
    • Heyman says Lita better start worrying about Backlash..
    • Heyman enters Lita's dressing room..
    • Lita tells Heyman to GET OUT!
    • Heyman sits down..
    • Heyman intimidates Lita..
    • Lita slaps Heyman and tells him to get out, now!
    • Heyman says that Lita likes to play rough..
    • Heyman says that he does too!

  17. MATCH: The Hardyz w/Lita vs Booker T & Goldust.
    • Heyman runs down to the ring..
    • Matt Hardy chases Heyman to the backstage area..
    • Goldust & Booker double team Jeff..
    • Goldust pins Jeff Hardy for the win..
    • Matt Hardy comes back to the ring..
    • Heyman comes back to the stage with Lita's luggage..
    • Heyman starts to go through Lita's luggage..
    • Matt runs after Heyman again..
    • Brock Lesnar comes out and stands in front of Matt..
    • Matt tries to spear Lesnar..
    • Lesnar beats the hell out of Matt Hardy!

  18. IN THE RING: Jim Ross & Triple H.
    • ~~Footage of Hogan getting the best of Triple H on Smackdown!
    • JR asks HHH what he thinks of what happened on Smackdown!
    • HHH says that Hulk Hogan made a BIG mistake..
    • JR suggests that Hogan may drop the leg on HHH and win the WWF Title..
    • HHH says that at Backlash he will make NO MISTAKES..
    • HHH says that he will defeat Hollywood Hogan..
    • HHH says a whole not, but not a whole lot at the same time..
    • JR asks if HHH prefers Austin or Undertaker for his next defense..
    • HHH says it could go either way but it doesn't matter..

  19. HANDICAP MATCH: Bradshaw/Steve Austin vs XPac/Scott Hall/Undertaker.
    • A brawl starts out almost immediately..
    • After a long brutal match, Bradshaw pins XPac!
    • Hall attacks Bradshaw after the match..
    • Austin goes after Hall..
    • Undertaker pulls Austin out and nails him with a chairshot to the head..

  20. That's All Folks..

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