May 6, 2002 - Hartford
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
  1. KICKOFF: Announcement of "Get the F Out" Campaign.
    • World Wrestling Federation will be known as World Wrestling Entertainment..

  2. WWE WOMENS TITLE: Jazz w/Steven Richards vs Trish Stratus.
    • Trish rolls Jazz up for the pin but Richards distracts the referee..
    • Richards interfers and Jazz gets the pin!

  3. WWE HARDCORE TITLE: Steven Richards vs Bubba Dudley..
    • Bubba attacks Richards after the Womans match..
    • Bubba gets the Table and sets it up..
    • Bubba hits the Bubba bomb and covers Richards for the win!
    • Raven runs down and smashes a trash can lid over Bubba's head..
    • Raven pins Bubba to win the Hardcore Title!
    • Justin Credible runs in and pins Raven!
    • Crash's turn.. Crash pins Credible!
    • Bubba smashes a Trash can over Crash's head!
    • Trish Stratus covers Crash to win the Hardcore Title!
    • Jazz sprays Bubba with the fire extinguisher!
    • Bubba (blind, thinking he had Jazz) puts Trish through the table!!
    • Steven Richards takes advantage and pins Trish to regain the Hardcore Title!
    • Steven Richards & Jazz retreat..
    • Bubba stands up and realizes what he did to Trish..
    • Bubba lifts Trish in his arms and carrys her out..

  4. BACKSTAGE: The nWo.
    • XPac (wearing Kane's mask), Scott Hall & Big Show depart their dressing room..
    • Scott Hall says "Let's do this...."

  5. IN THE RING: The new World order + Ric Flair..
    • Big Show shows footage of him turning on Stone Cold two weeks ago..
    • Big Show explains why he did it..
    • Big Show says two years ago he was main eventing Wrestlemania..
    • Big Show said this year he was wasting his time at WWF NY..
    • Big Show says he is the biggest baddest superstar to hit this company..
    • Big Show says that the nWo just got bigger and badder..
    • Suddely Ric Flair's music hits and Flair comes to the stage..
    • Flair tells Show to stop whining..
    • Flair says he worked night after night and worked his ass off..
    • Flair says he dislikes the nWo..
    • Flair talks about the Austin/Bradshaw/Flair vs XPac/Hall/Big Show..
    • Hall takes the microphone..
    • Hall says that they have a surprise tonight that will change the history of Wrestling..

  6. EUROPEAN TITLE: Spike Dudley vs William Regal..
    • ~Footage of Spike spaining his ankle in England..
    • Regal offers Spike the chance to forfiet the title..
    • Spike says that that would be the smart thing to do but...
    • Spike attacks Regal and the match is on!
    • 30 seconds later Spike tapped out to a submission move..
    • William Regal wins the European Championship!!
    • As Spike is being helped from the ring, Regal attacks him!
    • Regal reapplies the submission hold to Spike's ankle..
    • Suddenly DLo Brown runs down and makes the save!!!
    • You betta' recognize!!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair & Arn Anderson.
    • Flair says that he wants to know what the nWo surprise is..
    • Flair goes to the nWo dressing room..

  8. EARLIER TODAY: Booker T.
    • Booker is hiding from Goldust..
    • Booker T at a 7/11 looking for a slurpee..
    • Booker T looks for a special Booker T cup but doesn't find one..
    • Booker assumes they are sold out..
    • Booker turns around and finds Goldust standing there..
    • Goldust convinces Booker to tag with him tonight..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair.
    • Flair is looking for the nWo..
    • Flair finds an empty nWo locker room..
    • Flair finds an APA hat on the floor..
    • Flair says that an APA hat in a nWo locker room isn't right!

  10. BACKSTAGE: Undertaker + nWo..
    • Undertaker arrives and tells a security guy to "watch his bike"..
    • Undertaker also says that he "won't be long"..
    • In the background, we see the nWo standing in the parking lot waiting..

  11. MATCH: Shawn Stasiak & Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman..
    • Lesnar dominates Stasiak picking up the win..

  12. BACKSTAGE: The Undertaker..
    • Undertaker returns but his bike is missing..
    • Undertaker grabs the security guard and asks who took it?
    • The guy says that Hulk Hogan took Taker's bike..

  13. IN THE RING: Hulk Hogan + The Undertaker..
    • The Undertaker's music hits and Hulk Hogan drives the Taker's bike to the ring..
    • Hogan does his usual milking of the crowd's admiration..
    • Hogan calls out the Undertaker..
    • Undertaker comes out to the stage..
    • Undertaker says that Hogan should know that you don't touch another man's bike..
    • Undertaker threatens Hogan repeatedly..
    • Hogan replies with BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!
    • Hogan suggests Undertaker back up his threats for a change..
    • Hogan says that since Taker wont come get his bike, he'll take it to him..
    • Hogan gets on the bike and tries to chase Taker..
    • {-Unfortunately the bike stalls and the script is comprimised-}
    • {-the cameras turn to Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler while they scramble to figure out the bike-}
    • Two Minutes later, Hogan gets back on the bike and ride backstage..
    • Hogan drives around looking for Undertaker..
    • Hogan parks the bike and gets into a big Trailor Truck..
    • Hogan threatens to run over the bike if Taker doesn't show himself..
    • ~Commercial Break
    • Hogan does indeed run over the motorbike.. {possibly switched during the break}
    • Hogan gets out of the truck and looks for Undertaker again..

  14. TAG MATCH: Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy vs Eddie Guerrero & Booker T.
    • Goldust tries to help Guerrero & Booker but messes up!
    • RVD/Jeff get Eddie laying on his back in the ring..
    • RVD/Jeff go to separate corners..
    • Jeff hits the senton bomb on Eddie !
    • One second later RVD hits the frog-splash!
    • RVD pins Eddie ..

  15. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Terri..
    • Terri says she will challenge Molly to a swimsuit challenge..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair & Arn Anderson.
    • Flair remembers that nobody actually SAW Bradshaw get beaten up by Big Show..
    • Flair says that he's going to confront Bradshaw..

  17. SWIMSUIT CHALLENGE: Terri & Molly Holly..
    • Molly disrobes revealing a one piece suit with a short dress..
    • Terri disrobes revealing a two piece made from very little fabric..
    • Molly inturupts and asks if Terri has any dignity!
    • Molly says Terri looks like a stripper!
    • Molly says that they might as well put a poll in the middle of the ring..
    • King says he knows where we can find a poll! {snicker}
    • Terri struts around some more..
    • Molly gets dressed..
    • Molly attacks Terri!

  18. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair + Jacky..
    • Ric Flair goes into Bradshaws empty dressing room..
    • Ric finds Kane's mask in the room..
    • Ric leaves the room, and asks Jacky (who is passing by) where Austin's dressing room is..
    • She points it out to him..

  19. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair + Debra + Bradshaw..
    • Flair knocks on Austin's door..
    • Debra answers and says Austin just left to get his knees taped up..
    • Bradshaw comes up behind Flair "Are you lookin' for me?"
    • Flair says that he found an APA hat in nWo dressing room..
    • Flair says that he found Kane's mask in the APA dressing room..
    • Flair says Bradshaw has some explaining to do..
    • Bradshaw says he doesn't have to explain anything..
    • Bradshaw says that he and Austin are gonna kick some nWo ass tonight..

  20. BACKSTAGE: Undertaker.
    • Undertaker find his bike under the truck where Hogan left it..
    • Undertaker takes a fit and leaves in search of Hogan..
    • Suddenly a black stretch limousine drives in and Kevin Nash gets out!

  21. MAIN EVENT: XPac / Scott Hall / Big Show vs Bradshaw / Steve Austin / Ric Flair.
    • Big Show busts Bradshaw early in this match..
    • Big Show throws Flair out of the ring..
    • Bradshaw knocks Big Show over the top rope..
    • Bradshaw covers XPac, but Big Show pulls Bradshaw out of the ring..
    • Big Show chokeslams Bradshaw through the announce table!!!
    • Austin hits a double stunner on Hall & XPac!
    • The Big Show steps into the ring and goes after Austin..
    • Big Show swings for a clothesline but Austin ducks and dives out of the ring..
    • Big Show beats on Austin for a while..
    • Flair gets back into the ring with a chair..
    • Big Show intercepts and sets up Flair for the chokeslam!
    • Austin hits a low-blow on Big Show for the save!!
    • Austin stuns Big Show!
    • Austin covers Big Show with no referee!
    • Austin tries to pull the referee into the ring..
    • Flair whacks Austin over the head with a chair!!!!!!!!!
    • Flair gets on the mic and says Austin has he and Big Show in a Handicap match at Judgement Day!
    • Flair locks the figue-four on Austin..
    • Big Show helps Flair with leverage..
    • Flair finally releases the hold..
    • Big Show & Ric Flair celebrate..

  22. RAW goes off the air..

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