May 27, 2002 - Edmonton, Alberta
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
  1. KICKOFF: Chris Benoit!! + Eddie Guerrero + Ric Flair.
    • Hometown boy, Chris Benoit makes a surprise appearance in the ring..
    • Benoit says that he was drafted onto the Smackdown! show..
    • Benoit says that the WWE can't go through his hometown without him appearing..
    • Benoit says there's a good reason that he is here tonight..
    • Suddenly Eddie Guerrero's music hits and Latino Heat comes to the ring..
    • Guerrero says that Benoit was always jealous of him..
    • Guerrero says that of all the "Radicalz", he's the most talanted..
    • Guerrero says Benoit was always trying to hold him back..
    • Guerrero says that he laid out Stone Cold last week..
    • Guerrero points out that Chris Benoit couldn't do that..
    • Benoit says that he cannot take Eddie out tonight, but RVD can..
    • The two almost begin to fight..
    • Suddenly Ric Flair's music hits and the Nature Boy comes to the ring..
    • Flair asks the crowd if they wanna see Benoit vs Guerrero tonight..
    • The crowd cheers..
    • Flair says it's TOO BAD!
    • Flair says that Austin & Debra are late due to a 'family emergency'..
    • Flair says he has a special welcoming committee for Austin's arrival..
    • Flair says Austin might as well stay home, cause HE'S BENCHED!
    • Flair says since Benoit is a Smackdown! wrestler, he can't be here!
    • Guerrero tells Benoit to "Get out of my ring!!"..
    • Benoit nails Guerrero!!
    • Flair calls for security, who escorts Benoit from ringside..
    • Security throws Benoit out of the building..

  2. WOMANS & EUROPEAN TITLE: Trish & Spike vs Molly & Regal.
    • BACKSTAGE: Molly says she's nervous about being in the ring with Spike..
    • BACKSTAGE: Molly reminds Regal that she and Spike dated last year..
    • BACKSTAGE: Molly says that Spike was such a pervert!!
    • Molly gets in the ring and slaps Spike!
    • Spike tags Trish in..
    • Trish backslides Molly to get the pin!
    • Regal gives Molly a set of Brass Knucks..
    • Molly knocks Trish out with the power of the punch!

  3. INTERVIEW: Terri & Steven Richards + Jacky + Stasiak + Bossman..
    • Terri asks Steven Richards about Jazz..
    • Richards says that Jazz is recovering from knee surgery.
    • Richards says that Jazz is so "cute and cuddly"..
    • Jacky enters and kicks Richards in the knee..
    • Jacky nails Richards with the microphone!
    • Jacky covers Richards as Charles Robinson runs in to make the count..
    • Shawn Stasiak picks Jacky up and throws her off to the side..
    • Stasiak tries to pin Richards..
    • The Bossman comes in and pulls Stasiak off, covering Richards..
    • Stasiak and Bossman brawl out of the area..
    • Terri looks around and decides to cover Richards!
    • Terri pins Richards to win the WWE Hardcore Title!!!
    • Richards immediately rolls Terri up to regain his championship!!!

  4. BACKSTAGE: The nWo..
    • Nash says that this is a new era of nWo..
    • Nash says that everybody has matches tonight..
    • Nash says that if you lose, you're out of the nWo!
    • Booker T tells Nash that he doesn't like the nWo music..
    • Nash says Booker will have a remix version..

  5. TAG TEAM MATCH: Booker T & XPac vs The Hardy Boyz..
    • XPac comes to the ring wearing Kane's mask..
    • Booker & XPac wins the match after the X-Factor..
    • After the match, Booker does a spinerooni for the crowd..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Tony Garea & Paul Heyman..
    • Heyman asks Tony Garea how Trish is doing..
    • Garea says she's doing ok and walks away..
    • Heyman opens Trish's door and finds Bubba Dudley standing there..
    • Bubba roughs up Heyman a bit and tells him to stay away from Trish!

  7. IN THE RING: Tommy Dreamer + The Undertaker..
    • Tommy Dreamer gets into the ring and tells everybody that he's just a normal guy!
    • Tommy goes to the front row and asks if a fan is gonna finish his hotdog..
    • Tommy reaches for it, but the two hotdogs fall on the floors.
    • Tommy picks one up and begins to eat it..
    • Suddenly The Undertaker comes to the ring..
    • Tommy, for some reason, stays in the ring..
    • Taker suggest Dreamer hit the bricks before he kicks his ass..
    • Tommy tries to talk his way out of it..
    • Taker again tells Dream to get the hell out of here..
    • Tommy tries to leave the ring..
    • Taker calls him back and offers Dreamer a title shot!
    • Tommy says that he's LOVE a title shot!
    • Taker says that's TOO BAD!!
    • Taker says Tommy isn't worthy of a title shot..
    • Taker says that nobody in the locker room is worthy of a title shot!
    • Taker says that since Dreamer likes to entertain by doing disgusting things..
    • Taker brings out his plastic cup of "tobacco spit" {editor pukes}..
    • Tommy says that he can't do that.. too gross..
    • Taker says he's not asking him to, he's TELLING him to..
    • Taker threatens Dreamer if he didn't do it..
    • Taker spits one last wad of tobacco into the cup..
    • Tommy downs it -- claiming "That was pretty goood!!"
    • Taker sucker punches Dreamer and beats the crap out of him..
    • Taker closes a chair over Dreamers head and throws him into the ringpost!

  8. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar..
    • Heyman pep-talks Lesnar for his match with Bubba..

  9. MATCH: Bubba Ray Dudley vs Brock Lesnar..
    • Late in the match, Bubba covers Brock but Heyman distracts the referee..
    • Bubba chases Heyman around the ring, and into the ring..
    • Brock tries to hit Bubba from behind but accidentally hits Heyman!
    • Heyman continues to stick his nose into the match..
    • Brock nails his finisher on Bubba and gets the pin!!

  10. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Raven..
    • Coach finds Raven sitting outside..
    • Coach asks Raven if he knows anything about Debra's "family emergency"..
    • Raven spits out some poetic mumbo jumbo..
    • Raven says that Stone Cold is a trouble soul..
    • Raven says he wishes he could help him..

  11. MATCH: The Big Show vs Bradshaw..
    • Big Show wins after a chokeslam..

  12. BACKSTAGE: The nWo + Goldust..
    • XPac & Booker are shown celebrating..
    • Goldust enters wearing nWo colors...
    • Booker says Goldust looks like a freaky oreo cookie!

  13. THE WORLD: Tough Enough Cast.
    • Arm Wrestling Contest: Jake defeats Kenny!
    • Arm Wrestling Contest: Linda defeats Jackie!
    • Al Snow plugs the final episode of Tough Enough..

  14. INTERVIEW: Terri & Rob Van Dam..
    • RVD Congratulates Terri for winning the Hardcore title..
    • RVD talks about his ladder match with Eddie Guerrero..

  15. MATCH: Goldust vs Crash Holly.
    • Goldust wears an nWo shirt to the ring..
    • Goldust basically kicks Crash's ass quickly..
    • Kevin Nash's music hits and Nash struts slowly to the ring {lazy ass}..
    • Goldust slides out of the ring..
    • Nash beats up Crash and gives the nWo handsign..
    • Goldust gives the nWo handsign back to Nash..
    • Nash is not impressed..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair & Eddie Guerrero..
    • Guerrero expresses his worry about getting hurt in the ladder match..
    • Guerrero says he's worried about Austin showing up!
    • Flair says he's got it under control..

  17. IC TITLE LADDER MATCH: Eddie Guerrero vs Rob Van Dam..
    • The ladder gets damaged early.. {hope they have an extra!}
    • A few minutes later, Eddie finds another ladder under the ring..
    • RVD kicks the ladder into Eddie 's face..
    • Suddenly Chris Benoit enters the arena through the audience with a ticket in hand!
    • Eddy rams the ladder into RVD's face!
    • Eddy sets up the ladder in the ring and starts to climb!
    • RVD drop kicks the ladder knocking Guerrero down!
    • RVD hits the rolling thunder with Guerrero ON the ladder..
    • RVD sets up the ladder himself and starts to climb up..
    • Eddy starts to climb the other side..
    • The two punch eachother from the top of the ladder!
    • Eddy flips over RVD and nails a crazy Powerbomb!!!!
    • At this point, a fan runs into the ring..
    • Security tackles the fan as Eddie punches him!!
    • Eddy climbs the ladder again and flips over again hitting a senton bomb..
    • Guerrero assults RVD with a steel chair..
    • RVD fights back and hits a Vandaminator on Guerrero!
    • RVD places the ladder on top of Guerrero..
    • RVD hits a springboard moonsault on Guerrero!!
    • RVD sets up the ladder once again..
    • RVD starts to climb..
    • Guerrero pulls RVD back down..
    • Guerrero suplex's RVD, who lands on the back of his neck!
    • Guerrero sets the ladder up in the corner of the ring..
    • Guerrero punches RVD repeatedly..
    • Guerrero tries to throw RVD into the corner, but RVD reverses it!!
    • RVD monkeyflips Guerrero into the ladder!!
    • RVD hits another rolling thunder on Guerrero.
    • Guerrero sets up the ladder once again..
    • Guerrero grabs a chair and approaches RVD..
    • RVD kicks the chair into Guerrero's face..
    • RVD stands the ladder up in the corner..
    • RVD climbs to the top of the ladder to set up the frog splash!
    • RVD slips and falls of the top! {you f*ck'd up!}
    • Guerrero goes to the top rope but RVD knocks him off to the outside..
    • RVD climbs the ladder and snatches the Belt to win the IC Title!!
    • RVD celebrates the win..
    • Eddie Guerrero nails RVD in the back with the ladder..
    • Eddy kneels in the center of the ring, exausted.
    • ~Broken Glass!!!
    • Steve Austin runs to the ring like a madman!!
    • Steve attacks Guerrero..
    • Flair & Anderson runs down and Austin knocks them down!
    • Austin clears the ring.....
    • Chris Benoit jumps the rail and joins Austin in the ring..
    • Flair, Anderson & Guerrero walk up the ramp..
    • Benoit and Guerrero pumble Austin!!!!

  18. RAW goes off the air..

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