June 3, 2002 - Dallas, Texas
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
  1. KICKOFF: Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero + Steve Austin..
    • Flair says that he's got some things to say right away..
    • Flair tells Arn that if Austin shows up, to go to the ring..
    • Flair, Benoit & Guerrero head to the ring with a dozen security guards..
    • ~~RAW OPENS..
    • Flair, Benoit, Guerrero with Security come to the ring..
    • Flair says he loves it when a plan 'comes together'..
    • Flair said that last week his welcoming committee 'grounded' Stone Cold..
    • ~~Footage from last week's RAW..
    • Flair shakes Benoit's hand..
    • Benoit explains that Steve Austin is the reason he can't wrestle tonight..
    • Benoit talks about last year's KotR when Austin sidelined Benoit..
    • Benoit says that last week was the beginning of a long and painful payback!
    • Guerrero says that his IC title was stolen from him last week..
    • Guerrero said he felt like he was losing his Latino Heat!
    • Flair says that Austin probably wants to wrestle tonight in Texas..
    • Flair says that isn't going to happen because Austin's STILL benched!
    • Suddenly Stone Cold comes on the big screen..
    • Stone Cold is holding up a beaten Arn Anderson mocking the "Enforcer"..
    • Stone Cold said that he didn't like it when Flair benched him..
    • Stone Cold said that Flair is going to give him Benoit or Guerrero tonight..
    • .... Or else he's going to take out Flair himself!
    • Flair says that Eddie Guerrero is already in a match tonight..
    • Flair says that Chris Benoit is not medically cleared..
    • Stone Cold says why not make it Ric Flair vs Stone Cold tonight in Dallas!
    • Stone Cold says that if he wins he is taken off the 'bench' and back in competion!
    • Flair accepts the match under one condition..
    • Flair says it has to be an 'old time wrestling match'..
    • Flair says if he pins Austin or makes him submit, or if Austin gets DQed, he's benched forever!
    • Anderson begins to get up so Austin stomps on him a little more..
    • Stone Cold then urinates right on Arn Anderson!! {Good lord}
    • Stone Cold says it's better to be "pissed off" than "pissed on"!

  2. HARDCORE TITLE: Steven Richards vs Bradshaw..
    • Jacky is the referee..
    • Bradshaw brings a cowbell into the ring..
    • Bradshaw nails Richards in the head with it!!
    • Bradshaw hogties Richards' legs!!
    • Bradshaw finds some bullrope, a saddle, and a set of bullhorns under the ring!
    • Bradshaw hits a fallaway slam!
    • Spike Dudley runs down with his own referee..
    • Spike tries to cover Richards, but Bradshaw grabs him and throws him out of the ring..
    • Bradshaw hits the Huge Lariat on Richards..
    • Bradshaw covers Richards and wins the WWE Hardcore title in his home state!
    • Suddenly Justin Credible attacks Bradshaw but Bradshaw still escapes with the title..

  3. BACKSTAGE: The nWo + Goldust..
    • Booker T & XPac are bickering about something..
    • Kevin Nash tells them to shutup!
    • Kevin Nash says he's got a very important announcement to make tonight..
    • Kevin Nash says XPac & Booker T both have KotR qualifying matches tonight..
    • Goldust enters impersonating The Coach..
    • Goldust asks Kevin Nash if he's going to announce that Goldust is in the nWo?
    • Booker T suggest that if Goldust beats XPac tonight, he's in, and XPac is out..
    • Everyone (except XPac) laughs and Nash says he'll think about it..

  4. KotR QUALIFYING MATCH: XPac vs Goldust..
    • XPac misses the bronko buster!
    • Goldust does a bronko buster of his own, very 'goldustish'..
    • XPac rebounds and pins Goldust with a rollup..

  5. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Rob Van Dam.
    • Coach Congratulates RVD on his match last week..
    • RVD says that if he could do it all again, he would..
    • RVD says that the Intercontinental title means everything to him..
    • Suddenly Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar interrupt..
    • Heyman challenges RVD to a match with Brock Lesnar..
    • RVD couragously accepts..

  6. BACKSTAGE: The Hardy Boyz..
    • Matt finds Jeff strumming on the guitar..
    • Jeff says that he's upset that they don't 'live for the extrme' any more..
    • Matt says he doesn't understand..
    • Jeff says that he will show Matt exactly what he's talking about..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Flair & Company..
    • Flair is discussing his match with his lawyer.
    • Flair adds more stipulations to the match..
    • Flair says that if Austin loses he has to be Flair's assistant..
    • Flair says it has to be a 'wrestling' match..
    • Flair says that if Austin throws ONE punch, he's DQ'd..
    • Flair says if Austin is DQ'd he has to be Flair's personal assistant..
    • Austin comes in and signs the contract..
    • Flair follows suit and also signs with a smile on his face..
    • Austin asks why Flair is so happy..
    • Flair says that Austin will see in time..

  8. LIGERIE WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Terri..
    • Trish defeats Terri after a very skin-charged match..
    • Molly Holly runs down with brass knux and swings at Trish..
    • Trish blocks the knux with her title belt..
    • Trish nails molly in the head with the belt!
    • Trish removed her ligerie bottoms (revealing a thong!)
    • Trish throws her bottoms into Molly's face!

  9. BACKSTAGE: Arn Anderson & Chris Benoit..
    • Arn expresses his anger for Austin humiliating him by urinating on him..
    • Arn tells Benoit that he's gonna enjoy watching Flair beat Austin..
    • Arn says that Flair has a lot of toilets at his house for Austin to clean!
    • Benoit says that the ironic thing is that Austin is flushing his career down the drain!

  10. TAG MATCH: Brock Lesnar & Eddie Guerrero vs Rob Van Dam & Bubba Dudley..
    • Mid-way through the match, Bubba hits a crazy belly to back suplex on Lesnar!!
    • Bubba goes to the ouside to get a table..
    • Guerrero kicks the table into Bubba's face..
    • Lesnar attacks Bubba and throws him back in the ring where Eddie beats on him..
    • Guerrero takes Lesnar in and Brock pound Bubba!
    • Bubba counters a Lesnar move into a Bubba-Bomb!!
    • They each tag RVD & Guerrero in..
    • RVD hits rolling thunder on Guerrero..
    • Brock enters the ring again, but Bubba cuts him off!
    • A few minutes of back and forth action from all four..
    • RVD goes to the top rope, but Paul Heyman pushes him off!
    • Brock goes to attack, but Bubba tackles him!!
    • Guerrero nails a frog splash on Rob Van Dam and gets the win!!

  11. INTERVIEW: The Coach & William Regal + Booker T.
    • Coach asks Regal about Molly Holly getting her butt kicked tonight..
    • Regal says that it was a bloody shame..
    • Coach asks Regal about the King of the Ring..
    • Regal says that he would be the perfect wrestler to be king..
    • Booker T comes in and disputed Regal's comments..

  12. KotR QUALIFYING MATCH: Booker T vs William Regal..
    • Regal brings a steel chair and the Euro title belt into the ring..
    • Regal drops the belt and referee Nick Patrick rips the Chair away from Regal..
    • Regal argues with the referee, while Booker picks up the belt..
    • Booker knocks Regal down with the Belt and pins him 1-2-3!
    • Booker does the spineronni for the crowd after the match..

  13. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Tommy Dreamer..
    • Dreamer says that he's been sick since he found out he has a match with Taker tonight..
    • Coach shows Dreamer footage of Taker assulting Triple H on Smackdown!
    • Coach asks for Dreamers reaction to that..
    • Dreamer pukes in the bucket... {Gross twice in one show}

  14. UNDISPUTED TITLE: Undertaker vs Tommy Dreamer..
    • Dreamer brings his bucket to the ring..
    • Dreamer throws up once more at ringside..
    • Dreamer takes a handful of the vomit and puts it in his mouth! {ick!}
    • Taker turns away grossed out..
    • Dreamer attacks Taker with a mouthful of puke..
    • Undertaker slowly takes Dreamer apart..
    • Undertaker defeats Dreamer with a submission move!
    • Undertaker grabs the puke bucket and dumps it all on top of Dreamer!!
    • Undertaker stand over Dreamer..
    • Jeff Hardy runs down and kicks taker from behind..
    • Undertaker falls into the puddle of Dreamer's vomit!!

  15. BACKSTAGE: Matt Hardy & Undertaker..
    • Undertaker enters the Hardy dressing room looking for Jeff..
    • Undertaker finds Matt Hardy..
    • Undertaker tells Matt to give Jeff a messege..
    • Undertaker beats Matt up and throws him into the cement wall..

  16. IN THE RING: Kevin Nash..
    • Kevin Nash introduces a new member to the nWo..
    • Ah Ah Ah.. Seeeexy Booooooy...
    • Shawn Michaels makes a surprise appearance coming to the stage wearing the nWo colors!!
    • Shawn comes to the ring and joins Kevin Nash..
    • Shawn & Kevin perform their famous high five in the middle of the ring!

  17. BACKSTAGE: Steve Austin & Debra..
    • Debra is reading the contract and laughing..
    • Austin wonders what is so funny..
    • Debra reads a section of the contract:
    • "The loser of the match has to be the assistant to the winner of the match"..
    • .... Which means if Austin wins, Flair has to be HIS assistant..

  18. MULTIPLE STIPULATIONS MATCH: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Ric Flair..
    • Austin cannot throw a punch..
    • Loser becomes Winner's personal Assistant..
    • An Austin win, puts him back on active roster..
    • A Flair win, permanently benches Austin..
    • Mid-way through the match, Chris Benoit makes his way down to ringside..
    • The referee goes out to confront Benoit..
    • Austin hits the stunner on Flair and covers but no referee to count..
    • Eddie Guerrero runs in through the crowd!
    • Eddy attacks Austin and frog splashes him!!
    • Austin fights back and chops Flair down in the corner..
    • Austin goes to punch Flair but the referee blocks it!
    • Flair sucker-punches Austin but the referee doesn't see it!
    • Flair eventually gets the Figure Four on Austin..
    • Flair uses the ropes to get leverage on Austin..
    • Austin reverses the Figure4 into an Indian Deathlock!
    • Austin goes back to the chops in the corner..
    • Flair does a 'flair flop' to the mat..
    • Austin hits a stunner on the Nature Boy!!
    • Austin pins Flair to pick up the win!!
    • Austin is back on the Active-Roster..
    • Ric Flair has to be Austin's personal assistant.
    • Austin picks Flair up and punches him in the face!
    • Austin follows it up with another Stone Cold Stunner!!
    • Austin celebrates with several beer in the ring!!

  19. RAW goes off the air..

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