June 10, 2002 - Atlanta, GA - Phillips Arena
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
  1. KICKOFF: Ric Flair.
    • Ric Flair talks about losing to Steve Austin with the spitulations..
    • Ric Flair says he came to Atlanta tonight to 'take it like a man'..
    • Suddenly Vince McMahon's music hits and Vince McMahon comes to the ring..
    • Vince says he knows that he's not supposed to be on RAW..
    • Vince says that he created this show 10 years ago..
    • Vince says that Flair is the sorriest thing he's seen in his life..
    • Vince says that Flair has put RAW right into the toilet..
    • Vince says that Flair SUCKS as Owner of RAW..
    • Ric apologizes and asks Vince what he proposes they do about it..
    • Vince says that he does what he does for his own ego..
    • Vince says he can't go another day with Flair owning 1/2 of what he created..
    • Vince proposes that he and Flair have a match tonight, No Holds Barred, for 100% ownership..
    • Ric struts around the ring before accepting the match!
    • WhhhooooooooooO!!!

  2. EARLIER TODAY: The nWo.
    • Nash, XPac & Big Show meet up outside the nWo bathroom..
    • Shawn Michaels is inside having "private time"..
    • Big Show says he had Mexican Food today and needs to find a bathroom..
    • Booker T enters and says that he likes Shawn Michaels' entrance music..
    • Booker does a "booker t" version of HBKs entrance theme..

  3. SIX-MAN TAG: XPac/Booker/Big Show vs Dreamer/Stasiak/Spike.
    • A few minutes into the match, the camera turns on backstage..
    • We see Kevin Nash & Shawn Michaels in the nWo dressing room..
    • Nash gets up and closes the door..
    • The nWo dominates the match and win easily..
    • Booker gets the microphone and says to CUT the music..
    • Booker says that he's gonna give the people what they paid to see, the Spinerooni..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Goldust.
    • Booker T is celbrating his win backstage..
    • Goldust pops out from nowhere wearing a big aphro wig..
    • Goldust says that he wants Booker T to quit the nWo..
    • Goludts says that Booker's position in the nWo is in trouble because of HBK..
    • Goldust says that Shawn Michaels doesn't like 'their kind'..

  5. INTERVIEW: Terri & Molly Holly.
    • Terri asks Molly about her vendeda with Trish Stratus..
    • Molly says that she now has a problem with Terri..
    • Molly says she has a problem with Terri's WWE Diva layout..
    • Trish enters and tells Molly that she has a big butt..
    • Molly says that Trish is a disgrace to the WWE Womans Title..
    • Molly says the champion should be pure like her..
    • Molly challenges Trish to a match tonight..
    • Trish says if Molly wins, she'll get a title shot..
    • But if she loses, she has to wrestle in a thong!
    • Molly walks away covering her butt..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair, Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit.
    • Guerrero & Benoit express their concern about Flair's match tonight..
    • Flair says he's been trying for weeks to strike a deal with Vince to get Benoit on RAW..
    • Flair says that everything will be all right..

  7. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: William Regal vs Bradshaw (Hardcore Champ)..
    • Tough Enough I contestant, Chris Nowinski (aka Chris Harvard), is shown in the front row..
    • Late in the match, Chris Nowinski jumps the rail..
    • Security tries to hold him back, as he tosses a set of brass knux to Regal..
    • Regal knocks Bradshaw out and picks up the win!
    • Nowinski & Regal leave together..

  8. DIVA MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly.
    • Molly wins after a flip off the top rope..
    • Molly takes out Trish's panties from last week and chokes Trish with them!
    • The referee pulls Molly off of Trish..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Arn Anderson.
    • Arn asks what Vince is thinking?!?
    • Arn asks why Vince is going to risk everything he has on beating Flair in a Wrestling Match..
    • Vince says that he didn't get where he is without taking calculated risks..
    • Vince says Arn took a calculated risk coming in here..
    • Vince slaps Arn!!
    • Arn says he's going to go get ready for Vince's early retirement..

  10. KING OF THE RING QUALIFYING MATCH: Rob Van Dam (IC Champ) vs Eddie Guerrero.
    • RVD hits Guerrero with a frog splash outside the ring!
    • After some fast-paced action, RVD gets a quick pin!
    • Guerrero isn't happy with the result and tries to attack RVD but RVD escapes..
    • A reply shows a controversial 1-2-3 count by the referee..

  11. BACKSTAGE: The Coach, Kevin Nash & Shawn Michaels..
    • Coach tries to get a word with Shawn Michaels, who retreats to the nWo dressing room..

  12. IN THE RING: The Undertaker + The Hardy Boyz.
    • Undertaker makes a WWE Crew member hold the Undisputed title up in the air..
    • Undertaker says that people just don't get it!
    • Undertaker says the people just don't get that he is the Undisputed Champion of the World!
    • Undertaker addresses Triple H..
    • Undertaker says that Triple H has to realize that there is blood in the water now..
    • Undertaker says that he's going to kick HHH's face right off of his head at KotR..
    • Undertaker addresses Jeff Hardy..
    • ~Footage of Hardy kicking Taker into a puddle of vomit.
    • Undertaker calls Jeff Hardy out..
    • The Hardyz music hits..
    • Matt Hardy comes to the stage with a ladder in his hands..
    • Matt says that last week Undertaker disrespected Matt Hardy..
    • Jeff Hardy comes out of the crowd and tries to attack Taker..
    • Taker hits a chokeslam on Jeff Hardy!
    • Matt runs down and get involved..
    • Undertaker beats the living hell out of Matt Hardy..
    • Undertaker sets Matt up for a last ride power bomb!
    • Jeff clips Undertakers knee out from under him..
    • Jeff goes out and brings the ladder into the ring..
    • The Hardyz ram the ladder into the Undertaker..
    • Jeff sets up the 10 foot ladder..
    • Jeff leap frogs the ladder and hits a leg drop on Taker!

  13. INTERVIEW: Terri, William Regal, Chris Nowinski + Jeff Hardy..
    • Terri asks Regal about his relationship between Regal and Chris Nowinski..
    • Regal says that he graduated from Harvard at the top of his class..
    • Regal says that he is the first WWE wrestler to graduate from Harvard..
    • Chris lists his accomplishments while attending Harvard..
    • Jeff Hardy runs in and looks into the camera, "Plank remains unfilled -- Jeff Hardy".
    • Jeff jumps into a vehicle and drives off..
    • Chris says that it's just like Harvard in the summertime -- NO CLASS!

  14. KING OF THE RING QUALIFYING MATCH: Bubba Dudley vs Brock Lesnar.
    • Bubba looks for a table under the ring..
    • Heyman stops Bubba, who turns around to confront Heyman..
    • Bubba prepares up to punch Heyman..
    • Heyman flies over the announce table to escape Bubba, onto the lap of JR & The King..
    • Brock suplexes Bubba on the floor outside the ring!!
    • A bit later Heyman gets into the ring again..
    • Bubba goes after Heyman, who takes a swing at Bubba..
    • Bubba spears Heyman..
    • Brock Lesnar gets up and fights back to get the pin on Bubba!

  15. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Paul Heyman.
    • Vince McMahon is getting ready for his match..
    • Paul Heyman enters and says he hopes Vince wins back 100% ownership..
    • Paul Heyman tells Vince to think about the NEXT BIG THING, afterwards..

  16. IN THE RING: Shawn Michaels + The nWo..
    • Shawn Michaels accidentally says WWF, corrects himself, WWE..
    • HBK says that back when the WWE was full of garbage men etc..
    • HBK says that there was always one thing that was real, Shawn Michaels..
    • HBK talks about Wrestlemania 14, when the WWE passed the ball to Steve Austin..
    • HBK says that Stone Cold has no problem stealing his spotlight..
    • HBK says he has no problem with Stone Cold Steve Austin..
    • HBK says that the fans always determine the direction of the WWE..
    • HBK blames the fans for the sudden change of direction..
    • HBK begins to explain why he is here..
    • HBK says that he is not here to wrestle..
    • HBK says that "HBK" is dead, because all the fans killed him..
    • HBK says there was one man who stood by him through every bit of it..
    • HBK introduces his 'best friend in the world', Kevin Nash..
    • Nash, XPac, Big Show & Booker T come to the ring..
    • HBK tries to explain how proud he is of Kevin Nash..
    • HBK says that when Nash first arrived in the WWE, he was his Bodyguard, Diesel!
    • HBK says that now Nash is the leader of the most powerful group ever!
    • HBK says that he realized there is something different!
    • HBK says that the Big Show stands out, but that is what he loves about him!
    • HBK says that XPac has a 'lack of focus'..
    • HBK says that XPac is the most talanted performer in the business today!
    • HBK says that he started to think..
    • Suddenly HBK suckerpunches Booker T with the microphone!!!
    • HBK says that Booker T tried to steal the spotlight of the nWo!!
    • HBK says that nobody will ever steal the spotlight of the nWo again!!
    • HBK, XPac, Nash, Big Show leave Booker laying in the ring..

  17. NO HOLDS BARRED MAIN EVENT: Vince McMahon vs Ric Flair.
    • For 100% ownership of the WWE, RAW & Smackdown!..
    • Vince & Flair brawl outside the ring to start..
    • Flair knocks Vince over the guard rail..
    • They brawl through the crowd..
    • Flair slams Vince on the concrete floor!
    • They fight back into the ring..
    • Vince busts Flair open with the ring bell..
    • Vince throws Flair onto the announce table..
    • Vince punches away at Flair's open wound!
    • Vince chokes Flair with the eletrical wire..
    • Vince kicks Flair flat in the forehead!
    • Flair fights back and chokes away at Vince's chest..
    • Vince turns the tables again, clothelining the bloody Flair..
    • Vince low-blows Ric Flair!
    • Vince fails on several pin attempts..
    • Vince brings a steel chair into the ring!
    • Vince tries to hit Flair with the chair, but Flair kicks Vince in the face!
    • Flair chokes away at Vince's chest again!
    • Flair pulls Vince to the ropes and jumps on Vince's leg..
    • Arn Anderson runs to ringside and cheers Flair on..
    • Flair gives Vince McMahon a low-blow!!
    • Flair locks a figure-four onto Vince McMahon!
    • Arn Anderson gets into the ring and yells right in Vince's face to give up!
    • Brock Lesnar runs down and gets into the ring..
    • Arn jumps out of the ring away from Lesnar..
    • Lesnar nails Ric Flair, who releases the figure four!
    • Lesnar hits Flair with his devistating finisher!!
    • Vince McMahon covers Flair and gets the 1-2-3..
    • Vince McMahon wins 100% ownership of the WWE!!!!!

  18. RAW goes OFF THE AIR..

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