June 24, 2002
Cleveland, Ohio - Gund Arena
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: RAW Superstars + Vince McMahon + The nWo.
    • Show begins with all the RAW Wrestlers surrounding the ring..
    • Vince McMahon comes out and quickly gets into the ring..
    • Vince says that everybody knows he is a success!
    • Vince says that he is going to tell everyone what makes him successful..
    • Vince says that his 'ruthless aggression' made him successfull..
    • Vince says that two decades ago he took on every wrestling promoter in the the country..
    • Vince says that he beat the Country in the court of law..
    • Vince says that it took him a while but he eliminated WCW..
    • Vince asks the superstars which one has enough 'ruthless aggression' to step up..
    • Vince asks who is willing to make the necessary sacrifices..
    • Vince says that we are gonne find out tonight..
    • Vince says that there is someone that isn't out here that has it..
    • Vince says that King of the Ring Brock Lesnar has what it takes to be successful!
    • Vince asks RVD if it bugs him that Lesnar beat him in the finals..
    • Vince singles out Bubba for helping Ric Flair last night..
    • Vince says that Bubba will take on Eddie Guerrero tonight..
    • Vince looks over at Jeff Hardy.. Mr Extreme..
    • Vince says Jeff Hardy gets a non-title match against the Undertaker tonight..
    • Vince says Matt Hardy is banned from ringside!
    • Vince asks who amung the stars wants it?
    • Suddenly the nWo music hits and Nash, Michaels, XPac & Big Show come to the stage!
    • Michaels say "Heeeey Vin-man!"
    • Michaels apoligizes for being late..
    • Michaels offers the services of the nWo to take out some of the "trash" down there..
    • Nash says that if anybody has a problem with it..
    • headline a few Wrestlemania's and come back and talk about it..
    • Booker T grabs the mic from Vince McMahon and says that the nWo blows!
    • Goldust says that the nWo think they are tight..
    • Goldust says that nobody is tighter than he and Booker T..
    • Goldust says they are practically married..
    • Booker grabs the mic and says that they are not practically married!!
    • Booker challenges any nWo member to a match tonight..
    • Vince says that it won't be Booker T vs Shawn Michaels..
    • Vince says that Shawn Michaels in an ICON..
    • Vince says that it won't be Kevin Nash, because he's not cleared to wrestle..
    • Vince says that if Kevin Nash doesn't live up to his expectations..
    • ... he could be joining Scott Hall in the unemployment line..
    • Vince says that if the wrestlers want it, all they gotta do it reach out and take it!
    • Vince sets up a match between XPac & Big Show vs Booker T & Goldust..
    • Booker snatches the microphone from Vince..
    • Vince snatches it back..
    • Vince says that Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash are banned from ringside..
    • Booker snatches the mic back and says that he can DIG THAT.. SUCKA!!!!
    • Booker's music hits and Booker does a spinerooni for the crowd..

  2. TAG TEAM MATCH: Bradshaw & Spike Dudley vs Chris Nowinski & William Regal.
    • Chris picks up a controversial pinfall for the win..

  3. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Sgt Slaughter + Jackie + Undertaker..
    • Vince says there are a few people on the roster that he wants to get rid of..
    • Vince says he will weed them out week by week..
    • Vince sets up a match between Raven & Dreamer, the loser never appearing on RAW again..
    • Vince goes into his office and finds Jackie from Tough Enough..
    • Jackie tells Vince that she wants to show him how aggressive she can be..
    • Vince sets up a match with Jackie & Molly vs Trish & Linda..
    • Jackie says that she will take the golden thong award at Divas undressed..
    • Jackie opens her trench coat and shows Vince her ligerie!
    • Vince is very impressed!
    • Undertaker comes in and Jackie runs out of the office..
    • Undertaker looks at Vince, who suspects Taker is upset..
    • Undertaker says that he almost lost his title last night!
    • Undertaker complains about the Rock sticking his nose in his business..
    • Undertaker says that he wants Rock TONIGHT!
    • Vince says that he set up a match with Jeff Hardy tonight..
    • Undertaker says that he is going to make Jeff Hardy famous!

  4. MATCH: Bubba Dudley vs Eddie Guerrero..
    • Bubba comes out and immediately gets a table from under the ring..
    • Bubba tells JR that somebody is going through the table tonight..
    • INTERVIEW: Terri & Eddie Guerrero.
      • Eddy tells Terri that a table will not intimidate him!
      • Eddy says that Bubba is the one who jumped him from behind at KotR..
      • Eddy takes a fit and says that he is the best..
    • Guerrero gets a sudden win rolling Bubba up for the pin!
    • Guerrero attacks Bubba after the match..
    • Guerrero goes out and brings the table into the ring..
    • Guerrero sets up the table while Bubba gets to his feet and watches Eddie ..
    • Guerrero turns around and Bubba grabs him!
    • Bubba powerbombs Guerrero though the table!!
    • Chris Benoit attacks Bubba from behind and puts the crippler crossface on Bubba!
    • Officials try to pull Benoit off but he refuses...

  5. FEATURE: Rey Mysterio.
    • Montage of Rey Mysterio WITH the mask...
    • He's COMING!

  6. BACKSTAGE: Goldust + Big Show + XPac.
    • Goldust immitating the Crockidile Hunter..
    • Goldust says that he will go into the nWo lockerroom..
    • Goldust says that the creatures inside can be very scarry!
    • Goldust find Big Show sleeping on a couch..
    • Goldust says that this Giant smells..
    • XPac comes out of the bathroom and asks what Goldust is doing here!
    • Goldust says something strange and runs out of the room..
    • XPac runs after him..

  7. BACKSTAGE: The Hardy Boyz..
    • Matt asks Jeff if he is going to be okay..
    • Jeff says that he will..
    • Matt points out that there arent any Tag Team titles on RAW anyway..
    • Jeff says that they have to go their separate ways and make names for themselves..

  8. BACKSTAGE: Goldust & XPac + Booker T..
    • XPac is still chasing Goldust, who turns a corner..
    • XPac turns the corner and is whacked in the head by Booker T with a Trash Can lid!

  9. LOSER-LEAVES-RAW MATCH: Raven vs Tommy Dreamer.
    • Loser will be escorted from the arena and never appear on RAW again..
    • Dreamer picks up the pinfall and looks surprised with himself..
    • Raven is ejected from the arena by security!
    • Dreamer celebrates with the fans!
    • As Raven is leaving, he funs into Matt Hardy, who takes a few last shots at Raven..
    • Matt tells Raven to "Have a nice trip!"..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar..
    • Paul Heyman says that it is time for the king to have his coronation..

  11. CORONATION: Jim Ross & Paul Heyman + Brock Lesnar.
    • JR says that Brock will be in the Main Event of Summerslam against the Undisputed Champion.
    • Paul says that the Title Shot was all his idea in the first place..
    • Paul introduces Brock Lesnar, who comes to the ring..
    • Paul says that nobody 'wants it' more than Brock Lesnar..
    • RVD sneaks into the ring and attacks Brock from behind!
    • RVD kicks Brock in the head knocking him out of the ring!!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar..
    • Paul complains to Vince about RVD ruining Brock's moment..
    • Paul says that RVD is ruining the SHOW!
    • Vince asks what Paul wants him to do about it?!
    • Paul demands an Intercontinental Title match with RVD tonight!
    • Vince looks at Brock and asks Brock if he will become IC Champ tonight!
    • Paul answers "YES! YES! YES!"..
    • Vince says that he's got it!

  13. NON-TITLE MATCH: Jeff Hardy vs The Undertaker.
    • Jeff tries to jump off Taker's bike but gets a chokeslam on the outside floor!
    • Undertaker wins after a vicious Last Ride powerbomb..
    • Undertaker gets on his bike and drives up the ramp..
    • Jeff gets the microphone and yells at Undertaker from the ring..
    • Jeff says that he wants an Undisputed Title shot next week!
    • Jeff asks that it be a ladder match... Taker accepts!

  14. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Trish & Linda vs Jackie & Molly.
    • Molly gets on the microphone..
    • Molly says that she's proud to bring integrity back to the Women's championship..
    • Molly says that she EARNED it, whereas Trish slept her way to the top!
    • Trish points out that Molly had to cheat to beat her at KotR..
    • Trish says she felt back about making fun of Molly recently..
    • But after hearing her comments, Trish says that she will be happy to kick Molly's FAT ASS!
    • Trish beats Molly clean after a powerbomb!

  15. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Rob Van Dam.
    • RVD says that he doesn't need Mr McMahon's motivation..
    • Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar interupt..
    • Paul yells at RVD saying that he MADE Rob Van Dam what he is today..
    • Brock speaks up for the first time ever.. SHUT UP PAUL!
    • Brock looks into RVDs eyes..
    • Brock says that he's going to show RVD the meaning of 'ruthless aggression'!

  16. BACKSTAGE: The nWo.
    • Kevin Nash tells Big Show and XPac if they don't beat Booker T & Goldust..
    • ...that he will kick their asses when they come back from the ring!

  17. TAG MATCH: Big Show & XPac vs Booker T & Goldust.
    • Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash are banned from ringside..
    • Long hard fought match..
    • Late in the match Goldust & Booker suplex the Big Show!
    • Goldust sets Big Show up for the shattered dreams..
    • Big Show grabs Goldust by the neck and chokeslams him to the mat!
    • Big Show covers Goldust and gets the win!
    • Nash & Michaels (watching backstage) look somewhat impressed..

  18. INTERCONTINETAL TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman.
    • Several minutes into the match, Goldberg chants break out in the crowd..
    • Brock rams RVDs back into the post outside the ring as RVD screams in pain!
    • Brock dominates RVD physically..
    • RVD eventually fights back and mounts an offense on the monster!
    • Heyman grabs RVDs leg distracting RVD temporarily..
    • Brock tries to clothesline RVD but RVD ducks!
    • RVD kicks Brock in the head from the top rope!
    • RVD climbs the ropes again, but Heyman holds RVDs leg!
    • Brock pulls RVD off the ropes.. But RVD escapes..
    • RVD kicks Brock in the face again!
    • RVD hits the split-legged-moonsault springing off the top rope!
    • RVD covers Brock Lesnar..
    • Paul Heyman crawls into the ring and breaks up the count!
    • The referee disqualifies Brock Lesnar..
    • RVD grabs Heyman and beats the hell out of him!!
    • Lesnar grabs RVD from behind and punches him in the back!
    • Heyman throws a steel chair into the ring!!
    • RVD surprises Lesnar with the Vandaminator!
    • RVD chases Heyman around the ring, and into the ring!
    • RVD hits Heyman with a spinkick!
    • RVD climbs the ropes and hits a five-star-frog-splash on Paul Heyman!!!!!
    • RVD celebrates the win..
    • Lesnar attacks again, pulling RVD out of the ring!
    • Lesnar clears the monitors from the announce table..
    • Lesnar brutally powerbombs RVD through the announce table!!!

  19. RAW goes OFF THE AIR..

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