July 15, 2002
East Ruthorford, New Jersey - Continental Airlines
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: Vince McMahon..
    • Vince comes out to nWo music..
    • Vince says that he wanted the fans to hear the nWo music ONE LAST TIME..
    • Vince esplains that the nWo has dispanded..
    • Vince talks about the current era coming to an end..
    • Vince runs down the list of WWE eras..
    • Buddy Rogers era, Bruno Sammartino era, Pedro Morales era, Billy Graham era..
    • Hulk Hogan era, Ultimate Warrior era, Bret Hart era, Stone Cold era..
    • Vince says RAW was born roughly 10 years ago accross the hudson river in NY..
    • Vince says that RAW will have its 500 episode soon..
    • Vince says that it's time to shake-up the Company..
    • Vince says that he's hired two general managers for RAW & Smackdown!
    • Vince says the general managers will have his 'unqualified support'..
    • Vince says within the hour he will name the RAW general manager..
    • Vince says the new GM will give the fans what they want and deserve..
    • A shot of RAW wrestlers sitting confused backstage..

  2. INTERVIEW: Terri & Ric Flair..
    • Terri asks Flair to speculate who the new GM is..
    • Flair says that as a former co-owner of the company..
    • ..he can't think of anybody without the name "McMahon" who could do it..

  3. SIX-MAN-ELIMINATION: Jeff Hardy/Bubba/Spike vs Regal/Benoit/Guerrero..
    • Spike is quickly eliminated by Eddie Guerrro..
    • A few minutes later, Eddie distracts the ref as Benoit slips Regal the euro belt..
    • Regal lines up Jeff Hardy, but Bubba tears the belt out of Regal's hands!
    • Bubba nails Regal with the belt, but the referee saw it, and DQs Bubba!
    • Bubba is extremely upset and attacks Benoit & Guerrero..
    • This allows Jeff Hardy to hit a swanton bomb on Regal to eliminate him!
    • ~Commercial (Guerrero & Benoit beat on Jeff)..
    • Jeff surprises Guerrero with a rollup pin!!
    • Guerrero refuses to leave the ring as the two brutalize the Hardy..
    • Guerrero finally leaves the ringside area..
    • Benoit takes Jeff Hardy apart..
    • Jeff hits a blind backflip onto Benoit!
    • Guerrero runs back down and tries to get into the ring..
    • The referee prevents Guerrero from entering the ring..
    • Behind the referees back, William Regal comes out from under the ring!
    • Regal hits Jeff with a set of brass knux!
    • Benoit locks the crossface on Jeff Hardy for the win!
    • Guerrero runs down again and gets a table from under the ring..
    • Guerrero & Benoit set the table up inside the ring and they pick up Jeff Hardy..
    • Bubba & Spike run down and make the save before they can do any damage..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Coach + Paul Heyman + Vince McMahon..
    • Coach stands outside Mr McMahons dressing room..
    • Coach lists down the men who might be the new General Manager..
    • Coach speculates Mick Foley or Rod McMahon (Vince's brother)..
    • Suddenly Paul Heyman approaches the dressing room door..
    • Coach asks Heyman what he's doing?!
    • Heyman says it is none of his business..
    • Coach asks if Heyman is the new General Manager of RAW?
    • Heyman says that is what he's about to find out..
    • Heyman says that he is would be the perfect choice for the position..
    • Heyman enters the room and the camera follows..
    • A woman runs into the room and tells Vince that "he's arrived"..
    • Vince tells the woman to bring him to his office, and sends Heyman away..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon..
    • Shane McMahon surprises his father by busting into his office..
    • Shane protests Vince's decision to hire this "particular" man..
    • Shane says he knows who it is and that he's a parasite!
    • Vince says that Shane himself tried to but him out of business..
    • Shane argued that it was okay because it was within the family..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Tommy Dreamer + Rob Van Dam + Steven Richards..
    • RVD & Dreamer talk about who the GM might be..
    • Both agree that they're glad it's not Paul Heyman..
    • Dreamer Congratulates RVD on putting the Van-Terminator on Heyman last week..
    • RVD leaves to prepare for his match..
    • Steven Richards approaches Tommy Dreamer..
    • Richards accuses Dreamer of trying to get the spotlight last week standing up to Lesnar..
    • Richards challenges Dreamer to a "Singapore Cane Match"..
    • Goldust walks by and says "This is an offer *hiiiiiist* too good to be true.."
    • Richards & Dreamer chuckle at Goldust, who walks off..
    • Dreamer accepts the challenge..
    • Richards throws the Cane in the air for Dreamer to catch..
    • Richards sneak attacks Dreamer by Smashing the Cane in Dreamer's stomach!

  7. SINGAPORE CANE MATCH: Steven Richards vs Tommy Dreamer..
    • An "ECW! ECW!" chant starts early..
    • Tommy Dreamer is busted open big time during this match..
    • Dreamer jumps from the second rope but Richards superkicks Dreamer in the chin!
    • Dreamer kicks out of the pin attempt..
    • Dreamer gets up and shatters a cane over Richard's head!!!
    • Dreamer falls on top of Richards and gets the 1-2-3!

  8. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Booker T + Eric Bischoff..
    • Coach asks Booker T about the nWo being dead..
    • Booker talks about the nWo screwing Booker a month ago..
    • Booker says now the nWo is dead.. and he feels like celebrating!
    • Booker makes Coach do a 'coacharooni' for the camera..
    • Booker asks Coach is he's sure he's black?!
    • Booker says he's gonna punk out Big Show tonight..
    • Can You Dig That................. Booker sees someone off camera?
    • Suddenly, Eric Bischoff steps into the picture and shakes Booker T's hand..
    • Bischoff says it's nice to see Booker again and walks off..
    • Booker says "Tell me I didn't just see that?!"..

  9. ON STAGE: Vince McMahon & Eric Bischoff..
    • Vince says that it takes a real son of a bitch to be successful in this business..
    • Vince announces the new General Manager of RAW... ERIC BISCHOFF!!!!!
    • Eric comes out and hugs Vince.. TWICE! (frickin surreal, my friend, frickin surreal)

  10. IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff.
    • Bischoff makes his way to the ring to give his first promo in the WWE..
    • Bischoff introduces himself to the confused audience..
    • Bischoff says he was the only person to ever 'take it to vince mcmahon'..
    • Bischoff says that Vince was talking about him when he talked about ruthless aggression..
    • Bischoff says that he personifies 'ruthless aggression'..
    • Bischoff says that he signed everybody; Hogan, Savage, Nash, Hall, Piper..
    • Bischoff says that he signed Bobby Heenan & Mean Gene just for the hell of it..
    • Bischoff says that when Vince was under government investition he 'dropped the ball'..
    • Bischoff denies that his success depended on Ted Turners money..
    • Bischoff remineses about when he gave taped RAW results away at the beginning of Nitro..
    • Bischoff talks about forcing Alundra Blaze to bring a WWE belt to Nitro and trash it!
    • Bischoff says that he forced the McMahons to change its product..
    • Bischoff says that Nitro beat RAW 84 weeks in a row..
    • Bischoff says he came very close to putting the WWF out of business..
    • Bischoff says he was surprised when Vince called up about being General Mamager..
    • Bischoff says that if he signed Triple H, then Nitro would be on the air right now..
    • Bischoff says that if he signed Triple H, it would be Vince working for him right now..
    • Bischoff says that people generally like working with him..
    • Bischoff claims that he will sign Triple H to the RAW brand..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Undertaker & Bradshaw + Eric Bischoff..
    • Bradshaw asks Taker if Bischoff could be worse that Vince McMahon?!
    • Bischoff approaches the Undertaker and introduces himself, ignoring Bradshaw..
    • Bischoff tells Undertaker that if he needs anything, to let him know..
    • Bradshaw interrupts and introduces himself to Bischoff..
    • Bischoff says "Hi" and shoves Bradshaw away..
    • Bischoff tells Undertaker to just let him know if he wants anything..

  12. WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Molly Holly vs Trish Stratus..
    • Molly pins Trish with both legs on the ropes for leverage..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair..
    • Bischoff bumps into former enemy Ric Flair..
    • Bischoff says that he knows there is a lot of history between the two..
    • Bischoff proposes that they start fresh..
    • Bischoff asks if Flair was surprised when he saw Bischoff on RAW..
    • Flair said "surprise" wasn't the word he was thinking of..

  14. MATCH: Booker T vs Big Show..
    • Big Show is more of a monster than ever during this match..
    • Late in the match, Booker clotheslines Big Show over the top rope..
    • Booker gets a steel chair and swings at Big Show..
    • Big Show dumps and Booker his the ringpost with the chair..
    • Big Show gets the chair into the ring and hits Booker with it!
    • Big Show throws the referee out of the ring..
    • Big Show nails Booker T AGAIN with the chair..
    • The refereee disqualifies the Big Show..
    • Big Show chokeslams Booker T through the announce table!!
    • Booker appears to be injured legit but it's probably just an angle..

  15. BACKSTAGE: Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman.
    • Lesnar is doing curlups with a huge piece of the RAW set.
    • Heyman says that he's happy with the new General Manager..
    • Heyman tells Lesnar that the Undertaker doesn't have a clue..

  16. OBITUARY: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler..
    • James Miranda (1962 - 2002)..
    • James was the manager of the arena merchandise sales..
    • Lawler says that everybody loves James..
    • Lawler says that there couldn't be a nicer guy..

  17. HARDCORE TITLE: Bradshaw vs Chris Nowinski.
    • Bradshaw comes out with a new Hardcore Title belt..
    • Nowinski says that he doesn't even want the Hardcore Title.
    • Nowinski says that he will lay down so Bradshaw can pin him..
    • Bradshaw goes to cover Nowinski, who small packages Bradshaw for a 2-count!
    • Bradshaw & Nowinski brawl through the crowd and to the backstage area..
    • Johnny The Bull sneaks up behind Bradshaw and breaks a stick over his head!
    • Johnny The Bull pins Bradshaw to become new WWE Hardcore Champion!

  18. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Big Show..
    • Big Show enters Bischoff's office and hugs him!
    • Big Show says that he has a huge pain in his ass..
    • Bischoff pauses and suggest that IS a huge pain..
    • Big Show asks for Bichoff to make a match for Vengeance with Booker T..
    • Bischoff says that he doesn't want to piss of Vince McMahon on his first night..
    • Bischoff thinks about it, stating that he and "Giant" have a history!
    • Bischoff decides to give Big Show his match..
    • Big Show leaves the room and Bischoff turns on a Triple H video..

  19. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Johnny The Bull..
    • Johnny The Bull brags about what he did to Bradshaw..
    • Johnny thanks Bischoff for the opportunity to be on RAW..
    • Bischoff says that he'll give an opportunity to everyone..
    • Suddenly Bradshaw barges in and gives the Lariat to Johnny The Bull!
    • Bradshaw covers Johnny to regain his Hardcore Title..
    • Bradshaw AGAIN introduces himself to Eric Bischoff..

  20. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar..
    • Heyman says that this is the summer of the next big thing!
    • Undertaker comes up behind Lesnar..
    • Undertaker goes nose-to-nose with Undertaker..

  21. MAIN EVENT: Undertaker & Brock Lesnar vs Ric Flair & Rob Van Dam..
    • Undertaker & Flair start the match..
    • Flair eventually puts the figure four on Taker..
    • Taker reaches for Flair's neck, which breaks the hold..
    • Taker chokeslams Flair, who kicks out after a two count..
    • Late in the match, Lesnar hits the F5 on Ric Flair..
    • RVD kicks Lesnar in the head!
    • RVD hits the five-star-frog-splash on Lesnar!
    • Taker grabs RVD and gives him the Last Ride!
    • Taker pins RVD giving he and Lesnar the win..
    • Taker celebrates with his Undisputed Title..
    • Brock Lesnar attacks Undertaker from behind!!
    • Brock delivers a MASSIVE F5 on the Undertaker!!
    • Lesnar takes a long hard look at the Undisputed Title Belt...

  22. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff.
    • Bischoff leaves a message on Rock's answering machine..
    • Bischoff says that he's a HUGE fan of the Rock..
    • Bischoff says that he will meet with Rock on Smackdown..

  23. RAW goes OFF THE AIR..

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