July 22, 2002
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: Eric Bischoff + Triple H + Shawn Michaels.
    • Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler have been moved from ringside to the stage area..
    • Eric Bischoff comes to the ring with
    • Bischoff says that he is bringing the WWE Undisputed Champion to RAW!
    • Bischoff says that he is bringing Triple H too RAW!
    • Triple H's music hits and out comes The Game..
    • Bischoff starts to talk again but Triple H grabs the microphone from him..
    • Triple H says that he's bringing out his best friend, Shawn Michaels!
    • Shawn Michaels' music then hits and HBK joins HHH & Bischoff in the ring..
    • HBK & HHH hug eachother as Bischoff smiles happily..
    • Bischoff introduces the combination of Triple H and Shawn Michaels!!
    • Bischoff officially names Shawn Michaels as the manager of Triple H..
    • Triple H gives his microphone to Michaels..
    • HBK says that Bischoff clearly doesn't know him very well..
    • HBK says that he has no problem being Triple H's manager..
    • HBK says that he has a major problem with Bischoff TELLING him what to do..
    • Bischoff says that HBK will do what he tells him to do, cause he's Eric Bischoff..
    • Bischoff says that HBK doesn't have the stroke he once had in the WWF..
    • HBK says he doesn't need stroke, everybody knows he does what he wants..
    • HBK says that if he's given a choice that's not his way or the highway, he always picks the highway..
    • HBK leaves the ring and goes backstage..
    • Triple H yells at Bischoff for ruining the night..
    • Bischoff tells Triple H to go after HBK and fix it..
    • Triple H runs to the backstage area after HBK..
    • Bischoff announces that he's going to unify the IC Title & Euro Title..
    • Bischoff says RVD & Jeff Hardy will battle in a LADDER MATCH!!
    • Suddenly the two championship belts are lowered to the ring from the roof..

  2. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Shawn Michaels..
    • Triple H tries to stop a pissed off HBK from leaving the arena..
    • HBK says that he still has his pride, and he's not gonna he a lacky..
    • Triple H tells HBK to not take his ball and go home like Stone Cold did..
    • Triple H says that he wants HBK to be with him on RAW..
    • Triple H says that he has a plan that HBK will like..

    • Jeff Hardy takes a major plunge from the top of a ladder..
    • Rob Van Dam flog splashes Hardy from the top of a ladder..
    • RVD helps Jeff to his feet after the match to show his respect..
    • RVD retains his IC Title and the Euro Title is retired..

  4. IN THE RING: Chris Nowinski + Undertaker..
    • Chris thanks Bischoff for the on-air time to get something off his chest..
    • Chris wonders why the fans dislike him so much just because he's smart..
    • Chris says that fans should be excited for what he's going to bring to the future..
    • Suddenly, the Undertaker's music hits and Undertaker drives out on his bike..
    • Chris says that Taker is probably very upset after last night..
    • Chris hands the microphone over to Taker..
    • Taker extends his hand to Nowinksi, who is pleasantly surprised at the gesture..
    • Chris turns to leave but Taker doesn't release him..
    • Taker pulls him in and chokeslams him!
    • Taker follows it up with a last ride powerbomb!

  5. Eric Bischoff & Rhyno + DLo Brown & Shawn Stasiak..
    • Bischoff says that Undertaker is an icon in the industry..
    • Bischoff is talking to none other than RHYNO!!
    • Rhyno thanks Bischoff for the opportunity..
    • Rhyno says that when he's healthy he will be back better than ever!
    • DLo Brown & Shawn Stasiak approach Bischoff about getting some time on RAW..
    • Bischoff tries to blow them off but the two are persistant..
    • Bischoff says he'll give them 3 minutes of RAW..
    • Bischoff says they better entertain him or they will never be on RAW again..

  6. INTERGENDER MATCH: Bubba Dudley & Trish Stratus vs William Regal & Molly Holly..
    • Bubba's arm and head is heavily bandaged..
    • Molly asks for a test of strenth with Bubba..
    • Bubba instead dances around the ring in front of Molly..
    • Molly hauls off and slaps Bubba accross the face!!
    • A few minutes later, Trish hits the wassup drop on Regal!
    • Bubba chases Molly away from the ring..
    • Regal puts the Regal stretch on Trish, who taps out easily..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Chris Benoit..
    • Bischoff Congratulates Benoit on a great match last night..
    • Bischoff says he wants to recreate the magic of the Booker vs Benoit best of 7..
    • Bischoff says that the winner of Benoit & Booker T will get a shot at RVD next week..

  8. IN THE RING: The Rock! + Eddie Guerrero..
    • Rock calls Bischoff, "Eric Jackoff"..
    • Rock talks about coming over to RAW as the Undisputed Champion..
    • Suddenly Eddie Guerrero comes out to the stage to interrupt..
    • Eddy asks who Rock thinks he is..
    • Eddy says he has a problem with the Rock..
    • Eddy says that he has two kids that idolize him..
    • Eddy said that he noticed a picture of the Rock on their wall at home..
    • Eddy says he ripped Rock's poster off the wall and burned it..
    • Eddy says that he has to discipline is his kids..
    • Eddy demonstrates how he scolded his kids..
    • Rock interrupts and tells Eddie he shouldn't treat his kids that way..
    • Rock says that he has seen all of Eddie 's movies..
    • Rock asks which one he was.. Cheech or Chong?
    • Eddy says that Rock is jealous of him..
    • Eddy says that he has the hottest mullett in the world!
    • Eddy says it should be called the people's mullett..
    • Rock says it looks like Billy Ray Cyrus had sex with a retarded hyeena..
    • Eddy says that he is tired of getting disrespected..
    • Eddy says that he is going to teach Rock a lesson tonight..
    • Rock accepts Eddie 's challenge by singing mexican style to Eddie ..
    • Eddy is infuriated by the Rock's attitude..

  9. RINGSIDE: Rock + Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman.
    • As the Rock leaves, Brock Lesnar's music hits..
    • Brock & Heyman come out and walk right by The Rock as if he wasn't there..
    • Rock raises his eyebrow..

  10. SINGAPORE CANE MATCH: Tommy Dreamer vs Brock Lesnar..
    • Dreamer starts off quickly smashing Brock in the ribs..
    • Lesnar belly-to-belly suplex's Dreamer on the floor..
    • Lesnar tosses Dreamer back into the ring and beats the hell out of him..
    • Lesnar pins Dreamer after the F5..
    • Undertaker runs in with a singapore cane and smashes Brock with it!
    • Lesnar retreats with Heyman..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Big Show & Shawn Michaels.
    • Big Show says that he was thinking of how Shawn Michaels superkicked him a few weeks ago..
    • Big Show says that Shawn Michaels doesn't look so tough now..

  12. MATCH: DLo Brown & Shawn Stasiak..
    • Bischoff gives DLo & Stasiak three minutes to entertain him..
    • Bischoff watches from the stage..
    • One minute in, Stasiak goes for a rest-hold arm bar..
    • Bischoff asks what the hell that is?!
    • Three minutes expires and Bischoff said that they SHOULD have entertained him..
    • Suddenly, two huge samoans jump the rail and attack DLo & Stasiak!
    • The Island Boys finally debut on WWE TV!
    • Ekmo & Kimo beat the hell out of Stasiak & DLo..
    • JR & King pretend to not know who they are..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Shawn Michaels..
    • Triple H gives Shawn Michaels a plastic bag..
    • HBK looks inside and laughs..
    • Triple H tells him to put it on..
    • HBK asks if Triple H is serious?!
    • Triple H says of course!

  14. BACKSTAGE: Goldust & Booker T..
    • Goldust Congratulates Booker on his match with Big Show last night..
    • Goldust proclaims Booker the King of the Giant Killers..
    • Booker wonders what Goldust is going to do to make him look stupid tonight!
    • Goldust says he's not going to do anything like that tonight..
    • Goldust puts a Don King wig on Booker T's head..
    • Booker does a Don King impression..

  15. ARENA: Eric Bischoff, Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler..
    • We hear Bischoff ordering production crew to show the announce team..
    • Bischoff joins JR & The King at the announce position..
    • Unfortunately this is looking and feeling more and more like Nitro..

  16. MATCH: The Big Show vs Spike Dudley..
    • Spike is being forced into this match by Eric Bischoff..
    • Big Show demolishes Spike Dudley in about a minute..
    • Big Show motions to Bischoff, who signals for Big Show to get the table..
    • Big Show sets up Spike for the chokeslam..
    • Bubba Dudley runs down and low blows Big Show!
    • Spike falls on top of the table..
    • Big Show fights back and choke slams Bubba through Spike & the Table!

  17. IN THE RING: Degeneration-X?
    • That familiar DX music hits and Triple H & Shawn Michaels come to the ring..
    • HHH & HBK are wearing oldschool DX shirts...
    • Triple H aknowledges a small DX chant within the crowd..
    • Triple H does his famous "Let's get ready to suck iiiiitttt" speech..
    • OUT OF NOWHERE.. Triple H kicks Shawn Michaels in the gut!
    • Triple H pedigrees Shawn Michaels in the center of the ring!!
    • Triple H removes the DX shirt and throws it on top of HBK..
    • Triple H leaves HBK laying in the ring..

  18. PARKING LOT: Triple H ---- Stephanie McMahon..
    • Triple H leaves the arena in a limo..
    • Another limo pulls up and the window rolls down..
    • Stephanie McMahon's head pops out..
    • Steph tells a crew member to tell Bischoff that "the competition has arrived"..

  19. NON TITLE MATCH: The Rock vs Eddie Guerrero..
    • Rock defeats Guerrero after a hell of a match..
    • Rock celebrates..
    • Brock runs down and takes the Undisputed Title Belt away from the referee..
    • Rock gets down and goes face-to-face with Brock..
    • Brock holds the belt in his hands..
    • Brock puts the belt out for Rock to take it..
    • Rock doesn't reach for it, so Brock aggressively throws the belt to the ground!
    • Brock leaves the ring while Rock watches him all the way..

  20. PARKING LOT: Eric Bischoff & Stephanie McMahon..
    • Bischoff asks if Stephanie is here to slap him in the face..
    • Steph says she's here to kick Bischoff in the testicles!
    • Bischoff goats Steph out of the limo and pretends to do karate..
    • Brock Lesnar steps up to defend Bischoff..
    • Bischoff tells Brock that Steph is gonna kick her in the testicles!
    • Bischoff tells Steph to go ahead and kick him in the testicles..
    • Steph takes a step back and says "Ok.. I think I will!"
    • Steph opens the limo door as Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman jump in..
    • Steph gets in as well and drives off..
    • Bischoff screams at the departing vehicle..

  21. RAW goes OFF THE AIR..

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