July 29, 2002
Greensboro, North Carolina
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Crash Holly & ? def Shawn Stasiak & Sean O'Haire..

    • Matt Hardy def Steven Richards.
    • Raven joins Coach & DLo at the announce table..
    • Shelton Benjamin def Justin Credible.
    • Raven continually insults DLo..
    • Johnny Stamboli b spike Dudley..
    • Raven & DLo come to blows at the announce table..
    • Goldust b William Regal..

  3. KICKOFF: Eric Bischoff.
    • Eric Bischoff introduces the newest members of RAW.. The UnAmericans -- Test, Lance Storm & Christian..
    • The trio come to the ring waving an up-side-down USA flag..
    • Storm cuts down several so-called American Icons like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Babe Ruth..
    • Storm talked about John Waynes family selling his image to a beer company after he died..
    • Christian says that the heart of America is as cold as Ted Williams' parts..
    • Christian says that every american teen can list every Britney Spears song but not the bill of rights..
    • Christian says that americans sit around eating big macs and surfing their favorite porn sites..
    • Storm says that there is one man who doesn't represent America..
    • Storm says that Eric Bischoff worked hard for what he got..
    • Suddenly Shawn Michaels comes to the stage and demands Triple H..
    • Shawn Michaels says that he is going to excersize his right to beat Triple H from one end of the arena to the other..
    • Bischoff says that HBK will have to wait because Triple H isn't here yet..
    • Test calls HBK a 'has-been' and tells him to get lost..
    • Shawn says that the Canadians don't like him because he smacked around Bret Hart..
    • Shawn tells Bischoff to either bring HHH to him, or he'll find him and drag his carcass to Bischoff..
    • Shawn goes backstage..
    • Bischoff apologizes to Lance Storm..
    • Storm says it's okay because HBK is just a selfish American..
    • Storm says that they didn't come to RAW to be spectators..
    • Storm claims that they will make an unamerican impact..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Eddie Guerrero..
    • Bischoff wishes Guerrero luck tonight against Booker T..
    • Bischoff is approached by a crew member who tells him a lady is waiting for him outside..
    • Bischoff says that he will go out and take care of her personally..

  5. MATCH: Booker T vs Eddie Guerrero..
    • Eddy removes to turn buckle but it ends up backfiring..
    • Booker T wins after a sissors kick...

  6. PARKING LOT: Eric Bischoff + Mae & Moolah..
    • Bischoff goes to the parking lot and finds a limo..
    • Bischoff opens the door and finds Mae Young & Moolah!
    • Bischoff tells them to get out of here!!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Shawn Michaels + Booker T & Goldust..
    • Michaels is running around looking for Triple H..
    • Michaels runs into Booker T..
    • Booker gets up in Michaels' face..
    • Michaels says that it was all about business..
    • Michaels says he has more important things to do right now..

  8. INTERGENDER MATCH: Trish & Bubba Dudley vs Molly & William Regal..
    • Molly comes out and says that William Regal is injured.
    • Molly says that she has found a suitable replacement..
    • Weeeellllll it's the Biiiigg Show!
    • A few minutes into the match, Big Show tries to drop an elbow on Trish but she moves out of the way!
    • Trish and Bubba set Molly up for the Wassup drop..
    • Big Show pushes the ropes causing Trish to slip off the top rope..
    • Big Show goes after Bubba, whole Molly hits Trish with a superplex!
    • Molly goes for the Molly-go-round but Trish moves and Molly lands on her but!
    • Trish covers Molly for the pin!
    • Big Show runs in and attacks Bubba & Trish..
    • Big Show gets a table from under the ring and sets it up inside the ring..
    • Trish gets a chair and sneaks up on Big Show..
    • Big Show swats the chair out of Trish's hands..
    • Big Show lifts Trish up for a chokeslam through the table but Bubba nails Big Show with a chair saving Trish!
    • Bubba & Trish escape the ring..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Shawn Michaels & The Big Show..
    • Shawn is still searching for Triple H..
    • Shawn bumps into the Big Show..
    • Big Show asks if Shawn just saw what happened to him!
    • Shawn says he doesn't have the time right now..
    • Big Show got very annoyed and frustrated with HBK..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair & Jeff Hardy + Eric Bischoff + Mae & Moolah..
    • Ric is setting something up with a member of the production crew..
    • Ric pulls Jeff Hardy aside and talks to him..
    • Ric says that Jeff doesn't have to go out there every night and break his legs just for ratings..
    • Eric Bischoff enters the scene..
    • Ric asks Bischoff if he agrees.
    • Bischoff sets up a hardcore title match between Bradshaw & Jeff Hardy..
    • Eric asks what Ric's 'big announcement' is..
    • Ric says that it's always best to wait for the last moment..
    • Mae Young & Moolah enter and Mae tries to smooch Eric...
    • Moolah says that if Eric doesn't let her promote her book, she will let Mae kiss you more..
    • Eric agrees..

  11. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Bradshaw vs Jeff Hardy..
    • The two wrestlers use some trash cans and the ring steps as weapons..
    • Eventually Jeff Hardy brings out a ladder and sits it up in the corner..
    • Bradshaw whacks Jeff with the ring steps..
    • They climb each side of the ladder and battle it out..
    • Jeff nails Bradshaw with the trash can lid..
    • Jeff hits a swanton bomb on Bradshaw, and covers him to win the Hardcore Title!!
    • Johnny The Bull enters and nails Hardy from behind and pins him to win the Hardcore Title!
    • Bradshaw then gives Johnny the clothesline from hell and pins him to recapture the Hardcore Title!
    • Tommy Dreamer runs in with a singapore cane and whacks Bradshaw in the head, and pins him to win the Hardcore Title!
    • Tommy Dreamer escapes through the crows with the Hardcore Title belt..

  12. BACKSTAGE: William Regal & The Anti-Americans + Chris Benoit..
    • Regal is talking with Storm, Christian & Test..
    • Test asks Regal how his 'injury' is (Regal shows no signs of injury)
    • Regal says it is like a lighting rod down his leg..
    • Regal says that he's going to get a rubdown..
    • Benoit comes out of his dressing room..
    • Christian wishes Benoit luck in his match..
    • Benoit says that he doesn't dissappoint..

  13. INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE: Rob Van Dam vs Chris Benoit..
    • After an extremely hard fought match..
    • Benoit pins Rob Van Dam with his feet on the ropes for leverage!!!

  14. BACKSTAGE: Shawn Michaels.
    • Michaels tells a security guard to tell Triple H, when he arrives, that he'll be waiting for him in the parking lot..

  15. IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff + Mae Young & Moolah + The Undertaker..
    • Eric Bischoff introduces Mae Young & Moolah to promote her book..
    • Moolah talks about several stories in her book..
    • Mae & Moolah start scuffling around the ring..
    • Bischoff interupts and says that the two ladies just aren't entertaining enough..
    • Bischoff says that the Moolah's last chapter is about to be written..
    • Suddenly the Island Boys come up behind Mae & Moolah and attack them!
    • One of them splashes Mae from the top rope!
    • ~Commericial
    • Mae Young is being taken out on a stretcher..
    • Bischoff is in the ring saying that all he has to do is snap his fingers, and stuff happens.
    • Suddenly The Undertaker's music hits and the Deadman comes to the ring to confront Bischoff..
    • Undertaker asks Bischoff to snap his fingers right now and see what happens..
    • Suddenly Chris Nowinksi's music hits and Chris comes to the ring..
    • Nowinski says that Mr Bischoff doesn't have to take that from the Undertaker..
    • Mowinski asks Bischoff to make Undertaker apoligize to him for attacking him last week..
    • Bischoff goes ahead and makes a match between Nowinski & Undertaker..
    • Nowinski changes his tune, saying that nobody tells the Undertaker what to do!!
    • Undertaker says that the kid is right..
    • Undertaker says that he's not gonna fight Nowinksi just because Bischoff said..
    • Undertaker nails Nowinksi, who falls to the ground and the match begins..

  16. MATCH: Undertaker vs Chris Nowinski.
    • Undertaker defeats Nowinski quickly after the Last Ride Powerbomb..
    • The Anti-Americans come out and surround the Undertaker..
    • They attack the Undertaker and beat him down in the corner..
    • Christian & Storm give the Undertaker a con-chair-to!!
    • Test takes the microphone and says "Here lies your 'american' badass!"
    • Test waves the up-side-down american flag while standing over Taker..

  17. BACKSTAGE: The Anti-Americans..
    • The trio is celebrating their accomplishment..
    • Test says that they still have one more task to complete tonight..

  18. INTERVIEW: The Coach & The Rock..
    • The usual banter between Rock and his interviewer, accusing Coach of having a cow fetish..
    • Rock talks about Ric Flair being a legend in the Carolinas..
    • Rock says he's been waiting all of his life for this night..

  19. IN THE RING: Triple H.
    • Triple H says that he doesn't solve his problems in parking lots.. he solves his problems in the ring!
    • Triple H gives his explaination why he pedigreed HBK last week..
    • Triple H said that he was the one who wanted HBK to be his manager..
    • Triple H said that HBK couldnt stand not being the one in the spotlight..
    • Triple H says that it is him who is the SHOWSTOPPA and the ICON!
    • Triple H says that HBKs career in the ring is over..
    • Triple H says that HBKs mind must be
    • Triple H says that last week was a cold hard slap in the face of reality..
    • Triple H says that all HBK has left, is his pride..
    • Triple H says that HBKs pride will only get him hurt..
    • Triple H says he isn't going anywhere..
    • Triple H says that HBK could come out and try to fight him, or..
    • Triple H says that HBK could put his pride aside and walk down and accept his roll and disabilities..
    • The stage manager tells Triple H something..
    • Triple H leaves the ring immediately and runs backstage..
    • Triple H finds Shawn Michaels unconsious in a pool of blood, surrounded by RAW wrestlers..
    • Triple H sees a vehicle with a big hole smashed in the side window..
    • Triple H kneels down beside HBK tells somebody to get some help!
    • ~Commercial..
    • They're loading HBK into an ambulance..
    • Bischoff grins at HHH and says "I heard you played dirty but he had no idea!!"
    • Triple H denies having anything to do with this..

  20. NON-TITLE MATCH: The Rock vs Ric Flair..
    • Great match between two of the greatest entertainers to ever step inside a wrestling ring..
    • Flair counters the People's Elbow into a figure four..
    • Rock counters the figure four into a sharp shooter..
    • Flair gets to the ropes and Rock breaks the hold..
    • Flair fights back and locks the figure four onto the Rock!!
    • The crowd "whhoooooss" for Flair..
    • Rock makes it to the ropes and Flair breaks the hold..
    • Flair chops away at Rock's chest..
    • Rock tries to lay the Smackdown! on Flair, who blocks and chops Rock down to the mat..
    • Flair struts around the ring for a moment, as Rock gets back to his feet..
    • Flair walks right into a Rock Bottom!
    • Rock pins Flair to win the match..
    • Rock starts to leave the ring but stops and comes back to show his respect to Ric Flair..
    • Rock extends his hand to Ric Flair.. and they briefly embrace..
    • Rock raises Flair's arm for a moment and turns to leave..
    • Flair pulls Rock back and raises Rock's arm to show respect..
    • Rock leaves and Flair has a major announcement..

  21. IN THE RING: Ric Flair & Chris Jericho..
    • Ric prepares to make his announcement..
    • Ric is quickly interupted by Chris Jericho's music..
    • Jericho sneaks up behind Flair and nails him with a major chairshot to the head!!
    • Jericho takes the microphone and says the only important announcement to be made is...
    • ... that from now on... RAW.... IS....... JERICHO!!!!!!!

  22. RAW goes OFF THE AIR..

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