August 5, 2002
Baltimore, Maryland
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Shelton Benjamin b Shawn Stasiak
    • Spike Dudley b Steven Richards-DQ for a chair shot
    • Sean O'Haire b Justin Credible
    • Johnny the Bull b D-Lo Brown

  2. KICKOFF: Recap of last week's Raw.
    • Package outlining issues between Triple H & Shawn Michaels..
    • Footage of bloodied Michaels after being thrown into a car window..
    • Lining up the suspects: Booker T, Big Show &/or The Anti-Americans?

  3. RAW IS JERICHO: Chris Jericho.
    • ~Footage of Jericho's surprise appearance on RAW last week.. attacking Flair..
    • Jericho welcomes everybody to "Monday Night Jericho"..
    • Jericho explains why he jumped to RAW..
    • Jericho says that Eric Bischoff is a 'certified genius'..
    • Jericho says that Eric Bischoff knows the difference between a 'superstar' and a 'loser'..
    • Jericho compares himself (a superstar) to the fans in the audience (a bunch of losers)..
    • Suddenly Tripe H's music hits and HHH comes to the ring and goes nose to nose with Y2J..
    • HHH says he doesn't care why Jericho is on RAW..
    • HHH says that Shawn Michaels was attacked last week and the person has not revealed themselves yet..
    • HHH brings up the Hell in the Cell match where he defeated Jericho..
    • HHH suggests Jericho attacked Michaels to get back at HHH..
    • Jericho turns it around and suggests HHH did it..
    • HHH says that he was in the ring when Shawn was attacked..
    • HHH says that he still considers Michaels his best friend..
    • HHH says that he will not leave the arena until he finds out who attacked his best friend..
    • HHH goes backstage..
    • Jericho starts his ranting again but is interrupted AGAIN..
    • This time, RVD's music hits and Rob Van Dam enters the ring..
    • RVD welcomes Jericho to RAW in RVDs signature sencerity..
    • RVD takes offense to Jericho saying he 'owns' this show..
    • RVD says that why doesn't Jericho proove that he's the best by taking on HIM..
    • RVD says there can only be one true "mr monday night"..
    • Jericho accepts the match..
    • Jericho says that it isn't "R.. V.. D!".. it's "Y.. 2.. J!"..
    • Jericho and RVD bicker about it for several seconds before they start to brawl..
    • Jericho knocks RVD down and retreats the ring shouting smack at RVD..

  4. TABLES MATCH: The Big Show vs Bubba Ray Dudley..
    • Late in the match, Trish runs in and tries to seduce the Big Show (distraction)..
    • Spike Dudley runs in with a Baltimore Raven's football helmet on..
    • Spike rams Big Show with the helmet..
    • Bubba gets up and 3Ds Big Show through the table!!!!!

  5. INTERVIEW: Terri & The Anti-Americans + Sgt Slaughter.
    • ~Footage of AntiAmericans attacking Undertaker last week..
    • Terri tells the trio that their actions last week were deplorable..
    • Lance Storm spits out some Anti-American gimmerish..
    • Test notices someone off-screen and asks if they have a problem with it??
    • Sgt Slaughter steps in and says he does have a problem with it..
    • Test tells Slaughted to do something about it..
    • Test vs Sgt. Slaughter later tonight!

  6. RECAP: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler..
    • JR & The King talk about Mae Young & Moolah being attacked last week..
    • JR says that the two ladies suffered internal injuries..
    • JR plugs Moolah's book again..

  7. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Tommy Dreamer vs Bradshaw..
    • Dreamer is preparing for the match backstage when Bradshaw approaches him with a singapore cane..
    • Dreamer & Bradshaw battle out to the arena, through the crowd, and into the ring..
    • Bradshaw chokes Dreamer with the cowbell..
    • Dreamer whacks Bradshaw over the head with a trash can lid..
    • Dreamer eventually picks up the win by pinning Bradshaw..
    • Dreamer leaves through the ring 'ddp style'..

  8. BACKSTAGE: William Regal & Chris Nowinski + Molly & Victoria.
    • Regal & Nowinksi talk about Dreamer & Bradshaw a couple of 'barbarians'..
    • The two of them bump into Molly..
    • Molly introduces the two to her friend, Victoria.
    • Molly says that she and Victoria have been training all week..
    • Molly leaves and Nowinksi stops Victoria to ask her a question..
    • Chris asks Victoria if it's true that Molly is still a 'virgin'?!
    • Victoria says that it is true..
    • Chris looks at William Regal and says "Not for loong!"..
    • The duo share a mischievious grin..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Goldust + MiniDust + Triple H..
    • Goldust complains about Mike Myres stealing his idea..
    • Goldust says that everybody knows there is only ONE 'goldmember'!
    • Goldust introduces Booker T to 'mini-dust'..
    • A midget dressed as Goldust grabs Bookert's leg and humps it..
    • Booker kicks him off and turns away..
    • Triple H enters and asks Booker T about Shawn Michael's being attacked..
    • Triple H says that Booker T had a motive..
    • Booker says that he doesn't gives a damn about Shawn Michaels..
    • Booker says that he's glad it happened but he didn't do it..
    • Triple H says that he noticed Goldust introduced him to his little friend..
    • Triple H says that if he finds out Booker is lying, he will introduces him to HIS little friend..
    • Triple H holds up a sledge hammer..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff + Howard Finkle..
    • Bischoff on the phone with sony pictures..
    • apparently there is a cross promotion
    • Howard Finkle enters and reminds Bischoff that he was the first ever employee of the WWE..
    • Howard Finkle says he'd like to issue a challenge to Lilian Garcia to the RAW announcing rights..
    • Bischoff suggests Finkle and Garcia alternate announcing duties..
    • Finkle delivers a letter to Bischoff, who tells Finkle to read it..
    • Finkle reads a message from Stephanie McMahon (in announcer's voice)..

  11. USA VS CANADA: Sgt Slaughter vs Test..
    • Test brutally attacks Sarge before the match..
    • Test leaves Sarge laid out outside the ring..
    • Test backs up the ramp waving his up-side-down USA flag..

  12. TAG MATCH: Booker T & Goldust vs Chris Nowinski & William Regal..
    • Booker T picks up the win..
    • Booker goes to leave the ring but Goldust stops him..
    • Goldust wants Booker T to do the spinneroni!
    • Booker T gives the crowd what they want..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Triple H + The Anti-Americans.
    • Triple H is walking around with a sledgehammer..
    • Triple H bumps into the Anti-Americans..
    • Triple H says that they don't have to worry about him, they have to worry about the Undertaker..
    • Triple H says that he knows the trio said they had "unfinished business" last week..
    • Christian steps forward and says that they WERE going after Shawn, but somebody got to him first..
    • Triple H says that he finds out they are lying, they're in trouble..
    • Triple H slams the sledgehammer down on a table and leaves..

  14. DIVAS MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Victoria (Debut)..
    • Molly joins JR & The King at the announce table..
    • A few minutes into the match, Victoria stops and falls to the mat..
    • Victoria suffers an apparent knee injury..
    • Earl Hebner and a trainer race down to check on Victoria..
    • As Victoria is helped from the ring, Trish holds the ropes open..
    • Victoria stands up and kicks Trish straight in the face!!!
    • A few minutes later, Victoria gets the pinfall while holding the ropes!!
    • Molly hits the ring after the match and Molly/Victoria attack Trish!
    • Trish fights back and kicks both women out of the ring..

  15. BACKSTAGE: Big Show & Triple H.
    • Big Show is approached by Triple H..
    • Big Show says that he's waiting for Trish because of what she did earlier..
    • Triple H confronts Big Show about Shawn Michaels being attacked last week..
    • Big Show denies that he had anything to do with it..
    • Big Show adds that he wishes he DID!

  16. TAG TITLES: Christian & Lance Storm vs The Hardy Boyz.
    • The Hardyz are back together again fighting for Tag Team Gold!
    • After a hard-fought match.. Jeff hits the swanton bomb on Lance Storm!
    • The Hardyz were just about to get the pin when Christian pulls the referee out of the ring!
    • The referee disqualifies the Anti Americans..
    • Test runs in and gives one of the hardyz a big boot!
    • The Undertaker runs down (chain in hand) and chases the Anti Americans to the parking lot!
    • The Anti Americans jump into a car and bolt off!
    • Undertaker gets onto a police motorcycle and drives after the trio!

  17. ON STAGE: Eric Bischoff + Howard Finkle & Lilian Garcia..
    • Eric says that they will settle the Finkle/Garcia issue in a moment..
    • Eric says that he will get to the bottom of the Triple H situation later..
    • Eric says that he will debut the new Trailer for the new movie "Triple X"..
    • Eric says that each announcer will be allowed to add their own "tag line" at the end..
    • Eric says the person with the best "tag line" will get to be the RAW announcer..
    • Eric plays the trailor..
    • Howard & Lilian each give their tag lines for the trailer..
    • Howard & Lilian bicker back and forth about who is better..
    • Eric interupts and explains that Howard & Lilian just aren't entertaining..
    • Eric says their time is up.. their 3 minutes are up..
    • Suddenly the Island Boys attack but I can't tell you what happens because my bastard TSN went to commercial..
    • I can safely assume that the Island Boys beat the crap out of Howard & Lilian..
    • ~Commercial.
    • Lilian being taken away on a stretcher..

  18. MAIN EVENT: Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam..
    • Late in the match, the referee is knocked down..
    • Jericho brings a chair into the ring and the two battle it out..
    • Ric Flair makes a surprise run-in and whacks Jericho with a steel chair!
    • RVD hits a five-star- frog-splash and pins Jericho!
    • Flair looks back at Jericho in the ring, struting back and forth on the RAW stage!

  19. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff..
    • Eric on the phone talking about the main event..
    • Eric tells the person on the phone that if he likes surprises, wait to see what he says when he goes to the ring..

  20. IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff & Triple H..
    • Bischoff calls out Triple H..
    • Triple H wastes no time coming to the ring to hear what Bischoff had to say..
    • Bischoff says he has a surprise for Triple H..
    • Bischoff says he set up a satelite so Triple H can talk to Shawn Michaels (in San Antonio) himself..
    • Shawn (beaten up and bruised) appears on the screen..
    • Triple H asks how Shawn is doing..
    • Shawn says he is doing okay for a guy who got his head thrown through a car window..
    • Triple H says that he feels bad about what happened..
    • Shawn says that he and Triple H are "cool" and still best friends..
    • Shawn says that he's heard what Triple H has been saying, and that he is right..
    • Eric jumps in and reminds the two that satelite time doesn't come cheap..
    • Triple H asks Shawn if he saw who through him through the window..
    • Shawn says that all he knows is that they jumped him from behind and he woke up in the hospital..
    • Triple H swears to Shawn and the people that he will find out who did this to him..
    • Shawn says that the Greensboro police sent him a survailence camera footage..
    • They show the video from the parking lot which is very fuzzy..
    • You can't exactly see the attacker in the top right hand corner off the screen..
    • Triple H says that that doesn't really explain anything..
    • Triple H says that Shawn isn't safe, whoever did this can strike again at any time..
    • Triple H tells Shawn to be very careful..
    • Shawn says that modern technology is so crazy these days that they could enhance the image..
    • They show the video again, this time enhanced....
    • We see that it was, in fact, Triple H, standing over Shawn Michael's bloodied body!
    • Shawn looks straight down at Triple H from the big screen and says "It was you, Hunter!"
    • Triple H gets an intense look on his face..
    • Triple H freely admits that it WAS him who attacked Michaels..
    • Triple H rants on about Shawn being weak and vulnerable..
    • Triple H says that's why he wanted Shawn as his manager so he could protect him..
    • Triple H says that Shawn's ego wouldn't allow him to be second to Triple H..
    • Triple H says that he didn't finish the job, anybody else would have crippled Shawn..
    • Shawn says that they doctors say he will be 100% by Summerslam..
    • Triple H asks if that is some kind of a challenge?
    • Shawn says "You're damn right!"..
    • Triple H asks what Shawn is gonna do? talk him to death?!
    • Triple H says that "HBK is DEAD!"
    • Triple H says that no matter what anybody says, there's a new game in town!
    • Triple H says that he will cripple Shawn's ass!
    • Triple H asks Shawn what he is going to do when he can't walk anymore..
    • Triple H asks Shawn what he is going to do when he cannot pick up his son anymore..
    • Triple H asks Shawn what he is going to do when he can't 'satisfy' his wife anymore..
    • Shawn tells Triple H not to talk about his wife or his son..
    • Shawn says that he knows he is no longer the showstopper..
    • Shawn says that sometimes you gotta know when to walk away..
    • Shawn says that there is a time when a man's got to stand up and fight!
    • Shawn gets up out of his chair and walks off the set..

  21. RAW goes OFF THE AIR..

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