August 12, 2002
Seattle, Washington
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Sean O'Haire b. Johnny Stamboli..
    • Bradshaw b. Planet Stasiak
    • Steven Regal b. Shelton Benjamin
    • D-Lo Brown b. Justin Credible (w/ Raven)

  2. RAW KICKOFF: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar..
    • Heyman & Lesnar (wearing a 'hulkamania' shirt) enter the arena through the crowd..
    • Heyman reveals a pair of front row tickets as the two take a seat at ringside..

  3. IN THE RING: Triple H.
    • Triple H (in street clothes) walks to the ring and notices Brock Lesnar at ringside..
    • Triple H says that he used HBK to get to the top just like HBK used him to stay at the top..
    • Triple H says that he's held more titles, and headlined more PPV that Michaels ever could have..
    • Triple H says that he is better than Shawn Michaels was even in his prime..
    • Triple H says that the chants of "TRIPLE H!" over the months has made him sick!
    • Triple H says that it all stops today.. right now!
    • Triple H talks smack about Shawn Michaels..
    • Suddenly the Rock's music hits and out comes the Undisputed Champion!
    • Rock addresses Brock Lesnar in the front row..
    • Rock asks if Brock thinks he's playing mind games with the Rock..
    • Rock says they might have bought tickets to RAW but they also have ticket's for something else..
    • Rock says that Brock has a ticket to get his ass kicked TONIGHT!
    • Triple H cuts in and asks Rock who the hell he thinks he is!
    • Rock tells Triple H who he is and then tells HHH to shut up!
    • Triple H says that Rock left out one fact..
    • Triple H says that Rock is the guy who's going to get his ass kicked in that ring!
    • Rock enters the ring and asks Triple H if he wants to "go"?
    • Triple H says he would looooove to "go"..
    • Rock tells Triple H to go get him a balogna sandwich cause this doesn't concern him!
    • Triple H attacks Rock and the two mega stars brawl..
    • Brock Lesnar jumps the rail and gets on the apron, distracting Rock..
    • Triple H attacks Rock and nails him with the Pedigree!
    • Brock escapes through the crowd and Triple H goes up the ramp..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & The Rock..
    • Rock is demanding Eric to give him Brock Lesnar..
    • Eric says Brock has already left the building and he doesn't even work for RAW..
    • Rock says that if he can't have Brock then he wants Triple H!
    • Eric says that that match is too big to just throw together for RAW..
    • Rock threatens Eric to make it happen or else..

  5. IN THE RING: Howard Finkle + Trish Stratus..
    • Trish comes to the ring and approaches The Fink..
    • Trish slaps The Fink accross the face, saying "that was for Lillian!"..

  6. TAPED SEGMENT: Spike Dudley & Chris Nowinski..
    • Chris is trying to find out if Spike had sex with Molly when they dated..
    • Spike decides that it is none of Chris's business..
    • Chris says that he will soon make Molly his "valiDICKtorian"..

  7. INTERGENDER MATCH: Trish Stratus & Spike Dudley vs Chris Nowinksi & Molly Holly..
    • A minute into the match, Spike sling shots Molly into Chris head first ramming him..
    • A few minutes later Chris brutally powerslams Nowinski!
    • Trish powers back with the stratisfaction and tags in Spike..
    • Nowinski ends up pinning Spike Dudley for the win!

  8. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Goldust..
    • Goldust proposes a stipulation for Booker T vs Lance Storm..
    • Goldust says that if Booker T beats Storm, Booker & Goldust get a tag title shot!
    • Eric agrees but finds 'mini-dust' humping his leg!
    • Eric kicks him off and takes off..

  9. IN THE RING: Howard Finkle..
    • Howard reminds every one that he was the FIRST WWE employee..
    • Howard also says that he is sorry that Lillian didn't get 'it' sooner..
    • BANG! Suddenly Kane's music hits and the lights go out!
    • Howard nearly soils his pants but Kane does not appear..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & RVD & The Hardy Boyz..
    • Eric tells RVD that he can guarantee him a IC Title shot at Summerslam!
    • Eric says that the documents the Stacy stole from Stephanie on Smackdown was a contract..
    • Matt jumps in and says he should get the 'guaranteed shot'..
    • Eric says RVD was guaranteed the shot..
    • Matt suggests he and RVD fight for the title shot..
    • Eric flips a coin for Matt & Jeff fight RVD, and Jeff wins..
    • Matt looks upset..

  11. MATCH: Lance Storm w/Chrisian vs Booker T w/Goldust & Mini-Dust..
    • Late in the match, Christian trips Booker from the outside..
    • Goldust runs around the ring and takes Christian out!
    • Booker quickly recovers and pins Lance Storm!
    • Test runs down and attacks Booker T!
    • Goldust & Christian join in the battle..
    • The Undertaker runs down and helps Booker & Goldust chase the UnAmericans off..
    • Goldust jumps the rail and chases Christian through the crowd..
    • Mini-dust tries to follow Goldust but cannot get over the guard rail! (funny)

  12. IN THE RING: Mini-dust & Eric Bischoff + The Island Boyz + Stacy Keibler..
    • Bischoff announces UnAmericans & Triple H vs Taker/Booker/Goldust & THE ROCK!
    • Bischoff says that the crowd wants Mini-dust!
    • Bischoff tells Mini-dust to entertain the crowd..
    • Minidust does a cart-wheel.. then a spinerooni!
    • Bischoff says that Minidusts 3 minutes are just about up!
    • Rosey & Jamal (the Island Boyz) come in and SQUASH Minidust..
    • One of the guys gives Minidust a top rope power slam that looks extremely SICK!
    • Bischoff pretends to scold the Island Boyz saying they went too far..
    • Bischoff then says it's time for some REAL entertainment..
    • Bischoff intriduces his latest stolen talent from Smackdown!... STACY KEIBLER!!
    • Stacy comes out and dances for the crowd... specifically The King!

  13. TAG TEAM MATCH: Chris Jericho & The Big Show vs Ric Flair & Bubba Dudley..
    • ~Plug Fozzy's new album 'Happinstance'..
    • After a long hard fought match.
    • Jericho makes Bubba Ray tap out to the lion tamer..
    • Jericho then goes after Flair following the match..
    • Flair turns the tables and pulls Jericho's pants down to his ankles!
    • Flair retreats with Bubba Dudley as an embarassed Jericho watches..

  14. INTERVIEW: Mark Loyd & Chris Jericho..
    • Jericho calls Ric Flair a "has-been"..
    • Jericho challenges Ric Flair to a match at Summerslam..

  15. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Tommy Dreamer vs Steven Richards..
    • Dreamer brings a singapore caine..
    • Richards brings his steel chair..
    • Dreamer hooks Richards upsidedown in the corner..
    • Dreamer sets a chair up against Richards face, and hits a running dropkick!
    • Dreamer eventually won after another a brutal chairshot to retain his title..

  16. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy..
    • Jeff Hardy hits a big DDT on RVD but climbs the ropes instead of going for the pin..
    • RVD climbs the ropes too, but Jeff punches RVD down, landing on the referee!!
    • Jeff misses the swanton bomb!
    • Matt Hardy runs down and gives his own brother a neck breaker!!
    • RVD hits the flog splash and wins the match!

  17. INTERVIEW: Terri & The UnAmericans..
    • Terri asks about their title defense against Booker T & Goldust at Summerslam.
    • Christian says that they look forward to beating two americans..
    • Test says that Eric Bischoff gave him a match against Undertaker at Summerslam..

  18. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Kevin Dunn.
    • Eric Bischoff enters the tech truck and yells at Kevin Dunn for running a Smackdown! promo..
    • Kevin Dunn says that they had no control over that, it was in the commercial break..
    • Eric realizes that Stephanie McMahon had taken out an ad..
    • Eric says that he'll make a match between Rock & Triple H next week to outdo Smackdown!

  19. MAIN EVENT: Triple H & The UnAmericans vs Undertaker/Booker/Goldust/Rock..
    • An extremely fast-paced action-packed star-powered match..
    • Great action between Triple H and Booker T (looking forward to future fued)..
    • Taker vs Triple H and Rock vs Triple H has a spark behind it as well..
    • Am I the only one who found it strange to see Booker T and Test fight?
    • Incredible action, whenever a player was down, all participants wanted to be tagged in!
    • At one point everyone betgan to brawl!
    • Taker tries to choke slam Test but Triple H hits a low blow on Taker!
    • Test sets up for the pump handle slam, but Booker breaks that up..
    • Taker tries to slam Triple H, who reverses it into an attempted Pedigree which was broken up by Rock!
    • Rock knocks Triple H out of the ring and rock bottoms Test in the middle of the ring!
    • Rock covers Test but Triple H pulls Rock out of the ring!
    • Taker gets back up and blocks Lance Storm's superkick..
    • Taker choke slams Lance Storm!
    • Taker goes to powerbomb Christian, but Test kicks Taker in the face!
    • Test pins Taker for the controversial win!

  20. RAW goes OFF THE AIR..
    • Amazing effort by all main event participants... Good job!
    • Undertaker, Booker T, & Goldust in the ring.
    • Undertaker told Booker that he wasn't leaving until he did a Spinarooni.
    • Booker did one.
    • Booker than said that he & Dust weren't leaving until Taker did the Takerooni.
    • Taker waffled and leaned in a corner a refused.
    • Rock came back out.
    • He said the he would do the Rockarooni if Taker did the Takerooni.
    • Again, Taker waffled.
    • HHH came out.
    • He said he would do the Triplerooni, if the Rockarooni and the Takerooni occurred.
    • Again, Taker waffled.
    • The Unamericans came out.
    • Rock asked them what in the blue hell they wanted.
    • Test said they wanted to see the Takerooni.
    • Then, out came Vince McMahon~!
    • He would do the Vincearooni, if HHH, Rock, and Taker did theirs.
    • First, Vince wanted Booker to do another one, just so he could watched it.
    • Booker complied.
    • Vince then proceeded to do this weeks Worst Spinarooni Ever.
    • Everyoned popped.
    • Goldust did one and surprisingly, it complemented Booker's quite well.
    • Vince took the mic, "Well, we've seen the Vincearooni, we've seen the Fagarooni, it's your turn Hunter."
    • Many boos for the Fagarooni comment.
    • Hunter was about to do his when he suddenly tried to bolt out of the ring
    • Taker blocked his path.
    • Trips conceded and did a Triplerooni, but as he was finishing Taker chokeslammed him.
    • The Unamerican's fled with the Undertaker.
    • 40 minutes of building up to the Takerooni and he hightailed it.
    • Thunderous boos for that stunt.
    • Rock did his Rockarooni and Trips tried breaking it up
    • He was Rockbottomed and given the Elbow.
    • Rock, Booker, & Goldust left.
    • When Rock was at the top of the ramp, HHH got on the mic and said, "I hate you."
    • Everyone laughed at that, Rock gave the eyebrow and left.
    • HHH made his way to the top of the ramp, flipped on the mic and said to the crowd, "And all of you too!"

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