September 9, 2002
Ames, IA - Iowa State University
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Shelton Benjamin beat Justin Credible
    • Mark Jindrak defeated Doug "The Machine" Basham

    • Lo Brown beat Shawn Stasiak
    • Raven down Johnny "the Bull" Stamboli
    • WWE Ladies champion Molly Holly defeated Jackie

  3. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Lance Storm & Christian vs Bradshaw & Kane..
    • Bradshaw gets on the mic and says that they're gonna 'bring home the titles'..
    • A "USA!" chant starts in the early going..
    • Late in the match, Test & Regal both interfer..
    • Test gives the big boot to Bradshaw!
    • Regal nails Bradshaw with the 'power of the punch' to knock him out!
    • Storm covers Bradshaw for the win to retain that tag titles!

  4. IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff..
    • Eric says that he hears that some RAW superstars were upset at HHH being awarded the World Title..
    • Eric announces a fatel four-way for the #1 Contendership at Unforgiven..
    • Eric complains about the mainstream media covering Smackdown!'s 'commitment ceremy'..
    • Eric says that he is sick of it!
    • Eric says that he is going to create his own controversy!
    • Eric says that he will present HLA tonight on RAW..
    • Eric clarifies that HLA stands for "Hot Lesbian Action"..

  5. INTERVIEW: Terri & Chris Jericho..
    • Terri asks Jericho about the four-way for the #1 Contendership..
    • Jericho reminds Terri that he was the first (and longest reigning) Undisputed Champion..
    • Jericho says he's going to make sure he wins the Undisputed Title..

  6. INTERVIEW: The COach & Triple H + Bubba Dudley + Steven Richards..
    • Coach asks who Triple H would prefer to wrestle at Unforgiven..
    • Coach suggests maybe HHH is afraid of RVD after he pinned him last week..
    • Triple H says that he isn't afraid of Rob Van Dam, he doesn't care who it is..
    • Bubba Dudley steps in and asks Triple H about his match tonight with Spike Dudley..
    • Bubba suggests Triple H doesn't have the balls to take on HIM?
    • Bubba says that he has a match with Steven Richards tonight..
    • Suddenly Bubba is attacked from behind, sending him into a cement wall!
    • Steven Richards tell Bubba to stop worrying about the champ, and worry about HIM!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Trish Status & Terri..
    • Trish and Terri are walking backstage..
    • Trish and Terri notice a dressing room labeled "Lesbians."

  8. MATCH: Bubba Dudley vs Steven Richards..
    • Bubba wins following a BubbaBomb from the second rope!!

  9. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Stacy & Victoria vs Terri & Trish Stratus..
    • Jerry Lawler keeps expecting "hot lesbian action" to break out during the match!
    • Terri hits Stacy with a crossbody from the top rope!
    • Terri pins Stacy to get revenge for what Stacy did to her last week..

  10. BACKSTAGE: William Regal & Chris Nowinski..
    • Nowinski questions Regal's decision to join the UnAmericans..
    • Regal says that he's been an UnAmerican since he first joined the WWE..
    • Nowinksi accepts Regal's decision and says he's gonna get ready for HOT LESBIAN ACTION!
    • Regal slaps Nowinski accross the face!
    • Regal says Nowinski is the smartest man in the WWE and can only think of lesbians and 'rogering' Molly..
    • Regal says that Nowinksi is a Harvard graduate, so start acting like one!

  11. IN THE RING: Christopher Nowinski.
    • Nowinski comes out and runs down the local crowd..
    • Tommy Dreamer interrupts Nowinski's tirade..
    • Tommy threatens to beat Nowinski with his singapore canes!
    • Nowinski suggests Dreamer drop the canes and fight him like a man!
    • Dreamer drops the canes and hits the ring!

  12. FIGHT: Chris Nowinski vs Tommy Dreamer..
    • Dreamer gets some offense on Nowinski until Nowinski turns the tables..
    • Nowinski goes outside the ring and gets the singapore canes to use on Dreamer..
    • The two battle it out for a while before Nowinski retreats..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Spike Dudley & the Lesbians..
    • Spike Dudley walks past the "lesbian" dressing room..
    • The lesbians wish Spike luck in his match tonight..
    • The lesbians ask if Spike is going to wish THEM luck?
    • Spike questions... For what?
    • The lesbians say "For Hot Lesbian Action!"
    • The lesbians retreat into their dressing room, giving Spike a glimpse inside!

  14. NON TITLE MATCH: Triple H vs Spike Dudley..
    • Triple H shakes Spike's hand before the match..
    • Triple H fails to take Spike seriously..
    • Triple H backs Spike into the corner and slaps him!
    • Spike slaps HHH back and runs, causing Triple H to chase him around the ring..
    • Spike gets some good offense in and frustrates Triple H..
    • Triple H prooves too much though, nailing a pedigree on little Spike!
    • Triple H stands up and looks down at Spike..
    • Spike fights back and nails a Dudley Dog on Triple H!
    • Spike covers HHH.. But HHH puts his leg on the ropes..
    • Spike goes for a second Dudley Dog but HHH reverses it into a sleeperhold!
    • Spike goes to sleep and HHH wins the match!
    • Triple H viciously kicks Spike after the match..
    • Bubba Dudley runs down to make the save..
    • Bubba & Triple H stare eachother down, as Triple H slowly leaves the ring..

  15. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Jeff Hardy..
    • Coach asks Jeff about the Fatal four-way..
    • Jeff says that it has been his dream since he was a kid to be World Champion..
    • Jeff admits that he is not 100%..
    • Jeff notices Eric Bischoff off camera and confronts him..
    • Eric apologizes to Jeff and says he's paying him back by putting him in the main event..
    • Jeff screams at Eric that two months ago he came extremely close to beating Undertaker for the title..
    • Jeff says that he's in the match BECAUSE HE DESERVES TO BE!
    • Jeff warns Eric not to try any of that "Rosey & Jamal" crap again..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Chris Jericho & Big Show + Johnny The Bull..
    • Jericho leaves the room telling Big Show to "think about it."
    • Johnny asks Big Show what was up with that?
    • Big Show says that Jericho just suggested they team up in the main event four-way match..
    • Johnny says that if it was him, he'd listen to Jericho..
    • Big Show grabs Johnny by the throat and tells him to mind his own business.

  17. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Booker T..
    • Coach asks Booker T about William Regal joining the UnAmericans..
    • Booker starts to talk, but Goldust comes up behind him wearing a Kane mask..
    • Goldust pretends to be Kane and starts to talk about the match..
    • Suddenly, an even bigger Kane steps up behind Goldust..
    • Goldust shakes and says that Kane just kinda snuck up one him there!
    • Bradshaw steps in and tells Booker T & Goldust that their match is very important!
    • Bradshaw suggests the four of them drink some beers and watch some HOT LESBIAN ACTION!
    • Goldust looks shocked! (like an innocent schoolgirl -- friggin hilarious!)
    • Booker T looks excited!
    • Bradshaw asks "Who wants to watch some HOT LESBIAN ACTION?!"
    • Kane raises his hand and says "I do!"
    • Booker T says that is what makes this country great.. Can you dig that, SUCKAH!!!!!

  18. TAG MATCH: Booker T & Goldust vs William Regal & Test..
    • Lance Storm & Christian come down and get involved..
    • Regal nails Goldust with the 'power of the punch'!
    • Kane & Bradshaw come down causing an eight man brawl..
    • The UnAmerican's retreat when the odds are even..
    • Match is rules a NO CONTEST..

  19. IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff & The Lesbians + Rosey & Jamal..
    • Eric introduces the Lesbians to the audience..
    • ~Editor's note: The Lesbians were Looney Lane & Savvy Sasha from Ultimate Pro Wrestling..
    • Bischoff gets the the crowd chanting for HLA! HLA! HLA!
    • Bischoff asks each girl some inappropriate questions..
    • The Lesbians begin to 'go at it'..
    • Bischoff talks them out of their clothes, down to the bra & thongs..
    • Bischoff convinces the girls to kiss..
    • Bischoff says that "sex and violence" sells..
    • Bischoff says that we've had plenty of sex, but not enough violence..
    • Bischoff says that he thinks "this segment has gone about three minutes too long"..
    • Rosey & Jamal hit the ring and annialate the Lesbians..

  20. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair & Rob Van Dam..
    • Flair says that the crowd errupted last week when he pinned Triple H!
    • Rob says he's just cool like that..
    • Flair says that he think's the 'game' is over..
    • Flair predicts that RVD will be the next World champion..

  21. FOUR-WAY #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam vs Big Show vs Jeff Hardy..
    • Elimination rules..
    • Late in the match, the referee was knocked out..
    • Jericho got a chair and laid out RVD and Jeff Hardy..
    • Jericho dropped the chair and fell to the ground pretending to be hurt..
    • Big Show picked up the chair and the referee saw him, and disqualified him!
    • Jericho is a smart guy!
    • A few minutes later, Jericho defeats Jeff Hardy to eliminate him..
    • Jericho & RVD battle it out for the #1 Contendership!
    • Triple H comes out to the stage and watches the match..
    • Jericho ALMOST pins RVD with his feet on the second rope, but RVD kicks out!
    • Rob Van Dam pulls out the victory to defeat Jericho and become #1 Contender!
    • Triple H does not look happy!

  22. RAW goes OFF THE AIR..
    • Serious backlash over the "Hot Lesbian Action" content on RAW..
    • TNN (the network airing RAW) expressed its displeasure with the direction immediately..
      • "TNN takes serious issue with the content of Monday night's WWE RAW episode, and has expressed its deep concern to the WWE. We don't condone the content of this episode, and will work diligently to ensure that similar occurrences do not appear again on our network."


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